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  1. Past year's graph, some up and down, not a lot though: https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=CAD&to=MXN&view=1Y
  2. Well if you still have the bag for them, pass it to the OP! 😉
  3. Seriously great work Fred! (and wish I'd thought of that!) 😉 You, DID it.
  4. Pete, Someone (maybe the same person) started a separate board thread here on this a couple of weeks ago, and had a lot of replies already..... ☎️📞💻🖥️📟
  5. Small update / clarification from John's info: (re: kW vs kWh and daily production) The Ajijic 3 kW (not kWh) system size would typically produce 14 to 15 kWh per day, on a year round average basis. The Guayabitos 5.6 kW system size, in the 25 to 28 kWh range per day. A ballpark / rule of thumb for our area of central MX is: system size in kW, times 4.5 to 5, gives the approx. expected daily average kWh of solar production, for a system that is properly installed, correctly oriented, and functioning correctly.
  6. Lots of options if that's per week! If per month, go into the smaller villages / pueblos, and ask at the plazas / stores there. You'll find something basic from a local to meet the spec.
  7. Someone will probably create an app to help people in the "sharing online economy" max their luggage allowances most cost effectively - what a way to meet new friends and beat the system....! 😉 No fan of the airlines and their niggling practices....but....even at $3 / pound, still the cheapest way to securely ship same day.....
  8. All a matter of perspective.....and what the other options are. Someone told me they flew down with 20 extra suitcases full of "stuff" years ago. At $50 each, $1000 US. No way they could have done that for that price, that securely and that timely, any other way. And because it was all personal possessions of used things, no duty worries or hassles and was on the same plane as they were.
  9. Pretty much one of those "need to know" things....! 😉 (not as in "secret", as in, "if you needed to know what this is, you already would")
  10. What is your plan to actually get the car? If you're going there anyway....as opposed to having it delivered.....why not just give a deposit and then go and check it out personally and drive it for a day or two?
  11. Agree; a lot of folks were just barely "getting online" for the first time, to learn about MX, and there was Rolly's amazing treasure trove of existing and continuing info and experiences. RIP Rolly, y muchismo gracias.
  12. Answering the phone isn't one of the their strengths.....however very nice people and good food. Just head out, 99% you'll find them open & operating on the days they should be....
  13. Ties in nicely with another great word: esperamos. Meaning: "we wait"....AND...."we hope". And makes perfect sense! 😉
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