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  1. Congratulations! A fabulous new website that I know took a lot of work to do. I love the metric and wide screen options. Scaling is easy using your computers zoom settings for those who have vision issues. On my computer I just need to move 2 finger's on my touch pad to zoom in or out - but everyone is different. So, most browsers have a drop down menu of options. Look for 3 horizontal bars, sometimes 3 dots stacked vertically, just click there and select you zoom option on the drop down menu.

    Thanks for doing this weather report !

  2. Well, I must say. I have had a different experience with Totalplay. I tried to sign up yesterday and have since got caught in a loop with their call back service to confirm my order. Telcel says they are blocking the calls, so I cannot answer them. Totalplay has responded to this by having a bot continuously call me back. 119 calls so far in under 24 hours, plus the 119 messages from Telcel saying I missed the call.  Oy vay!

    I have called Totalplay but got caught in an answering machine loop. After the 10th try I finally reached a human who said they could not stop it. I had to get it cancelled through the salesperson (at Soriana) who I signed up with! Called her and She has since cancelled my request but the calls are still coming. What a nightmare!!!!! I am now off to Telcel to see if they can fix this. Any suggestions anyone?

  3. 19 hours ago, rafterbr said:

    You are very, very lucky to get the Pfizer vaccine.  I fear all the people getting the Sinaloa vaccine will one day have to redo it.

    ALL vaccines will need to be redone, annually. In time it will become a component of our usual annual flu shots. If you received the Sinovac shot and are concerned or frightened by what the rumour mongers are spreading around, all you have to do is get an antibody test in a few weeks to see if you have the antibodies. If you do. You are protected. It is really that simple.

  4. 17 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    Everything I've read about vaccine passports is that countries plan to only accept them for vaccines approved in their country by their version of the FDA.  

    Not quite true, every country varies. Canada is not accepting ANY proof of vaccination. It is simply too early in the vaccination process, and governments tend to move slowly. It is always safer to get your information direct from source. It can prevent a lot of confusion. Here are Canada's Guidelines at this link, an excerpt follows. To find the rules for your own country, just Google "Covid travel restrictions for ...." (add your country name).



    Pre-entry test requirements

    All travellers 5 years of age or older, regardless of citizenship, must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. You don't require a test to fly within Canada.

    At this time, proof of having a vaccine does not replace a valid test result.

    You must:

    take the test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada if you have a connecting flight:

    the test must be conducted within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your last direct flight to Canada

    you may need to schedule the test in your transit city

    provide one of the accepted types of tests, not an antigen test

    keep proof of your test results for the 14-day period that begins on the day you enter Canada

    Airlines will refuse boarding to travellers who are unable to provide a valid molecular test result.

    These tests are considered acceptable molecular tests:

    Exempt from pre-arrival testing for travellers arriving by land

    • PCR - Polymerase chain reaction
    • RT-PCR – reverse transcription real time PCR
    • Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
    • Nucleic acid test (NAT) or Nucleic acid amplification test (NAATs)
    • Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)
    • Isothermal amplification
    • Droplet digital PCR or digital droplet PCR (ddPCR)
    • RNA (Ribonucleic acid)
    • Ct (cycle threshold)
    • CRISPR
    • Sequencing
    • Next generational sequencing (NGS) or whole genome sequencing (WGS)
    • Oxford Nanopore sequencing (LamPORE)
    • Detection of the N gene
    • Detection of Orf1a/b
    • Detection of the S gene
    • Detection of the E gene
    • Detection of the RdRp gene

    These tests use methods such as a nasopharyngeal (NP) swab, nose swab, or saliva sample. At this time, proof of having a vaccine will not replace a negative test result.


  5. I am rejuvenating this old thread to get updated info. This is now end of September, 2020. Has anyone heard if he is still working? He came to my house in early September where he confirmed Widesky's answer. I placed an order with him and then he fell off the map. This is so uncharacteristic of his usual reliability that I am concerned something has happened to him. Has anyone heard from him this month?

  6. For those who think they are only reporting the deaths, this is not actually true. All you need to do is some math. Deduct the number of deaths from total contagions, and the remainder is how many people have recovered plus active cases. Sadly, they have stopped reporting active cases so we can no longer deduct that number to find all recovered cases. As for those who enjoy the percentages game, here is what 1% death rate looks like. You can judge for yourselves what this means against actual death rates and if that is acceptable to you.

    1percent mortality.jpg

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  7. 3 hours ago, geeser said:

    It has always been available at the municipal offices. Last time I asked about a lot they wanted a reason that I needed the info and why I didn't sent an architect. I think the fellow wanted a tip. This has been several years ago and all records were on paper and quite incomplete. Many properties have no owner listed and have never paid taxes.

    The next time I needed info on a different property I sent an architect.

    I believe it's called "La Chamba". Essentially a make work concept.

  8. Its marches against the Mexican version of George Floyd where a young man was beaten and murdered by police in Ixtlahuacan de Membrillos for not wearing a face mask. There are organized protests over several days about it (s best to avoid GDL right now), at least one that did become violent. I am not sure this will get the same coverage internationally as the George Floyd case has been getting. Maybe someone else can fill in the details but there is a US consulate advisory about it.

  9. This link is put out by the Boston and Harvard medical centres.  It is an effort to track potential cases of Covid, especially in areas where there is little to no testing. Please help them help us. By following this  site you will see how many in your area have reported, who are positive, negative, feeling fine or feeling ill, etc. PLEASE, report only potential covid related illnesses! This works for ALL of North AMerica (Canada, USA, Mexico).


    I am only posting this as a public service and will not be following this thread.


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  10. Well, I have done my own DD and, while it remains a risk, the risk is normal consumer risk, so I have decided to take the plunge and sign up for ILOX.

    It does seem that  all this ruckus started with a misunderstanding, namely that ILOX was initiating this movement. They did not. This is a consumer demand movement. A  local resident saw a need for better internet, had the expertise to understand how to fix the problem then did the research and heavy lifting necessary to convince a qualified service provider to look outside their normal business model and offer service to our area.  This volunteer may have bungled the marketing aspect, but hell, that is not his area of expertise so let's not shoot the messenger. Right about now TK must be feeling a little like the former head of NASA trying to convince Trump that investing in science is important.

    The underlying intent is solid. Getting better internet to Lakeside. Can a lot still go wrong?  Sure, things are never as rosy as the sales pitch, but in my view any chance for better internet is worth the investment risk.

    Besides, I am sure many of us have invested more money in worse risks over the years with far less due diligence. I can think of a few examples, start by looking at your kitchen gadgets, cd and VCR players, an AMC Gremlin,  plastic surgery, ...lol, anyone else remember buying one of those ridiculously expensive and very stinky Afghan coats? Putting it in perspective, the investment risk is small, the rewards could be large so I am willing to risk it. If I get burned, so be it. I will put it on the wall next to all those stock certificates.....



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  11. To those who are so passionate about this, why not talk with management to organize a meeting with those of us who mistrust this process so that we can ask our questions? So far all I am seeing are third party advocates for a promised service, but no actual corporate presence.  Even their website is non-transparent:  http://www.iloxtelecom.com/

    You would think that if Ilox were so keen on doing business here they would be happy to come on down and provide some transparency.  By the by, my company subscribed to a service like this in a small town in Michoacán that also touted the best service and made some large claims about speed. The “company” turns out to be an enterprising local boy who has taken advantage of the new Telecommunications laws in Mexico to buy space off the existing Telmex network at a discount. He then resells it to his clients at slightly less than what Telmex charges, but the level of service is the same…and definitely no fibre optics although he proudly insists his service is faster (Speedtest begs to differ). The downside of using this service instead of Telmex is the loss of the use of the Telmex grid when travelling, and getting bumped offline when the Telmex and/or their system goes down. Which it does. A lot..

    Here is an article about similar companies in Canada that may shed some light on what Ilox is trying to do if they are legit, and an article from Forbes that compares services in North America, showing we are not alone in our suffering:  https://community-broadband.ca/choice 


    I too would love faster internet, especially fibre optic, but before I pay upfront for a service that promises so much, yet does not seem to have the necessary start up capital to open up a store front where we can talk to them directly, let alone have sufficient resources to install a regional fibre optic network, I will want to see this companies permits to build fibre optic lines in our area, see the required government licenses, see their articles of incorporation, how they are financed, who is their management etc. It is called doing due diligence. Otherwise, I fear we are being sold a bill of goods.

    So for those who are passionate advocates of this service, why not get organized with Ilox's management to come and meet the sceptics directly…if they pass scrutiny, they will see a flood of applicants. If they balk at presenting to their potential investors…well, ‘nuff said and adieu.

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  12. 20 minutes ago, AngusMactavish said:

    Pull it out, pre-need funerals are a service. Your paranoia doesn't make it a scam.

    You can make personal insults all you want. I am not talking about the validity of pre-arranged funerals, I am talking about the wisdom of buying any product from some stranger who happens to call you and who has also been caught lying. Now if that makes sense to you, then why not give her a call......

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  13. Heads up all -again..... This is getting tedious. There is a lady(in this case) called herself Rebecca, Spoke Spanish, Number she called from was 333-401-8753. She says she is representing a funeral home in GDL and calling to sell pre-arranged funerals. I asked her how she had my cell phone number and she tried to bypass the question. I nailed her to it and she finally said a friend of mine had left it at the funeral home on a recent visit. This is something I know to be patently untrue. So at best, this woman is a blatant liar and why would you want to do business with a liar? At worst this is yet another scam targeting the expat community. Keep your eyes open all.

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  14. Well, poisoning dogs is certainly a bad solution, but so is ignoring existing laws by pet owners. Two wrongs do not make a right. As a reminder ahead of this meeting, if you attend with your dogs in tow, please keep them on a leash, especially since you all know there is the potential for poison out there.

    The cities I have visited who have solved this dilemma, did it by providing dedicated dog parks, imposing stiff fines on irresponsible owners, pet license fees, providing animal collection and animal destruction services etc. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of going in that expensive route (with so often an unhappy end for the stray animals), why doesn't everyone just decide to respect existing laws first, before the tax bill goes up to pay for all this?

    A dog park operated by the users of it is a good idea, why not run with that idea as a starting point. Also, why not just respect existing laws; by stopping the perp who is poisoning, and stopping the dog owners who let their dogs off leash? Maybe speak with the municipal government about setting up a pet license fee to be used to finance such a park, and so users of the park pay for the park. Right now it is my tax dollar (yes I pay all my taxes to Mexico) and people like me who are paying to upkeep a Malecon many can no longer use because of so many unleashed dogs. A user based system is more fair to all. Volunteering and committing to be a part of the solution will help us build a better community. It is a start....

    As Clara liked to say to Dr, Who when the situation was dire...."Just do it".

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  15. No idea if its true or not, but what fun the speculation eh? It would be good for the area to attract businesses like these, and others like them, if only to improve the tax base and for employment ops. Is it possible that Sam's/Walmart would do this? Well, it fits their MO. They opened a scaled down store in Iguala Guerrero with considerable success servicing a catchment area of about 200,000 people. I am not sure Greater Riberas fits that demographic but we are probably close. Sam's Iguala branch was opened shortly after Iguala got their first modern day grocery store, La Bodega. At the time everyone was scoffing that the town would even be able to support a store like La Bodega. Well, ten years on and both La Bodega and Sam's are doing extremely well and a Mega Commercial has arrived alongside a very modern shopping mall that includes a Macdonald's. All doing well. The improved services have attracted a lot of new services to Iguala and you now see car dealerships and others hallmarks of a growiing city popping up everywhere (Yes Starbucks is there). Walmarts presence in our area bears the same MO so I suppose it it could happen here too....

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