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  1. Felicidades….guess sometimes, air in the lines, is good! 😉
  2. Reviving this thread to share some info on an often-sought topic: Lakeside sales and service for both residential and business, of several top quality AC brands is now being provided by SICEN, a division of SICASA. They guarantee best pricing and top quality installations and have a 20 year track record in other parts of Mexico with offices and warehouse now in Guad. Their project portfolio is impressive and includes many large hotels; they also design and install water purification systems and heat pump systems. Contact info: Ing. Jorge Olvera Jorge.Olvera (at) sicen.mx Tel. + 52 33 1652 4232 Cel. +52 33 2832 0135
  3. Taking the "delivery" and the "transmission" together, gives almost .04, while the power is .045, which is getting fairly typical among many US & C electric and gas utilities as infrastructure costs go up up up. Still low cost overall at about 9 cents US per kWh, plus tax, while on the DAC level in Chapala, and including the IVA, this # of kWh would be about 11,500 pesos or about $500 US....
  4. Back to the OP..... check this out too, looks like it could be a good option for sending from Canada to MX. https://www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/ways-to-bank/how-to/global-money-transfer.html
  5. Talk to Beto @ the ironworks shop in Ajijic. Good quality, experienced, bilingual - he'll understand and be able to advise you.
  6. Both "sides" have valid points, for sure. There is a cost to having and maintaining a grid and traditional generation facilities, and a lot of value (and cost that as they say, is not being charged currently) in having CFE act as the "battery" and "bank account" in terms of tracking kWh and providing power during times w/o sun (or wind). If all are prepared to recognize this, it should be able to be worked out amicably as again, both "sides" bring a lot of value to the equation.
  7. Installed by STI for municipio of Tlajomulco last year.....solar car parks are great. (not that I'm biased or anything....) 😉
  8. Latest round goes to the solar industry....here's the update to what was previously posted / mentioned: https://www.pv-magazine.com/2020/05/22/first-defeat-for-mexican-government-in-its-fight-against-renewables/ Cenace decided 23 operators of large-scale renewable energy plant will be allowed to resume test operations. The 23 companies filed “amparo” lawsuits against the grid-connection suspension, which the government justified to protect energy security throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Amparo lawsuits are an extraordinary measure in the Mexican justice system, with no equivalent in the common law tradition. They are usually filed to request the protection of an individual’s constitutional rights.
  9. We'll make a n/c, no obligation review visit to check the roof condition and orientation, the wiring, the main panel and the CFE meter. Provide 3D plan views. And explain it so even an engineer can understand it.😉
  10. Feel free to email or PM, many happy new and long term clients in Riberas, and all across lakeside. Thanks MC for the shout-out. Panels are currently 385 watts which works beautifully with the top quality micro-inverters from APS and per panel monitoring system. Without a pool, 4 work very nicely for many in the area. With a pool and some AC use, 6 to 10 may be a better #.
  11. This is also posted under MX General, very good article with a key section on MX as part of the Latin America update: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-new-infections-show-virus-accelerating-across-latin-america/ Economies can continue to operate in lockdown IMHO. Gov'ts simply need to be prepared to adjust and support it for as long as needed. Deficits be damned, because when the whole world is in the same situation, it doesn't really matter, does it? They are typically a relative more than absolute, determinant and gauge, and an outgoing tide, lowers all boats.
  12. And I'd read this, just published: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-new-infections-show-virus-accelerating-across-latin-america/
  13. Admits? "claims" is more like it.....don't think PV panels and inverters are too susceptible to the virus! 😉 Nice try AMLO. Will have to do better than that.....reliability is good and maintenance is low. No moving parts.....just the electrons! A bit surprising is how he positions it.....(since you mention socialized energy agenda, this much politic is OK, right)? …...as one might think that small scale systems, both on and off grid, should really suit a socialists ideals and POV better than massive commercial infrastructure. Cuba, for example, is doing a lot with small solar setups to enable power supplies to many low income homes that have not had it, before.
  14. For those interested (this is large commercial scale / utility scale stuff, does not affect home or business net metering). Obviously a lot of $$ interest in this both inside and outside of Mexico..... https://www.pv-tech.org/news/eu-canada-step-in-as-outcry-mounts-against-mexicos-block-to-renewables On May 15, ambassadors from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and 15 other EU countries asked to meet Mexican Energy minister Nahle to discuss concerns over the renewable restrictions that threaten a US$6.4 billion of investment in 44 ventures. Canada sent a separate letter asking for a phone call, stating the measures risk the US$450 million of green energy investment Canadian firms such as Canadian Solar have pledged in Mexico. "This deal adds to other measures and policy changes that are contrary to renewable investment” Judge grants temporary block of Mexico’s renewable restrictions https://www.pv-tech.org/news/judge-grants-temporary-block-to-mexicos-renewable-restrictions-reports A Mexico City court has provisionally suspended the reform passed by CENACE in late April. The court argued CENACE’s plan risked hampering free competition at consumer’s expense and called on both sides to make their case at May 22. Obrador maintains that measures are necessary as the country works to contain COVID-19 cases - renewables pose risks for the “continuity of power supply”.
  15. Check at the maderaria / wood shop across from Soriana (west side of the highway) Real Ortega? Bring the photo. If they don't have 'em, pretty sure that they can make them / source them for you.
  16. No different than Hook 'Em and virgo lady's posts from Sunday.....see previous page......science, medical expertise, and common sense / caution, over the opposite, is the watchword these days...one can choose to make anything political, if one tries hard enough, I guess..... and they DID finally get rescued....thx to the Professor! 😉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_from_Gilligan's_Island
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