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  1. That is a great phone. Thin, light, super screen and battery life.
  2. Pete's post on the upper Ajijic power outage reminded me, tangentially, to remind all those with solar panels (and solar tubes for water heating, though less critical by far) to check them and clean them. This time of year being the driest and dustiest, plus the smoke, can really dirty up those panels and they can quickly lose 1/3 or more of their potential. Think of a really dirty window and trying to see through it. At any rate, in the coolest part of the day, (early AM is ideal), rinse with clean water, and if needed, it is OK to use a very soft brush and very mild diluted dish soap, then rinse thoroughly. Then DRY with a soft cloth or squeegee them, to avoid any hard water spotting. (unless your water is softened, then no need to do this part) And take full advantage of the nice strong sun, keep those CFE kWh offsets and credits going to their full potential to support the AC use, refrigeration, and pool pumps.
  3. Check the materials supply store by the bus station in Chapala, they carry some specialty cements including high temp fireplace cement.... Also check this method as an option? Repair a Fish Pond without Draining the Water Out – Pond Repair (wordpress.com)
  4. For the folks posting on pages 3 and 4 here.....can't of course speak for CFE....I can say however that this time of year (mostly Dec to Feb billings) and then again in April / May) are when we hear about and see more of these issues and complaints. Generally it is due to high consumption from winter heating use, and then later on, typically from some AC use, higher refrigeration needs, and water pumping in the warmer and drier months. For the newbies in particular, if you've been in tarifa 01, but have been using close to the DAC level for awhile (ie: just under 500 kWh / 2 months) and then get a bill with use of say 600 to 700 kWh, that can trigger DAC as it is an average of the most recent 6 billings / going over 3000 in 12 months. And yes, at that point, a DAC bill can be up to 4x higher than the previous one, with not much more consumption, as you're comparing an amount charged at a stepped rate tariff, with half of it at about 1 peso per kWh, to all of the use being charged at 6 pesos / kWh. Options are to average back out, by lowering consumption, or make some of your own energy. Hope this helps.
  5. Most likely the gardener can handle it, or would know someone who can. Dump, scrub, rinse, fill tank and lines with some water / cloro mix, clean water rinse / drain lines again, good to go.
  6. Higher? Lower? The "bolsa de energia" should reflect the most recent 12 months and take both credits, and use of credits, into account. Plus....well....it's CFE... you know.
  7. Following up to this thread and to share where the credits shown up on the back of the CFE solar bills, for those who have them accumulated:
  8. OK, I can't figure the previous out.....so will just go with adding these. 🙂
  9. 99% you'll get it quite soon, just delayed a few days as Bisbee mentions.
  10. If Pemex would just keep the per liter price in pesos at exactly $1 US, it would make it easier..... 😉 $3.78 per US gallon, that way.
  11. That's been a tough one in Chapala since Leo retired......check with Oh Shirt: Oh Shirt - Home | Facebook
  12. Well.....yes and no. Off grid systems still cost a lot more than grid tied, plus CFE acts as both the "battery" and the bank account with any kWh credits good on a 12 month rolling basis. At the same time, hybrid grid tied systems and off-grid systems have become much better and much less $$, and thus much more popular, with li-ion battery storage now actually the same or less $$ in the long run than lead acid or AGM. This is because while it costs more upfront, you can use smaller amounts of kWh storage because you can discharge it almost to 100%, (vs 50 to 60% for the others) and also easily see 7 to 10 years or more of good stable battery life, even with daily use - longer if just using it for occasional backup / power outages. And it will change quite a bit more again in the consumer's benefit, in the next 6 to 12 months.
  13. It could take awhile, however, Rogers being a cable provider and not a satellite company.......this could have an effect in the future as they look to create "efficiencies" and cut costs. This is much less of an issue with all the options now than it would have been only 10 years ago, of course. Rogers seeks to buy Shaw in deal valued at $26B | CTV News
  14. This is true, many long term solar pool panel users here on the board and all across lakeside....ask MaineCoons, in fact, he can attest. 🙂
  15. Here you go MC....not that I'm calling you a slug or anything....if you get this figured out....let us know! 🙂 Video: Sea slugs self-decapitate and regrow whole body - The Globe and Mail
  16. This sounds like an opportunity to take your dolphins and Ferret's vase in 1 viaje to Tonala and have them repaired / remade.....likely to get a result that is way better aesthetically and more permanent than gluing. By the way.....for any interested in glass blowing....."Blown Away" is a really neat show on Netflix....similar format to the baking competitions but done in North America's largest "hot shop" and with skilled judges and contestants: Blown Away | Netflix Official Site
  17. On the admin side, it would seem that if CFE accepted the papers as legit enough to cancel the old account, they should also accept them for your new service(s). On the technical side, why did they just pull one meter? If need be, for the short term, you can have an electrician hook up both services to the one still functioning meter.....which should cover all things unless you have 2 x 1 fase meters (only 120 V each) and need 240 in the house, some of the older homes are still operating that way. But at the least, you'd be able to run all 120 V things, that way.
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