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  1. How is it a disservice? Should we also bannish saying "someone has died" in favor of "no longer with us"? Death is a normal and natural part of life and not something to to be feared nor something that we need to hide from by discussing it in neutral or politically correct terms. There is nothing wrong with saying waiting for death. It is something we are all doing one way or the other. Its what you do with the time you have left that makes all the difference and both palliative and hospice care seek to improve "what time remains" for those patients "in need of it". There are courses available in Canada and I would guess Stateside as well that teach you how to face and deal with death in an open and frank manner that also teaches you not to fear it. Is there anyone out there who has certification in this field and who would be willing to start courses? There appears to be a need.
  2. Hospice is waiting for death, palliative care is long term with possibility of death or survival...
  3. I just signed up to AT&T unlimited plan to test drive it, I also have had the Telcel unlimited plan for a while now and plan to keep it until AT&T either proves itself, or for access to the Telcel towers set up in the more remote parts of Mexico. AT&T plans to start offering towers by the end of this year. They are still battling Slim on some legal technicalities though. Slim is not giving up his monopoly without a fight When traveling with Telcel, I discovered you have to call before you leave and let them know when and where you will be traveling to outside of Mexico, be it other North American countries or anywhere else. They would then set up a plan and everything was supposed to work. Instead I found that making or receiving calls was hit or miss, working somewhat better in the USA(via T-Mobile) then it did in Canada (via Rogers which is also AT&T). In general, texting was completely frozen and emails were only available connected to a WiFi hotspot somewhere. It didn't work at all on my last trip to Europe, admittedly a while ago now. I am afraid I never had the patience to deal with such an obtuse system so I usually used a local sim on my unlocked phone. AT&T promises a seamless experience while traveling anywhere in North America, they are the largest US carrier and bought out or bought into Rogers, one of Canada's largest providers. When traveling anywhere else where they do not have ownership rights they too revert to the call first before you travel system. I was told this is because they have contractual agreements with other providers in other countries that they need to activate on a case by case basis. They also said they were working on improving that (I wonder if that means they are on the hunt for more M&A in Europe too, like they did with Iusacell/Moviestar here?). So far the new Moto X force I bought with my plan (I paid extra for it of about 4500pesos on their 499 pesos per month plan as I wanted that phone and I use lots of data and needed the extras - the phone is shatterproof and water resistant among other benefits). Their website is www.ATT.com.mx, Spanish only so far, and they are cheekily opening up their offices right next door to the Telcel client service centers downtown. So I would check Laguna's soon to see if one opens there too. I did compare Telcel service with AT&T before signing at Andares yesterday. AT&T is right beside Telcel at that mall. Telcel has matched all of AT&T rates since they lost the court case that illegally blocked competition and AT&T is the first back into the country, with Sprint and Verizon soon to follow apparently (their phones are already on sale here). Despite Telcel price matching AT&T, you still have to call ahead to use their unlimited international services. Given my past experience with that I am guessing it remains as unreliable and obtuse as ever. Also, while Telcel have matched the plan prices, they do not offer top of the line smart phones with their plans, for example I mentioned I was interested in a Moto X Force, Nexus 6P or a Samsung Galaxy S6 or the latest Apple, but they did not offer any of these with their plans. They did offer an older version of the Samsung, the S5 with 8Mb, not enough for my needs. Other models were offered that I have never heard of, none of them top of the line. On a 2 year plan they still wanted me to pay about $10,500 pesos for the older Samsung S5. Compare that with what that phone costs on eBay today (US220 aprox, new) and with the top of the line newly released Moto X Force I got for about 4500 pesos on a 2 year plan with AT&T and you can see where Telcel is failing to compete. Newer models were available at Telcel for direct purchase at a significant mark up from what buying one NOB would cost. I expect that too will change soon at Telcel but for now AT&T is offering the better deal. The people I spoke with at Telcel yesterday were decidedly down in the mouth and frustrated by not being able to compete. The test run of AT&T in GDL is working great so far. I am astounded by the internet velocity and ease of use. I sure never had that experience with Telcel. I will report back as I travel outside of major centers to compare both the Telcel and AT&T performance on highways and in remoter parts of Mexico.
  4. D'Oh! Thanks Mike, Did that and now I am getting better. Still not as fast as before the breakdown. I am already in contact with Telmex.
  5. The latest reading ever since Telmex went out of service for the day last week in R de Oor has actually gotten worse! My reading per a previous post pre-outage was upload 670 KBPS Download 5.35 Mbps I just took a new read using speedo.me and got 270 Kbps Up 2.71Mbps down This is NOT going in the right direction!
  6. Interesting to see that not only Jesus can be resurrected -this thread even out did him by being twice resurrected!. This thread was started in 2013, came back to life in 2015 and now is here again. May it live long and prosper.
  7. The only one I am not familiar with is Terranova. All the rest are good small private hospitals. You will be fine choosing any of them.
  8. Unless the poster means 19.7Kbps and 5.4 Mbps. If this poster is getting that as an upload, their upload speed is REALLY slow.
  9. Upper Rancho de Oro 599 package upload 670 kbps Download 5.35 Mbps http://speedof.me/show.php?img=160325012938-5331.png That a moderate improvement for me with upload speed improving more than download
  10. Yes, I admit I was shocked when I heard the quotes for my place. I had asked for a per meter rates and supplied the meters and plans but was told each time "oh, we don't do it that way in Mexico". They charge a ballpark figure based on the estimated time to do the job and the materials required if not supplied by the client, with a little extra padded on in case they go overtime. I am not naive, I know what we paid specialized workers per week in Guerrero so I just shrugged at the prices quoted me, chose the best price and assumed it was just another "in country" expense, also known as the gringo special. Just one of the many privileges of living here and one of those added expenses that makes living here less of a bargain than many would think. Having resigned myself to the costs, I must say, they are doing a fabulous job so I have no complaints about their workmanship. That is top notch. It is up to each of us to negotiate the prices down and to choose the quality of workmanship we want. It would be interesting to compare the prices here with NOB prices. It may turn out we are still getting a bargain after all.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. There have been quite a few posts asking for recommendations for painters and for paint yet I remember the difficulty I had when searching this topic when I wanted to choose paint and painters. Al Berca is absolutely correct in that you get what you pay for and I thought it would be useful to lay down a variety of prices and experiences to use as a base for future reference. Maybe this should become a separate topic under paint and painters advice, those interested down the road could then pick their price point and the talents that suit their own needs. As readers of this board will know, I am very much in favor of supporting the local talent over imported talent and this is just one way we can do that. So, in my case I am currently paying 8500 pesos for the complete job, about 2 weeks estimated work. I have no idea if that is a lot, about right, or inexpensive. That was one worker last week and three expected for this coming week. So far work starts at 9am sharp or a little earlier as we agreed, and continues until the light goes. I have a lot of house to paint with a lot of garden walls, including my dear neighbors massive 3 story Berlin wall to contend with so I supplied the products I wanted to use. Sorry, I didn't calculate the square metres (that would have been far too logical) but it took two cubetes of Fester and will likely use 5 cubetes of paint to finish all the painting, that includes one of primer used wherever bare cement was exposed. Oh, also one gallon of the silitre treatment. I have very little salitre so this is really nominal. I chose to use Home Depots top rated Behr Premium Plus Exterior Matte (using it undiluted) and the Fester 10 year white waterproofing for the roof. Only time will tell if they live up to their promises. Ricardo has done excellent work so far. Very clean, very fast and very thorough. He is taking the old paint right down, grinding or patching where needed, new mortar and/or salitre treatment also where needed, fixing up the roof and laying down 2 coats of the impermabilizante after thoroughly cleaning off the old. So far leaving a professional finish and a spotless workplace (no splatter). If interested I'll let you know how week 2 goes. So far the completed parts look like a new house. I am using Ricardo Sanchez Cel: (331) 832-9448.
  12. What is the going rate for house painting these days. Anyone ever do a comparison on that?
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