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  1. Some "del paso" units do have a small tank inside them, to help with the start up demand. You can check the brand and model # to get the specs. Also - del paso units of all types are rated in liters / minute of flow, as opposed to total liters or gallons.
  2. Angus, Solar capacity can be easily adjusted / upsized to add more heating, based on temp preference and the type and size of the hot tub.
  3. Chris, STI has helped 2 hot tub owners in Ajijic with this kind of setup in the past couple of months, both are quite pleased and join numerous other happy solar heated hot tub clients. Tom's point is also valid depending on your situation and preferences. Send me a PM and we can go from there to help you in the best way.
  4. Great people, many long time satisfied clients all across lakeside, for both property management and rentals: http://ajijichomes4rent.com/index.htm
  5. Two months of A/C use shouldn't send you into DAC if your net consumption is low the rest of the year. Best reco is to go through 1 season with the A/C and then assess what might be needed. Also keep in mind that if you add enough panels to generate credits during the other 10 months, those can help cover off your 2 months of A/C use. CFE "banks" those for you on a 12 month rolling basis.
  6. It is a rolling most recent 12 month period for tracking credits, and only any credits from the 13th month or older are dropped. The CFE policy is clear, the info you were given was not correct.
  7. On a related note & FYI, Shaw is no longer activating anything other than 600 series receivers, (currently 600 HD and 630 HD PVR) so those looking on the resale market - be aware.....
  8. English Rose, you may also "do better" on the CFE bills now and the next 4 months as the solar days are longer and the sun is stronger - IF your consumption stays the same. However - fridges work harder in the heat, people have been and continue to use fans and some A/C, so one needs to keep those things in mind. The economic advice provided to you by the other posters is spot on, however.
  9. An often overlooked feature of the flat black pool panels is that, if needed, they can work in reverse to help cool a pool as well. By running the pump at the coolest part of the night (especially in a climate like lakeside) the heated water can release energy through the large surface area of the panels.
  10. Mainecoons is correct, it is important to plumb them correctly, and to have the right # of panels for the pool volume. A 40,000 liter pool should typically have at least 10 pool panels of 4 x 10 size or larger, which is why changing from 6 to 8 as Kiko mentions may still give them less than ideal temps. Riviera Alta's community pool has about 20 of the 4 x 12 flat black panels and provides nice temps on a year round basis, for example.
  11. The vacuum tube heat pipe systems are great for the "less than ideal" solar times of the year. They heat from all available solar radiation and so can produce heating even on somewhat cloudy days. Also they are more space efficient than the flat black pool panels. This image from a home in Upper La Floresta shows them, the owners have been very happy with them for years for heating a large & deep pool. Colder times of the year - a cover is really helpful in "keeping what you make".
  12. Tom L did a great job summarizing it, thanks Tom. Newfhugger, PM if you'd like more detailed info.
  13. New soft drink CO2 making system, with no tanks to use or refill: http://bonneo.ca/ Available via HBC (Hudson's Bay Company)
  14. Agree with Chillin. While I like & use the free roads in general and for the drive up to the border most times, for the trip to PV, stay on the cuotas. The mountain route is slow, dangerous, and especially during & after the rainy season, (now) due to new potholes and roads being undercut by water flows.
  15. http://solarsunrings.com/testimonials.html http://www.poolproducts.com/SPP/productr.asp?pf_id=S7750
  16. The development I think you are referring to has had the SSR for 2 years, we deal with the B of D there, and you don't live there, do you? Please don't speak for others. And feel free to patent and manufacture the square ones if you like! :-) ------------------------- As stated earlier, there is really no perfect cover; all take some combination of investment, maintenance / replacement, and work to use. For those who like to swim this time of the year, (other than polar bears) they are pretty much a necessity, and also very useful toward the end of the dry season when evaporation becomes a significant factor in daily water loss. That's another advantage of the SSR - they can be flipped over to limit evaporation, without adding heat to the pool, as the top is clear, and the bottom is deep blue.
  17. @ Cedros - you are repeating yourself, sir, I've already addressed your "square" comment made "last year". :-) >> They heat so effectively that it is not recommended to cover the entire surface with them. And they couldn't very well call them "rings" if they were square, now, could they? ;-) In the pool shown above in my other post, it was the first time the owners could swim in Dec/Jan since having the pool, and they already had a substantial solar heating system. The Solar Sun Rings made the difference. And with the size of many pools, most people cannot remove a one piece cover on their own, even with a roller, much less without one. @ Sue - you are quite right, the rings are highly praised for their efficacy, ease of use, and their safety. They raft together using magnets on the edges for light contact, and come apart easily when desired or when needed, and this feature has proven very valuable for both convenience and safety if a child or dog falls into a pool, unlike a one piece cover. PM me and I'll be happy to advise you further.
  18. Just sayin' - what? Above post is not clear without additional info. What is the temp of the pool itself? If it is 50-55, like the air has been at night, then 66 in one pass is a nice rise and will continue to build. What type of panels are in use? Brand, size, quantity. What is the volume of the pool? Heating water takes huge amounts of energy, that is why solar is so popular for both domestic water heating and for pool use, and it works great when setup properly and with the use of a good cover to retain what is made during the day.
  19. A thermal break between the ground and the pool wall. Though as mentioned, 90% of loss it to the air. http://ambivalentengineer.blogspot.ca/2008/12/insulating-pool.html
  20. Good link for perspective and other references at the bottom: https://www.mge.com/images/PDF/Brochures/residential/ReducingSwimmingPoolHeatLoss.pdf 90% of pool heat loss is straight up via evaporation and radiation.
  21. From a home in central Ajijic that has had them for 2 years and like most users who take care of them, is very happy with the use and results: Happy New Year, the sun is back!
  22. The Solar Sun Rings, by design, only cover 70 to 80% of a pool surface and still heat very effectively. The circular design and open space is intentional. And you don't need to remove them all, even, to swim - only one "lanes" worth, which takes less than a minute to do. There isn't a "perfect" cover, but these work well for many folks.
  23. Solar Sun Rings, each is 5 feet in diameter, they add substantial heat to the pool, easy to remove & replace, and no roller equipment needed. Many happy users @ lakeside. http://solarsunrings.com/intro.html PM for more info.
  24. Goodyear Chapala. Antonio & Antonio. They include an alignment with each set of 4 tires, are competitive, competent, and they take good care of their customers.
  25. Agree with the 2 previous posts - Diphenhydramine / Dimenhydrinate. It is also the main active ingredient in Dramamine (Gravol in Canada) for motion sickness as well as being a antihistamine, although the motion sickness drugs have a secondary component to slightly counteract the drowsiness, so if you want the stronger effect go with the straight Diphenhydramine.
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