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  1. Couple of mentions about this; even though we do have and supply variable speed pool pumps: 1 - the variable speed pumps are great on energy, however they are $$ in Mexico and their electronics are sensitive..... 2 - it can be much more cost effective to go with a regular pump, and have a couple of extra panels to offset the use... 3 - the regular pumps are not affected the same way, by grid spikes, and fluctuations 4 - if you do go with a variable speed, be sure to have proper protections in place, either whole house voltage regulators or at least for that circuit. 5 - if it is for / was for a pure offgrid setup, then the variable would be great since reducing consumption is important when running fully off battery based energy supply.
  2. And the panels can either be installed "solo" or above existing tejas or other material, like this, depending on the aesthetic preference:
  3. Very popular and a great use of space for dual purposes, and anything from a small shade canopy of 2 to 4 panels over a window or sliding door, to a full mirador or more, can be done. This mirador below is in Ajijic centro also, the original solar array was doubled when the house later went all electric, and it also has a full hybrid inverter setup with substantial energy storage.
  4. Thanks Ferret and to virgo lady also. Virtually all the systems STI installs have online monitoring included; Enphase Envoy is specific to their micro-inverters. The OP appears to be looking for a hybrid type system (grid tied with backup) so a different kind of inverter would be used for that; with online monitoring system of course to track solar production, energy consumption both from grid and from energy storage as well as battery charge / discharge and level, all in real time and full history. One of many options is shown here; this is in Ajijic centro, the battery has 10 kWh of energy storage.
  5. .com.mx NOW we understand the reason...... I found your email from an older PM and have sent you an email just now.
  6. So avoid demolition derbies and hill climbs. "Check". Definitely agree with everyone they should be kept on the side streets and off the carraterra, for both safety reasons and avoiding fine$. Lithium ion batteries are now available @ great pricing and we have converted a number of different types of golf carts in the area over from lead acid, and the owners are very pleased >>> feel free to email or PM for info.
  7. Not necessarily. A single "channel" (panel control) of the micro could go out and leave the other 3 functioning. The other nice feature is that remote diagnostics, adjustments for grid voltage and frequency , and resets can be done without a physical visit being needed. And warranty runs from 10 to 15 years on several of the top brands with option to 25 years at low cost.
  8. Micro inverter technology has gone from 1 per panel, to 1 per 2 panels, and to 1 per 4 panels as well. The latest can run 4 panels of 450 to 550 watts each (1.8 to 2.2 kW system size, more than enough to cover the DAC + level of consumption at lakeside) with a single micro and still optimize and monitor each panel individually while lowering upfront cost and having fewer potential points of failure. Larger systems can be made up of multiples of these and expansion is seamless and essentially unlimited.
  9. Both are valid; connecting inside the home is much more typical, however the electricity flows and registers the same way with either.
  10. CFE grid-tied net metering works as below, there are not multiple connection options: Any solar energy is first used as it is produced, with the excess going to the grid and being counted by the meter. Any use from CFE, is counted on the other reading of the meter. And the CFE bills show both values, with the user paying just on the "net" use from CFE, or receiving a kWh credit if the "sent" is more than the "used. Any credits are good on a 12 month rolling basis.
  11. No need to bring from USA, we have the #1 rated Techno Solis pool panels at equal or better pricing than these, and supply you with the connectors, clamps, and air vent valve, with custom personal delivery to lakeside included by STI, along with the unsurpassed 10 year warranty and at your option, expert local installer. Techno-Solis - Pool, Domestic and Commercial Water Heating Products
  12. Yes and yes. 🙂 Here's a link to more info. Bonus: with the typical 80 to 90% gas savings....you also reduce needed gas visits by the same amount! 😉 STI Solar Technology :: Calentadores solares para agua www.solartechnology.com.mx/CalentadoresResidenciales
  13. The ajijicweather.com site, especially the original page, has a great UV index that is almost a perfect proxy for tracking potential solar production. A nice bell curve is a great typical sunny day (left side from yesterday) while the jittery right side is today's cloudy weather.
  14. That mention is in Chapala, it was a reply at that time to the previous posts which were discussing options in Chapala.
  15. DAC level is averaging >500 kWh per more, in most recent 6 billing periods. DAC charges the entire amount of kWh at 6+ pesos per, whereas tarifa 01 is charged at the stepped rate levels. Since you mention use/ consumption has not really changed, this is almost certainly the reason...... Feel free to email or PM.
  16. Any real estate agents on the board?, would be great to hear their comments on this as a nice tie-in to the article.
  17. Embombinados Garcia Perez, just east of Chapala on the mountain side of the main road, they have two locations now about 4 blocks from each other on that stretch. EMBO-ELECTRICA GARCIA PEREZ S.A. DE C.V. Bing Local 305,Calle Hidalgo, 45900 Chapala, Jalisco +52 376 765 3769
  18. Some supply is available, feel free to email or PM with your details.
  19. "regular" grid-tied systems work to match the CFE grid power and reduce or eliminate net use from CFE, however they won't produce during power outages or if the voltage or frequency go outside the range they are designed to operate in. Offgrid and newer hybrid systems will function and / or take over automatically in an outage from CFE, and these are becoming more accessible with a wider range of choices both in inverter and battery / energy storage technology. PM for solar: Beyond panel cleaning, every couple of years it is a good idea to have either a system check or a full PM service, to check the structural support condition and roof connections, the panel condition, individual output and (if applicable) string output, the clamps and junction boxes, the electrical connections, wire ties, and if there is a central inverter vs micro-inverters, to open, clean, test and check the internal wiring and connections in the inverter. It is inexpensive and can sometimes find things that may then be covered under the warranty..... which should improve performance and likely offset the cost of the service visit too.....
  20. @El Cartero The replacement panel does not need to be the exact same one you have, just reasonably compatible on cells / voltage and of the same or higher wattage. In a string (central) inverter setup, all panels work to the lowest common denominator, so adding a 270 watt panel into a 250 watt string of panels is generally OK, >> the new one will function as a 250 would. @Ferret You are correct, with the understanding that your micros have a certain max wattage rating; you'll likely have more flexibility than El Cartero, within limits. Also, if one panel goes out in a micro system, all the others keep operating, while in a string setup, one panel being out takes out the whole string connected with it. So you have that advantage as well, plus each panel in micro systems is individually optimized, for very high efficiency.
  21. Check with the office / shop at the tennis courts at Cristiana Park in Chapala.
  22. STI has the #1 rated Techno Solis pool panels, 10 year warranty, used widely both residentially and commercially, and available with top quality installation or you can DIY, at the best pricing with great service & support. Better heating and more durable than the Heliocol / Israeli panels.
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