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  1. Nachos on Pepe Guizar is also quite good at power windows & doors. About 1/2 block south of Goodyear Chapala on the other side of the road.
  2. Agree, get a good WiFi router, improves the signal and the security. https://www.pcmag.com/roundup/292110/the-best-wireless-routers
  3. Great work Tom and the whole Recycling Committee team. As he says.…."It Takes A Village"...... Please go to the LCS on Saturday, to enjoy the event, info, free foods, music, entertainment, and to take advantage of all the great deals on offer which will raise more $$ to keep supporting these good efforts and results.
  4. A good "rule of thumb" used for grid-tied systems at lakeside, is a daily average solar kWh production of 4.5 to 5 times the system size in kW. So a 1 kW system (4 x 250 watt or 3 x 330 watt panels, or equivalent) with an appropriately sized inverter(s), can give an average daily yield of 4.5 to 5 kWh. YMMV, and yes, we know there are far more than this # of sun hours in a day; this method takes into account both typical system losses and weather factors on a year-round average basis - and is well proven.
  5. Will have to check those out, Pete & MC, thanks for the info. CFE has more than one type of transformer in the area too, with a different voltage range spec for each kind..….
  6. https://www.thriftyfun.com/Keeping-Ants-Off-Trees-and-Shrubs.html Lot of good tips, remedies and mixtures, sticky and otherwise.
  7. A video's worth 10,000 words.....! Good one.
  8. The daily UV curve chart is also really useful as a proxy for solar radiation / power; the bottom right of the 6 charts on the page: You should use a charge controller with the setup mentioned.....did not see that in the OP's post:
  9. And FYI, Hacienda de los Santos (the BIG auction prize 7 night stay) is not only beautiful and has great views, they "walk the walk" on energy efficiency too, and have had a large solar electric system on the roof for a number of years now.
  10. Also FYI, today Oct 2nd is "Energy Efficiency Day", a nice connection for this week's events. https://www.energyefficiencyday.org/ One local gent is celebrating by using, for the 1st time today, brand new lithium ion battery technology to replace the old, heavy, maintenance intensive lead acid ones, in a golf cart at the Chapala Country Club. Great performance and about 300 pounds of "weight loss". 😉 PM or email me, to be on the list for any details and updates about that.
  11. From Charitable Events, should be an super informative and productive day, with fun events and great things to win and bid on: STI is providing a 16,000 peso solar hot water system or equal credit value, to support the event....FYI for those many recent posters who are interested in saving $$ and saving the environment! Many other great things - see link below.....and..... Kudos to the Ajijic Recycling Committee and the LCS as the site for putting this together.
  12. The way most of these work, is that when the fuse blows, the holder swings down by gravity, making it easy to spot, and to replace the cartridge, and pop it back into place, using a long non-conductive (usually fiberglass) pole that does both things in the hands of a trained tech. The grey rod here is the fuse, and you can see the swivel hinge at the bottom.
  13. Those double gas heaters do use a lot of gas and have way more capacity than most need (or want to pay for.....) Size-wise, a solar water heater of average size can go in a space of about 2 x 2 meters, or less, including room around it for access. Average payback @ lakeside is about 2 years, some more, some less, of course. And no larger gas line is needed for an on-demand gas unit. The electric ones do draw quite a bit, typically more than many older homes are set up for, though a new line could be run in from the CFE meter; >>> most do not wish to get into that, just putting it here for the info / perspective.
  14. Be smart and do something that doesn't need to feed a pilot light and need to keep a tank warm, 24 / 7. Save a lot more in the long run, (and never run out of capacity) but spending more, upfront, for either pilot-less on-demand, solar, or a combo. (yes am biased, however that doesn't mean it isn't the truth!).
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