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  1. Take the damaged cord to an electronics shop to see about replacement or repair, would likely save you all the other hassle and time.
  2. We're seeing more requests for both hybrid and offgrid type systems from folks who have CFE connections, and have installed quite a few with good results. Still ain't cheap....but the tech is there already.....and pricing should follow....it almost always does! 😉
  3. AMLO's latest.... https://www.pv-tech.org/news/mexican-president-orders-fraud-complaints-against-solar-and-wind-firms-repo No impact on small to medium home and business systems, this is against very large scale commercial scale (utility scale) stuff.
  4. If water is going in, and out, of the on-demand unit as Joy mentions, then the main things to check, in order of ease and likelihood, are: 1 - gas supply is connected and flowing OK 2 - controls are set so that the unit calls for heat when there is water flow (some have individual flame and flow controls, others just one dial or digital setting) 3 - that the spark or pilot light is working (some are flow driven, some use batteries, some are plug-in now) 4 - that the thermostat is OK
  5. If in Chapala, either Goodyear Chapala (Fuentes Pena, Antonio & son, Antonio) or on the other side of the highway, Ron Young or his brother, also they are VW specialists.
  6. To that exact point: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/asymptomatic-covid-19-1.5629172
  7. Let's give a big shout-out to the owners and providers of this board..... https://chapalarealty.chapala.com/renting/
  8. Can't comment on how the Edge browser update works with 7, however it seems to be working nicely with Windows 10 on my laptop, and is a definite improvement over the previous version. I was a long time Chrome user until a couple of years ago, got fed up several aspects of it, particularly with the significant issues on trying to find, understand, and manage all the different privacy settings and data collections they build into it.
  9. Nice post! Alex does it right for sure. Keep up the positive vibe in all of your posts!
  10. Re-posting this one from over a month ago....was true then, and still is:
  11. More info is needed here to answer this - did you have a CFE connection before the solar? Was the service 110 V 1 phase (fase), or 220 V, 2 phase? Did that need to change? What is the tarifa? Is the transformer public or private? Your solar provider should be able to assist you with this; FYI have never seen or heard of this, and you should fully explore it before paying anything. Agree with Spencer on the payment also - CFE does not ask for payments to go to a bank account. Who did the email really come from, and what is the banking info they gave you?
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