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  1. Most of the cell phone stores and even kiosks will carry them also, and generally at very good pricing. Or the tianguis.
  2. It is one of his better / more intelligent posts, IMHO,so let's give him a break. 😉
  3. Great post by Best Side and wish you well. Here is a very interesting article about a hospital / MD developed therapy in Ocala Florida, that combines proven existing drugs to help fight the worst symptoms and effects - not the virus itself - and thus can keep people out of the ICU if started early. Still being tested but quite promising and could help fill the gap until vaccines are available: https://www.ocala.com/story/business/2020/09/22/ocala-developed-covid-19-therapy-local-study/5865410002/ Best thing of course is to stay safe, distanced, masked, and patient, so as not
  4. Also you can ask / check at Mi Mexico, if they don't have them they probably know who does. https://www.mi-mexico.com/about
  5. An ECM can lose the recent memory it has, when the battery power is disconnected. BUT it will quickly "re-learn" the settings once power is re-connected and the vehicle is operated for awhile. Changing a battery or alternator correctly, will not damage or burn it out.
  6. Go out and literally stop one of the Telmex pickup service trucks in town. See if the crew can help, or if they have a good private contractor to connect you with.
  7. And will probably need to slow down a bit as well....! 😉
  8. There is also an auto electrical shop on Pepe Guizar a bit south of the Chapala Goodyear shop, and Ron Young on the west side of the carraterra just north of Soriana is also very good with auto electrical. Easy for any of them to test the charging voltage, to know if it is more likely the alternator, or if you just need a new battery.
  9. Yes, as I said, from the ground around it. That means below and sides for a tub built into the ground.
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