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  1. Escalera, Goodyear Chapala, or Ron Young. There is also another good mechanic a bit south on Pepe Guizar from the Goodyear. Some could depend on the make and model and whether you need the new part supplied, or have it. Suerte.
  2. Sounds like some confusion here, I would guess that Pete's comment about the removal cost had nothing to do with what he'd actually pay for the dish(es), which I'm sure he'd offer a fair value for. Hope you guys can work it out to mutual benefit.
  3. Agree that the spongey surface of these is not ideal for masonry walls with texture. The paint pad will get chewed up quickly, and not really get into the nooks and crannys of deeply textured surfaces, either. They do, on the other hand, work really well on smooth wood or drywall surfaces, inside and out, and also on wood shakes, the kind of siding that has the vertical small grooves in it - excellent on that, the sponge goes in just enough to nicely fill and cover them.
  4. Probably wherever she or he wishes! 😉 Our phoning friend may have to "let their fingers do the walking" for awhile longer, however....unless they can convince the CBSA that calling "upstairs" is an essential trip reason..... https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/coronavirus-canada-border_ca_5f0da120c5b648c301ef6d8b
  5. Probably gonna need that test, after that decision! (or the ER room, for other spousal inflicted reasons!) 😉 Good wings always come with a price, of course....
  6. Ding Ding Ding! Correct. The property name is Casa Aurora de Belen, a B&B / small hotel with a very nice property up on the hilltop, south of the city, with very nice owners and great views.
  7. OK....don't need to name the property, just the city. It is about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way between Chapala and CDMX. Has a zoo, an old aqueduct, large famous cathedral and a great mix of old and new, wonderful to walk around the central downtown area.
  8. This interesting private structure with castle like rooftop edges, sits up on a hill, overlooking the city below it, and you might stay there, on a trip to see "los monarcos".
  9. Good comment. Can always taxi to the luxury coach terminal. Uber is running US & C ads on TV emphasizing sanitizing of each of their rides and also saying "No Mask, No Ride"....as with everything, needs to be followed thru on / enforced of course..... The luxury coaches have great seat spacing, still keep a mask on however.
  10. Well...what are your creds on the ear wax thing? It's a fair question.
  11. If all else fails, ask at the golf courses....they were cutting them up to stuff the cups with so no reaching inside! Might have extras.
  12. Sayula? Where they make the Ojeda knives? Though the colorful canopy in the 2nd image reminds one of that great area in Old Vegas.....which is also about 2 hours....you didn't mention flying or driving! 😉
  13. And the minimum billing is 49 pesos, even if at 0 net use and making credits. This is why sizing systems to average into the "sweet spot" of the CFE rate structure at lakeside, is the most cost effective way to go. About 150 to 200 kWh net use, in 60 days, (3 to 4 per day used) keeps you at bills of about the same in pesos....150 to 200. Does not pay to add 2 extra panels to get to "0". Of course, many people still like to! 😉
  14. Generally just need the RPU # (this is the 12 digit service # that starts with 472 for Zona Chapala / Ajijic CFE clients)
  15. Check at the Chapala bus station, you should be able to get right there or very close by, with 1 bus from Chapala. https://goo.gl/maps/nQjNfGceD93TBaSx7
  16. That's another global pandemic for sure! 🤣 LMK if you find a cure.
  17. A good & important indicator at all times, and especially with the state shutdown criteria.
  18. Same as mentioned but in different package format? https://www.amazon.com.mx/Royal-Veterinary-Feline-Gastrointestinal-Energy/dp/B004464AZC/ref=sr_1_11?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=royal+canin+gatos&qid=1594350828&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-11
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