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  1. We have seen a big increase this year in the number of people reporting issues from very low voltage (measured well below the CFE stated tolerances / range), to brownouts / blackouts, and intermittent outages both short and longer.      The key factors seem to be the growth in the area that increases overall demand, combined with a local grid capacity that was IMHO marginal at best the past few years, along with increasing use & consumption including as mentioned, more homes overall, more homes with AC use, and more pools (thus more pool pumps and some pools using electric heat pumps to heat pools).

    Solar electric helps a lot during the day as it is putting energy back into the local area which lessens or eliminates daytime demand in the home that is producing it, plus the excess goes to assist the local grid, thus actually reducing load on the nearby transformers and lines.       

    More users are interested in or installing backup systems than ever before, as well, this can also help at night in two ways:

    1 - if CFE goes down, the home still has power

    2 - a user could choose to even feed from their stored energy at night, lessening the load on the grid as well.

    Hopefully CFE has plans to upgrade the local grid to keep up with the growth.      After all, they are the "empresa de clase mundial".     Si?  😉

    See the source image



  2. On 4/11/2022 at 6:59 PM, Natasha said:

    Had one in last house from 2013. At that time no local sources available so sales/install came from Guad.

    How about now?  Recommendations or don't use " x" "appreciated.

    Already know they're on MercadoLibre but nice to help out the locals when one can.

    Feel free to PM or email, STI has been providing and installing (with trained local installers) at lakeside for 16 years.      Full line in all types and sizes available with great pricing, installation, service and support.      

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  3. 11 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    How can calling someone a Nun be an insult? I use this because you always seem to be rebuking anything that anyone says here that you slightly disagree with walking around with a ruler waiting to rap some knuckles!!! Has nothing to do with YOUR religion, so get over it!!!   

    I'd like to respectfully suggest you just stop any name calling, and stop screaming "Fake News" as well to things you disagree with.    You're more than capable of writing well reasoned responses, you've proven that, keep that going.         

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  4. 10 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    Problem now is wind causing waves. March is bad for that. You need about 3 days with no wind for the shoreside silt to settle the bottom. 

    Yep - Febrero loco, y Marzo otro poco.       Give it a few weeks to settle down.      Also, I note the "drone law" quoted by another poster mentioned "commercial" drone operators.....if the intent is for a hobby and not a paying business, may be OK to DIY it - check it.    

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  5. FYI to the OP and all interested -

    1 - Page 15 of the new Guad Reporter has this relevant / connected piece on Tony Burton's new book (below)

    2 - we have info that there is going to be an Earth Day weekend event featuring a wide range of environmental groups & sustainable living and practices info, wide range, from indigenous, Mexican, and expats, to be held in the Ajijic Plaza.   More info to come. 


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  6. 5 hours ago, MickeyO said:

    Looking at the chart though, I get a little confused. Do you measure with the input to the device or the output? A round trip of 25 feet from the van battery to the device, and critical circuit type, would be either 300 watts / 12V = 25 amps or 300 watts / 110V = 2.72 amps. In the first case the chart says 6 gauge. In the second it says 12 gauge. Which is correct?

    You just need to consider the DC run length, not the AC, and the 10 gauge should be fine, as you can see, it covers 30 A  (you need 25 max) to 10 feet as critical and 30 feet as non critical.       And I do agree with the other posters.....if the 12 V plug in the vehicle will handle a 300 watt inverter, just plug it in there and job done more easily that way, though I don't think most are rated to that amount of power.    


  7. There is another option to consider if keeping both CFE services is the higher priority.      An inverter-charger system can offer the capability to power the house from solar or grid, give auto backup from batteries when needed, and not export to the grid.     Think of it as using an offgrid system, but in a home that also has the grid connection.....or like having a hybrid inverter, without the export to grid capability.        Most users who have a grid connection do like to take advantage of exporting the excess power and getting credits for it, however each user has different priorities.    

  8. Have not yet found Bosch techs at lakeside.....so.....depending on the age of the unit, best options are:

    1 - Servicio Técnico (bosch-climate.mx)   (warning:   pricey for a service visit to lakeside from Guad, = labour + mileage + parts.....but maybe worth it)


    2 - get one of these,  instead:   Modelo 3512 | 3516 Calentador Instantáneo (kruger.com.mx)


    they are well priced, work great, and are also OK with accepting solar hot water as the input if you have it or plan to get it.    Many on-demand units are not set up for that.

  9. 6 hours ago, GDouglas said:

    We may merge to one meter once we go solar, for simplicity of solar, right now it’s essentially two separate sets of house wiring on a house that’s no longer a duplex.

    CFE Chapala is pretty much requiring this for any single legal address anyway.....they no longer allow a "solar meter" account and a regular meter to continue side by side.     

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  10. 6 hours ago, Ferret said:

    Now Go Solar has panels the same size that can produce 450 watts in those same conditions.

    Also 550 watt mono panels have been available and installed for a number of months, now, with 595 and 600 watt panels just in the process of arriving.     🙂

    "Bigger isn't necessarily better"....but for micro-inverter based systems, it does mean that now a 4 panel system can be installed with a single micro and cover well over the DAC level of CFE consumption.       So very cost effective and simple way to go for small to medium households.   

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  11. 26 minutes ago, GDouglas said:

    Is that the newer LiFePo4

    The Soluna shown in the image is Li-NCM, all the others we supply are LiFePo4 from car battery size (12 V 100 AH) to 5 and  10 kWh rack mounted or "powerwall" format units.

    Here's a link for a bit more info for those interested:

    NCM Battery VS LFP Battery? This is the most comprehensive interpretation! - SmartPropel Lithium Battery

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