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  1. They are really not hazardous to you.....just cellulose acetate or polyester film base, and the metallic silver that forms the image. Probably could break the average home shredder, however and there are better options than landfill. Here's a link with some good tips if you prefer not to "bin" them: How to Dispose of X-Ray Films? The Right Way! - How to Dispose
  2. Yes, just keep in mind that a hybrid inverter or other type that works "off grid" is required; standard grid-tied inverters are designed to shut down when there is no grid reference as a global standard safety feature. Anyone contemplating a new system or in need of an upgrade can place a hybrid inverter to start with and choose to add the batteries later if they prefer, and this way, they do have the capacity / ability to go "off grid" or at least run the essential loads of the home if CFE is not there.
  3. Harry, sincerest condolences. Everyone, 2 legs or 4, who got to know Chris and yourself was a "Lucky Dog" in my view. May you be comforted by all the good memories and all of your friends.
  4. Luxury coaches like ETN are also an enjoyable and safe way to go from Guad to PV, and taxis are cheap and abundant in PV, no driving or parking hassles.
  5. Here's the ballpark math for those interested: A 2 kW size system (say 4 x 500 watt panels or equivalent) is rated to produce about 10 kWh per day, on a year round avg basis. So that is 600 kWh per 2 month CFE billing period, or 3600 kWh per year, and 3600 kWh = 3.6 MWh. As for the CFE credits, if you have a solar account, any credits you have are good on a 12 month rolling basis, and should be shown in the green info box on the back of the CFE bill; they are called "bolsa de energia" there. Some bills show it, others do not...... Or just drop in at the CFE office and ask for the current credit and past 12 month breakdown of credits & use of them.
  6. I've just passed the link to some Harley fans in Guad. Suerte.
  7. And remember Kiko's posting from earlier this year too:
  8. Yes, this is how a Whatsapp call works; it is data either thru cell data or Wifi, whatever the device is using at the time. And Whatsapp calls have generally been clearer / better sound quality than local cell calls for quite some time now IMHO.
  9. +52 1 33 3398 9045 Cell or Whatsapp for Mark or his partner / manager Jaime, agree, good and fair to deal with
  10. And Maytag MX shows what looks to be the same model, on sale....maybe Home Depot will price match? 😉 Secadora Eléctrica 16kg - Maytag México | Tienda Oficial
  11. This link is for a 220 volt ELECTRIC dryer at Home Depot MX: SECADORA ELÉCTRICA MAYTAG 16 KG | The Home Depot México
  12. And in case it needs to be mentioned......keep the gas tank/ cylinder OUTSIDE.....por supuesto. 😉 If it must be inside, keep the valve closed except when in use.
  13. If there is already a gas line running to the home, it might be good (easier / shorter) to connect into that - perhaps at the gas water heater. Or another option could be to use a portable tank (BBQ style or cylinder) right at, and just for, the dryer. Both of these could avoid having to run another line all the way to the existing tank.
  14. If you're just moving "data" files and folders, and not trying to move programs or an operating system, using an external hard drive or large thumb drive, (both with a USB connection) should work fine to "sneaker-net" the files from one to the other, using the external storage as the middle step. Just copy to the external device, and then once done or filled, move those to the new Chromebook. EZ-PZ.
  15. Generally a tank issue means a new complete tank, the inner ones really can't be replaced, however the support frame and vacuum tubes can be used with a new tank of the same specs.
  16. Info from Cruz Roja: For local donations the information is here...if someone wanted a tax receipt for their US taxes they can donate through Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities.org and they have multiple options and will direct the donation to us. We don't have the same option for Canadians at this time. FOR DONATIONS REQUIRING RECIBOS DONATIVOS AND BANK TRANSFERS Checks must be made out to : CRUZ ROJA MEXICANA IAP BANAMEX ACCOUNT INFO: BANAMEX, S.A. SUC 433 CUENTA- 5520373 CLABE INTERBANCARIA: 002 346 0433 55203734 any problems call Monica at 52 376 765 2553 or Don 376 766 4990 To receive a recibo donativo mexican (tax receipt) we must have a copy of the donor's RFC (fiscal identification) Legal Name as on the RFC, address, email and telephone number and if a bank transfer a copy of the bank transfer information on the donation so that Cruz Roja can readily track payment in their Banamex Account
  17. Yes, you can certainly go in person: https://goo.gl/maps/g1D6G5HvGuCqZYNa8 And I've asked the CR folks to supply full info for online donations as well and any other ways. Will post it once supplied.
  18. I have an initial reply from the Cruz Roja folks and yes, they would be most appreciative of general donations in Mike's name and memory, at least for now and until something else could be set up. They also mention they had a donor of an ECG last month so they also now have that heart related capability.
  19. May I suggest the Chapala Cruz Roja could be a great way to donate in Mike's memory. They could start a heart related fund in his name. I'll check with them and post back here.
  20. RIP Mike. And sincere condolences to all of the family. Ajijic Computing - Mike The Computer Guy - Home | Facebook
  21. The next version should have the ECG built-in, plus a "zapper" defib too. Wonder how many "zaps" they can get out of those little batteries? 😉
  22. Backup systems can now be whole home (including water pumping and heavier loads) or "essential loads" as Pete mentions. Both kick in automatically when needed and can be based on several different types of battery technology including li-ion (which cost more upfront but are cheaper in the long run and with no maintenance either).
  23. The average EV is currently getting about 4 miles (6km) per kWh. For solar electric system users, this means that each added panel (using 400 watt size panels here) would give them about 12 km per day of driving range, (84 km per week per panel) and stay at the same place with their CFE bills. Many ways to play with this, as not everyone drives everyday, or for different distances, just a starting point for reference.
  24. We've been contacted by several former clients of Matt's (they say he closed shop, left Mexico and is in USA now) and we are successfully assisting them with a number of things including ensuring warranty coverage continues. Feel free to email or PM.
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