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  1. I am hoping to hear from anyone who has had recent personal experience down the vehicle legalization, importation, Mexican plating rabbit hole.

    Viz.:  Through which ports of entry can one import a US plated car? Which customs broker, if any, did you use? What might be the cost to import a 5 or six year old importable car? What does anyone know about a scheme being around Lakeside to obtain plates from the DF?

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  2. My young bilingual Mexican friend Miguel called me a few days ago in a state about our mutual friend Norm. Miguel had gotten a call on his cell phone from Norm's son Richard to say that on their return journey home to Ajijic, in a car that Norm had very recently purchased in Georgia, They had had a fender-bender on the road from Guad to Lakeside and that the owner of the other car - a BMW if you please - was slightly injured and had gone to the hospital accompanied by Norm while Richard was dealing with another occupant of the car and he needed $3,000 MXN to avoid arrest. Miguel was convinced that he was talking to Richard, Norm's son to whom he had spoken by phone recently - a week or so ago to discuss this very trip. Well, as you might suspect from the subject, it turned out that it wasn't Richard at all.


    So I said ok, I can give you the money but I can’t drive you there, take a taxi. So Miguel calls “Richard” back and tells him the plan but the Mexican says no wait, here’s a better idea. Deposit the money at Seven-Eleven To this account - and he gives a number. So we did.


    But here's the thing: Miguel says that none of his previous communication with Richard about the planned return trip was conducted by email. It was all phone calls. And they had talked about the new car.


    So, we lost a few thousand pesos  but the implication is that people are able to tap into phone calls, live I guess.

    Is this possible? Anyone else?

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  3. I am a tapestry weaver...mostly wool rugs.  I have not found good cotton warp here so I bring it from the States.  We also bring  lanaset dyes.   Have had varying success with finding wool..the best has come from Oaxaca via friends travelling there, or occasionally from a Mexican weaver who sells rugs in the plaza.   There's really nothing at Lakeside, or even Guadalajara, except small skeins for knitters.  My advice would be to bring  as much yarn as you can.  I was sorry I didn't bring more when we moved here 10 years ago.

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