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  1. M*A*S*H has all the medical needs covered, as always....! ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lcJ55pSyE4
  2. Chillin' was right....it should be DUH.
  3. 90 deaths in TX is 90 real people. And it will get worse, that is a fact. Let's not minimize it by saying it is .0003%.
  4. Maybe each state will start building walls.....! The governors have already been bidding up ventilator prices against each other....instead of cooperating / collaborating - not the brightest way to go.
  5. Some other good MXN made house water tech: the FillPro by PIDSA replaces the entire toilet filler and float valve setup, works from low to high pressure, is quiet, and easy to adjust (small plastic hand set screw). Low cost too. https://fillpro.com/#fillpro
  6. And Viva Mexico in SJC is open for take-out of great food, with % of proceeds, as always, going to support Operation Feed.
  7. Both can be valid ways of doing it; one line that divides down below into cold and hot feeds is simpler and a bit more common, or, two separate ones to perhaps provide a bit more flow / volume to each side (hot and cold), especially if the tinaco is not especially high, or if the lines are of a smaller diameter.
  8. Talk to your installer....he's going to Guad tomorrow! 😉
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