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  1. Pete's post on the upper Ajijic power outage reminded me, tangentially, to remind all those with solar panels (and solar tubes for water heating, though less critical by far) to check them and clean them. This time of year being the driest and dustiest, plus the smoke, can really dirty up those panels and they can quickly lose 1/3 or more of their potential. Think of a really dirty window and trying to see through it. At any rate, in the coolest part of the day, (early AM is ideal), rinse with clean water, and if needed, it is OK to use a very soft brush and very mild diluted
  2. Check the materials supply store by the bus station in Chapala, they carry some specialty cements including high temp fireplace cement.... Also check this method as an option? Repair a Fish Pond without Draining the Water Out – Pond Repair (wordpress.com)
  3. For the folks posting on pages 3 and 4 here.....can't of course speak for CFE....I can say however that this time of year (mostly Dec to Feb billings) and then again in April / May) are when we hear about and see more of these issues and complaints. Generally it is due to high consumption from winter heating use, and then later on, typically from some AC use, higher refrigeration needs, and water pumping in the warmer and drier months. For the newbies in particular, if you've been in tarifa 01, but have been using close to the DAC level for awhile (ie: just under 500 kWh / 2 months)
  4. Most likely the gardener can handle it, or would know someone who can. Dump, scrub, rinse, fill tank and lines with some water / cloro mix, clean water rinse / drain lines again, good to go.
  5. Higher? Lower? The "bolsa de energia" should reflect the most recent 12 months and take both credits, and use of credits, into account. Plus....well....it's CFE... you know.
  6. Following up to this thread and to share where the credits shown up on the back of the CFE solar bills, for those who have them accumulated:
  7. OK, I can't figure the previous out.....so will just go with adding these. 🙂
  8. 99% you'll get it quite soon, just delayed a few days as Bisbee mentions.
  9. If Pemex would just keep the per liter price in pesos at exactly $1 US, it would make it easier..... 😉 $3.78 per US gallon, that way.
  10. That's been a tough one in Chapala since Leo retired......check with Oh Shirt: Oh Shirt - Home | Facebook
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