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  1. He hasn't figured out his long promised solar roof tiles yet though. 5 to 6 years now....that one got away from him.
  2. Here's a link to the OAS page that mentions payments outside Canada, and there is a link near the top for similar for CPP: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/publicpensions/cpp/old-age-security/while-receiving.html
  3. When the same guy is sales, production, and management.....there might be some delays.....but at least you know you're dealing with the jefe! 😉
  4. I was informed in the past 24 hours by a long time key community partner of the Chili, that it is not being planned to happen. Same was mentioned for Shriner's RibFest and Nino's Gala, unfortunately.
  5. Sent you a PM with a name and cell, please post what you find out. Thx!
  6. Agree with Ferret on that! Just wanted to give folks the heads up.
  7. A number of CFE solar account holders have recently been receiving 2 page emailed PDF letters dated October 2020 and entitled: Estado de cuenta para liquidacion. See below screenshot, the top is cut off for client privacy reasons. It appears to be an optional offer from CFE to pay net metering accounts for EXCESS energy sent to the grid, versus keeping the kWh credits. Checking and will advise further as more info becomes available. Or you can go into CFE Chapala office to check it directly. And.....don't worry, as far as we can tell, there is nothing that is re
  8. With the switch to EV's, that can become a new southern trend too! 😉
  9. Yes, Harry also has the pool panels as well as solar electric! 😉 Very happy with both, if I may say on his behalf.
  10. Feel free to PM or email me, #1 rated Techno Solis panels @ the best pricing with 1st class installation and 10 year warranty. Many happy clients / references all around the area both residential and commercial.
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