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  1. https://www.mrclean.com/en-us/how-to/bathroom/easy-tips-to-beat-hard-water A chemical free, glove free option using water only (ironically enough), and can also work on polishing car headlights and other fun jobs. Test first on a small area.
  2. As a related mention, CFE has "wised up" to the two meters on one property and no longer provides them for casitas. About the only way it could happen is to have two actual deeds of two separate lots that happen to be common / joint. They have also pushed back strongly on giving 2 solar services, for two meters on the "same" property that are in the same name, FYI. The good part is that it has never been more cost effective to install solar net metering systems, our area is pretty much the "perfect storm" in terms of the great sun, high energy costs, and low system costs.
  3. And a general reco to go with a salt cloro pool system, vs chemicals. These units work well, automatically, and save a lot of both cost and hassle. And almost all users also like the small amount of salt in the water, as a bonus.
  4. Send me an email or PM, happy to help you in the best way with no cost or obligation. Multiple posters on this thread are long term very satisfied clients for both pool heating and solar energy.
  5. Friends of ours who had no Spanish at all, took a big group to Cuba for a family wedding. They were convinced it was the name of the strong rum drinks they had there.....not in the least due to, as when they could no longer stand up, they wound up with a "grassy-a**" 🍹
  6. Oh, really - cue Homer Simpson donut voice: Mmmmmmmm….bialys. Toasted, so light & crunchy / crispy, pass the cream cheese please! Typical image for those not familiar (try 'em unless you don't like onions and a bit of garlic) https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=izCwsuc%2b&id=F978CDECDA68CFF6B7FB2184DCDC64AA115D3795&thid=OIP.izCwsuc-B1qab0t3PAxvOQHaFS&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2ffarm4.static.flickr.com%2f3616%2f3364454274_85c53bea95_o.jpg&exph=393&expw=550&q=bialys&simid=608038450721197900&selectedIndex=0&ajaxhist=0
  7. Our multi-year web and graphic design firm. Very professional, fast, and most reasonable / competitive. PM or email me for added info. https://www.iridizen.com/
  8. Highly recommend TuboPlus (the green, not blue, not red) double walled, co-polymer thermo-fused pipe. Strong and very durable, yet a bit flexible. No glue, bonds permanently when heated ends go together. Hit it with a hammer. No problem. Sunlight - no problem. Rated up to close to boiling point of water (90 C) Sizes and fittings for all needs and applications, residential to commercial. Made in MX by RotoPlas under license from the German originators. http://www.tuboplussmx.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/especificaciones-tecnicas-tuboplus.pdf
  9. You could hire this guy, but I wouldn't hang around while he does it....
  10. We won't hold our breath waiting for that response.....but maybe he can give 100 (or 1000) pesos to the Shriners for the nasty troll post and each "SAD" reaction to it. 😉
  11. Just the water based one for now; for smallest size, the KED heat pipe dry vacuum tube systems of 100 liters and up are quite compact and a great proven technology; the tank is rated for high pressure and insulated to have good hot water even after sitting overnight.
  12. Yes, great concept with sizing down utility scale thermal mass storage, however there were some manufacturing issues. All were taken care of n/c.
  13. Sorry to hear that on top of the loss.....they say on "certain" streets in Guad, one can buy back likely their same part, a couple of hours later.... 😉 mind you that only tends to encourage the thieves.....
  14. Totally different technology; that one stored the heat in a special mass; and was more like a "solar on demand" unit, while this one actually stores the heated water.
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