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  1. With one company, it has taken 20 years at most of lakeside, to go from crappy dial up, to crappy DSL. So, yes, let the competition roll! 😉
  2. Jonas, Much can depend on the wattage of your existing panels, even more so than inverter capacity. Current larger wattage & higher efficiency panels can generally be more cost effective and give you higher performance, than trying to find the same size as what you currently have. Feel free to PM with your system info.
  3. The OP was from Dec 2016 Sure hope they found something by now.....good free R/E ad for Robert though!
  4. JudyRae; did you sign an application for inter-connection (along with supplying your photo ID)? I'd suggest going to CFE Vallarta office and asking to speak to the person in charge of the solar inter-connections area. Check about that and "all should become clear" Bisbee: will check on it, best guess is that "Aviso" area was just temporarily given over to the INEGI Economic Census message.....
  5. He didn't say he bought them new.....! 😉 Just more recycling and conservation at work, good shoes can last pretty much forever, >> who will get them after JIT?
  6. Any chance the credit balance was used up? Would be most likely to happen after the winter months, with somewhat less production and often more consumption....check the last credit, and then the net consumption on this most recent bill.
  7. Also, don't assume the future bills will be that high - CFE really has no idea what the consumption has been, if the meter has not been working. The amount they have assessed typically includes an estimate of consumption, penalties, and interest. Best approach is to monitor the consumption for a month, get the average use, and go from there. My guess is it should be lower than mentioned.....saving your heart, and your budget! 😉
  8. Angus, send me a PM; happy to help you in the best & most cost effective way; we're working closely with the Cruz Roja as well for their needs.
  9. North it is.... as in, the opposite of where that big ball of fire in the sky is, most of the day? Coffee! 😉
  10. Ashley, your kids (and whole family) should check out Cristiana Park, just south of the malecon, 1 block further from the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) station. Play areas, volleyball courts, tennis courts, soccer field, disc (frisbee) golf course, shaded picnic areas, washrooms, and a nice walk along the water there too with a lot of shade.
  11. You forgot Dick Van Dyke @ 97.....and his wife who is 46 years younger! 😉
  12. Thx much, Irish, Oregon, and HarryB; Southland, have not heard from you since the n/c service visit our head office tech made to your home Feb 26th; trust all is well, and IMHO, slagging on the board vs email or PM is "less than cool". All water heating systems need some maintenance, due mostly to the very hard lakeside water, and yes, solar water heaters do run hotter than gas ones do, in good sun conditions. Most users like this, a lot!, >>> saves them even more gas and they just mix in more cold, giving more effective capacity than a gas heater tank of the same size.
  13. The window and glass shop on the west side of main drag in Chapala, across from the bus station, is a good source. Adrian is the owner, I believe. Good service @ good prices.
  14. A lot of R&D and practical work is being done on thermal energy storage systems, for the environmental reasons mentioned and many others including economic and efficiency. Thermal / molten salts, among others, can safely and efficiently store massive amounts of solar energy to later convert into usable power when needed.
  15. Already been answered, …..YES, there are......of course, system info is needed, one can't just plug batteries into a grid tied system.
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