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  1. Get the geological report on this part of the highway from the city. You will understand the problem and understand why you should not buy a house in that area.
  2. For those who think they are only reporting the deaths, this is not actually true. All you need to do is some math. Deduct the number of deaths from total contagions, and the remainder is how many people have recovered plus active cases. Sadly, they have stopped reporting active cases so we can no longer deduct that number to find all recovered cases. As for those who enjoy the percentages game, here is what 1% death rate looks like. You can judge for yourselves what this means against actual death rates and if that is acceptable to you.
  3. Some good advice above. If you do call the Covid hotline, be prepared with recent temperature reading and a list of all symptoms. You pretty much have tick all the boxes before they will send someone out to test you.
  4. I believe it's called "La Chamba". Essentially a make work concept.
  5. Its marches against the Mexican version of George Floyd where a young man was beaten and murdered by police in Ixtlahuacan de Membrillos for not wearing a face mask. There are organized protests over several days about it (s best to avoid GDL right now), at least one that did become violent. I am not sure this will get the same coverage internationally as the George Floyd case has been getting. Maybe someone else can fill in the details but there is a US consulate advisory about it.
  6. Lol, while you are at it, why not get Superlake to stop price gouging too. You will be just as successful.
  7. Ian Greenwood, so you say you have been tossed from 4 times just this week, and are now being blocked from your usual mountain trails, mind if I ask you why are failing to receive this message? Lol. is it plaque build up in those old arteries of yours?
  8. This link is put out by the Boston and Harvard medical centres. It is an effort to track potential cases of Covid, especially in areas where there is little to no testing. Please help them help us. By following this site you will see how many in your area have reported, who are positive, negative, feeling fine or feeling ill, etc. PLEASE, report only potential covid related illnesses! This works for ALL of North AMerica (Canada, USA, Mexico). https://covidnearyou.org/?fbclid=IwAR1051J9NhaF5eovG2eEr2isSfnKpPkkYFXGejfeXfQm2XTphtl_NneTMmA#!/ I am only posting this as a public service
  9. Well, I have done my own DD and, while it remains a risk, the risk is normal consumer risk, so I have decided to take the plunge and sign up for ILOX. It does seem that all this ruckus started with a misunderstanding, namely that ILOX was initiating this movement. They did not. This is a consumer demand movement. A local resident saw a need for better internet, had the expertise to understand how to fix the problem then did the research and heavy lifting necessary to convince a qualified service provider to look outside their normal business model and offer service to our area. This vo
  10. To those who are so passionate about this, why not talk with management to organize a meeting with those of us who mistrust this process so that we can ask our questions? So far all I am seeing are third party advocates for a promised service, but no actual corporate presence. Even their website is non-transparent: http://www.iloxtelecom.com/ You would think that if Ilox were so keen on doing business here they would be happy to come on down and provide some transparency. By the by, my company subscribed to a service like this in a small town in Michoacán that also touted the best se
  11. You can make personal insults all you want. I am not talking about the validity of pre-arranged funerals, I am talking about the wisdom of buying any product from some stranger who happens to call you and who has also been caught lying. Now if that makes sense to you, then why not give her a call......
  12. Heads up all -again..... This is getting tedious. There is a lady(in this case) called herself Rebecca, Spoke Spanish, Number she called from was 333-401-8753. She says she is representing a funeral home in GDL and calling to sell pre-arranged funerals. I asked her how she had my cell phone number and she tried to bypass the question. I nailed her to it and she finally said a friend of mine had left it at the funeral home on a recent visit. This is something I know to be patently untrue. So at best, this woman is a blatant liar and why would you want to do business with a liar? At worst this i
  13. I didn't realize that presenting ideas for a meeting being convened to find a solution to a cyclical and horrific problem was so offensive. Perhaps my ideas may be too long term for you to grasp so if this is really how you all feel about this then best just lock me out M. and you guys can keep on keeping on. Power to you.
  14. Well, poisoning dogs is certainly a bad solution, but so is ignoring existing laws by pet owners. Two wrongs do not make a right. As a reminder ahead of this meeting, if you attend with your dogs in tow, please keep them on a leash, especially since you all know there is the potential for poison out there. The cities I have visited who have solved this dilemma, did it by providing dedicated dog parks, imposing stiff fines on irresponsible owners, pet license fees, providing animal collection and animal destruction services etc. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of going in that expensive rou
  15. The Nobel prize committee seems to be re-inventing themselves as markers of fundamentals shifts (in time, thought, philosophy etc). I had nothing to do with the shift that Dillon and many like him helped to create, but I am certainly a product of that shift. For good or for ill, I thank them. PS: It was CAD$20, or twenty bucks...
  16. I expect this posting will die a quick death, but not before I thank you virgogirl. It is nice that at least one person recognizes a seminal moment in time.....
  17. I dunno' is it me or do lists like these really just show that you get what you pay for? BTW, Has anyone gone to INEGI for population info on the Riberas? Granted their website is obtuse and obstreperous, but they are the countries official census takers,. Soft sell reminder, ...transparencia! http://www.inegi.org.mx/ Good luck.....
  18. Sophie has had too high a price to pay for this ongoing issue, where irresponsible pet owners think its OK to let a supposedly beloved pet roam leash- less, and those barbarians who think it is OK to leave out poison as a response to the roaming dog packs that result. Its like letting a group of 4 year olds play outside unsupervised in traffic all by themselves. I am so sorry for Sophie whose needless death highlights how even responsible pet owners are made to suffer by those who are not responsible. Where and how does it stop?
  19. Water run off can be an issue but look at it on the positive side, at least once a year you could have waterfront property. Wherever you look, just make sure you get a building above grade and you will be OK (look at the driveway, does it go up or down to the house?). Racquet Club had a big land slide years ago with home damage, and land and mud slides can be a problem in areas that drain directly from the hills. This is the same anywhere in the world with challenging topography. Simply look at Google maps to locate where the drainage fans are from the mountains, avoid those areas and you
  20. I lived 4 years in Upper La Floresta. In that time I found that lower La Floresta experiences more noise issues from weekend parties but is still quiet most of the time (weekends are a hit or miss). Upper La Floresta gets the odd loud party but is quieter overall. No matter where you go in Mexico you will get noise of one sort or another. Best to learn to love it or join the carmudgeons who love to gripe about everything. Bring ear plugs wherever you travel if you are a light sleeper.
  21. A well deserved honor. He writes poetry that speaks to everyone and was smart enough to put it to music. Here is a good summary of his work. http://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/bob-dylan-lyrics-nobel-prize-literature-1.3802933?cmp=rss Congratulations Bob, (BTW Ms. Meade in Montreal is still waiting for you to pay her back.... but something tells me her rights to the story may be priceless).
  22. The first type you boot up your computer you are given a language option. Just make sure you choose English and all will be well. At worst you may have to get used to a new keyboard configuration that includes Symbols and accents, actually a convenience once you get used to it.
  23. I loved watching the pedestrians, especially the ones that crossed right in the middle of it all!
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