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  1. Noted and revised (website update had changed the URL a bit), >>> thanks Lou.
  2. We're seeing daily requests for backup energy systems, as never before. We believe it is a combination of the local grid issues, combined with general awareness of the availability, accessibility, and improved pricing and reliability of energy storage and backup power that kicks in automatically when the grid is not available (most systems are less than 10 ms switchover time, or less than the blink of an eye). The system shown here was installed last week in Ajijic centro, combining an inverter-charger and a 5 kWh lithium ion PowerWall "battery". It can charge from either the grid or the rooftop solar panels, and is setup and connected to automatically power the essential loads of the home day and night. The solar panel power connected to it is enough to both run the essential loads, and recharge the battery, in the event of an extended outage.
  3. Definitely, to all: Call 071, this is the CFE service line to report problems or outages. Be sure to have your meter # (6 digit alpha-numeric) or the RPU service # from the CFE bill, (this is the 12 digit # starting with 472...... for those in the CFE Chapala / Ajijic service area).
  4. Link to the full page of these plans with Gb and durations: Paquetes amigo sin límites - Ahora con más datos | Telcel
  5. Data on Telcel paquetes sin limites does roll over if renewed before the 30 days is up. And overall a great plan for 200 pesos / mo.
  6. It is offered, dial *86 to set it up. https://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/roaming/estoy-en-el-extranjero/consulta-tu-buzon
  7. Banks generally send out those access codes by (cellular) text message to a cell #. If this is the case for you, then the WiFi connection would not be relevant.
  8. Feel free to post what you want to know, or send an email or a PM; I know the people behind it and still have contact with them.
  9. Recharge telcel phones in Mexico - Top Up Instantly | Xoom, a PayPal Service Not a bad way to do it, and you can pay securely via Paypal, >>>> just be sure to use a debit card, not a credit card, for the Paypal link you use. Credit card payments for this are charged as a cash advance with an extra fee. Debit card links are not.
  10. Good advice.....too much of that kind of thing going on in numerous sectors.
  11. Check at the big Aceros place in Riberas (or any other). Looks a bit like schedule 40 galvanized tubular fence end posts 2 & 3/8 inch, and / or those commonly used for stop signs etc. Might be a bit smaller than that. Bring them the photo and see what they have.
  12. We have seen a big increase this year in the number of people reporting issues from very low voltage (measured well below the CFE stated tolerances / range), to brownouts / blackouts, and intermittent outages both short and longer. The key factors seem to be the growth in the area that increases overall demand, combined with a local grid capacity that was IMHO marginal at best the past few years, along with increasing use & consumption including as mentioned, more homes overall, more homes with AC use, and more pools (thus more pool pumps and some pools using electric heat pumps to heat pools). Solar electric helps a lot during the day as it is putting energy back into the local area which lessens or eliminates daytime demand in the home that is producing it, plus the excess goes to assist the local grid, thus actually reducing load on the nearby transformers and lines. More users are interested in or installing backup systems than ever before, as well, this can also help at night in two ways: 1 - if CFE goes down, the home still has power 2 - a user could choose to even feed from their stored energy at night, lessening the load on the grid as well. Hopefully CFE has plans to upgrade the local grid to keep up with the growth. After all, they are the "empresa de clase mundial". Si? 😉
  13. The organizers asked if this could be "bumped" as it is today and tomorrow in the Ajijic Plaza. 🌏
  14. The organizers also have the program agenda in Spanish:
  15. Feel free to PM or email, STI has been providing and installing (with trained local installers) at lakeside for 16 years. Full line in all types and sizes available with great pricing, installation, service and support.
  16. Our factory trained techs are aces at both new installs and existing unit services. Feel free to PM or email with your contact info.
  17. I'd like to respectfully suggest you just stop any name calling, and stop screaming "Fake News" as well to things you disagree with. You're more than capable of writing well reasoned responses, you've proven that, keep that going.
  18. Have you talked with the local store about it and had them check them, and also, how long has it been? New progressives can take up to 2 weeks for the eyes & brain to adjust to them, and often can feel like they are not made correctly until then.
  19. For stronger boxes, use the global standard....go to the liquor store!
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