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  1. I have seen 10 to 15 typical with Telcel wireless modem.
  2. There's a small cell phone store in Chapala, on the west side of the main drag, about 1/2 way up on the retail stretch between the stop light near the plaza and the 7-11. Nice people, very helpful, good prices and selection.
  3. To build on that.... 1 - unlike Texas, Mexico residential rates go UP with amount of use. So higher users are encouraged to conserve, not waste, be energy efficient, and / or produce their own power. And 1 national energy utility and regulator......not hundreds. 2 - Not to rub it in....but lakeside has an even BETTER climate than Texas......! 😉
  4. About 6 pesos per, incl IVA, Pete. So at the DAC level of 500 or over, 3000 pesos + per 2 months.
  5. Agree, I like sunflowers too! (who'da thunk)? Nodding, waving in the breeze....or in this case, "chasing the sun" (like the song) all day. 🙂
  6. Here's the community water pumping solar system / aljibe and "patio" covering at Laguna Vista. 6.4 kW size system producing about 32 kWh per day, on a year round average basis. It's nice when solar can be integrated into coverings of carports, patios, pool decks, miradors, and balconies, both for space and aesthetics. I think we'll see much more of that going forward, including in solar carports with an integrated vehicle charging station, either grid-tied or self-contained with energy storage.
  7. Neat system, they've been showing this for quite awhile now. Not cheap.....and a bit complex.....my personal view is: 1 - better without the motors, controls, trackers, etc and expense thereof 2 - this would get abused on the ground..... and who'd want it on their roof....??? 3 - solar buildings with PV technology integrated right into the walls and windows (and roof) should be awesome...."invisible" and with a "solar building" wrap, many would produce enough to be net zero or better, too. Tesla STILL isn't there yet with his solar shingles, the concepts look good
  8. The New Normal vs The Old Normal..... Old Normal: Using fake ID's to get into bars and liquor stores..... New Normal: (1) Florida women disguised themselves as ‘grannies’ to get COVID-19 vaccine - National | Globalnews.ca
  9. Further to this, are portable / box size "solar generators" that can charge from either AC or panels, on a plug-in basis, and then you can choose what to plug into them during an outage. Plus take them camping, etc. There's a range of them size and quality wise, and we are strongly considering several models to have available at very good pricing in the near future.
  10. This can now be done in a basic way as you suggest Rick, for not much more than a grid tied "regular" solar system. There are both hybrid inverters and also even simpler, inverter-chargers that can work to charge batteries from either AC or the panels, then use the battery power through the inverter when needed to feed the whole house loads. Sizing and type of the inverter unit, in terms of wattage, in terms of 120 or 220 V, and whether it feeds the grid or not are all factors in cost. Then on the battery side, whether one chooses AGM (sealed lead acid) or li-ion, and how much
  11. Thx Ferret. Blizzzz is in touch and we'll try to help them in the best way. One other very important mention / issue for anyone else reading here, that comes up in MX especially with Hybrid systems exporting to the grid, is what type of local CFE transformer is being used. If the phases being used are not the same as the inverter was set up for (and most 220 v / 2 line inverters are done to US / C standards whereas MX sometimes uses any 2 hot legs of a 3 phase transformer.......) then export can be a challenge (ie: impossible) until that is resolved. It can mean needing a sma
  12. Need more info on your setup - which Outback inverter, for example? Radian? They are excellent, we have installed them at lakeside for those who want hybrid systems with backup energy storage, but are a bit complex and have different modes including a Grid Zero mode where they do not export. So your CFE consumption is (may be) being reduced..... however you are not sending the excess energy to the grid if this is the case. We have qualified staff and partners in your area who can assist if you wish. PM or email.
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