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  1. Not sure that is correct......A good friend in Guad had his 2020 GMC truck into the dealer recently for injector damage.....
  2. We just have pallet pump trucks in the STI bodega or would be happy to have you pass by and borrow one. However, I agree with the other posters.....hire some muscle!
  3. Check this or just head into a Telcel store to see which way is best / easiest for you: (paquetes or just data) Paquetes amigo sin límites - Ahora con más datos | Telcel The data works in USA & Canada and if you set it up with a credit card, you can renew / recharge as needed since 30 days is the max term.
  4. Yes. And, Yes. Feel Free to contact directly with more info / specifics on your situation.
  5. Installed in Cuyutlan for a client who moved there from lakeside.
  6. Scott, I strongly recommend you get a consult with a good local solar provider. Much of what you mention is likely not compatible with each other......and, 1 - you don't need to remove panels during strong winds, 2 - the grid tied inverter must have the ability to work from both panels or battery backup (most don't), 3 - and many need 48 V DC at a minimum so if your batteries are 12 V x 100 AH, you're going to be 2 short. 4 - As MC mentions also, you're pretty light on panels as well for the consumption / use you mention. Also, DAC at most coastal areas is 800, not 500. You can verify that with your tarifa code on the CFE bill. You really need to have a full review and system design IMHO, it will save you $$, not cost you $$. Feel free to PM or email me.
  7. Yes, feel free to PM or email. Numerous types of solutions are installed in the area and can include a solar grid-tied hybrid system, or done as a stand alone backup system. Both types can be "whole house" or as the OP mentions, tied to the essential loads of the house only. A medium-large setup is shown here, the battery capacity is 15 kWh in this li-ion unit. A starter size would be in the 5 kWh range of backup energy storage capacity, and the sky is the limit on the upside, though when tied to solar panels, generally enough capacity to handle 12 to 15 hours of consumption is sufficient until the sun is charging things again.
  8. What happens if / when we're ALL early? 😉
  9. Take a good close up photo of the meter face, and / or write down the meter # (5 or 6 alpha-numeric characters) and the reading. Take it into CFE Chapala. They can use that to provide an update on the account.
  10. You mention a contractor; have you checked it with / by a really good glass & window shop like the ones in Chapala on the main drag? The other option could be to install a covering above it, to keep the water away from the windows in the first place......like an awning or overhang, fixed or retractable.....a wide variety of materials could be used from sunproof fabric, to a range of clear or tinted polycarbonate, to one made up of solar panels.
  11. This probably deserves its own new thread....but what the heck: Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self - 1 Year Later - YouTube
  12. Go with ajijicweather.com site, does a great job IMHO.
  13. Just go with what has been done before - or we may miss the start, waiting for the end of the ground rules battle. 😉
  14. Could definitely see this coming today on all the solar monitoring systems in the area and the ajijicweather.com solar / UV index: (a good sun day is a nice smooth bell curve)
  15. That is a great phone. Thin, light, super screen and battery life.
  16. Pete's post on the upper Ajijic power outage reminded me, tangentially, to remind all those with solar panels (and solar tubes for water heating, though less critical by far) to check them and clean them. This time of year being the driest and dustiest, plus the smoke, can really dirty up those panels and they can quickly lose 1/3 or more of their potential. Think of a really dirty window and trying to see through it. At any rate, in the coolest part of the day, (early AM is ideal), rinse with clean water, and if needed, it is OK to use a very soft brush and very mild diluted dish soap, then rinse thoroughly. Then DRY with a soft cloth or squeegee them, to avoid any hard water spotting. (unless your water is softened, then no need to do this part) And take full advantage of the nice strong sun, keep those CFE kWh offsets and credits going to their full potential to support the AC use, refrigeration, and pool pumps.
  17. Check the materials supply store by the bus station in Chapala, they carry some specialty cements including high temp fireplace cement.... Also check this method as an option? Repair a Fish Pond without Draining the Water Out – Pond Repair (wordpress.com)
  18. For the folks posting on pages 3 and 4 here.....can't of course speak for CFE....I can say however that this time of year (mostly Dec to Feb billings) and then again in April / May) are when we hear about and see more of these issues and complaints. Generally it is due to high consumption from winter heating use, and then later on, typically from some AC use, higher refrigeration needs, and water pumping in the warmer and drier months. For the newbies in particular, if you've been in tarifa 01, but have been using close to the DAC level for awhile (ie: just under 500 kWh / 2 months) and then get a bill with use of say 600 to 700 kWh, that can trigger DAC as it is an average of the most recent 6 billings / going over 3000 in 12 months. And yes, at that point, a DAC bill can be up to 4x higher than the previous one, with not much more consumption, as you're comparing an amount charged at a stepped rate tariff, with half of it at about 1 peso per kWh, to all of the use being charged at 6 pesos / kWh. Options are to average back out, by lowering consumption, or make some of your own energy. Hope this helps.
  19. Most likely the gardener can handle it, or would know someone who can. Dump, scrub, rinse, fill tank and lines with some water / cloro mix, clean water rinse / drain lines again, good to go.
  20. Higher? Lower? The "bolsa de energia" should reflect the most recent 12 months and take both credits, and use of credits, into account. Plus....well....it's CFE... you know.
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