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  1. On 6/5/2021 at 9:13 PM, Mainecoons said:

    Sorry but that is not correct.  If it were the tropical storms wouldn't move from east to west/northwest.  Our rainy season comes from the SE, driven by the Azores High.

    The Monsoon Trough flows from east to west, see below, and as the rain picks up tropical waves track along it from southeast to northwest and it shifts more to the north bringing the rain inland.  That pattern is beginning now as can be seen from this screenshot from the Mexico 3 Day.

    Towards the end of the rainy season, usually in September, the tropical storms start tracking more to the north and northwest, some curving around to hit the coast as far north as Cabo.

    No, the rainy season has not started.  We are in a drying trend now as the residual moisture from two tropical depressions dissipates.  But it is coming soon as the screen shot illustrates.


    Screenshot (55).png

    And there was also this bit of nonsense that denied the validity of tropical (monsoonal) moisture coming from the south. So the storm that's expected here tonight doesn't count either.

  2. Our rainy season comes from the south. It happens all over the world this time of year. Most of the world refers to it as the monsoon. It's simple enough to understand. As the planet tilts its north axis toward the sun, the northern hemisphere warms and more moisture evaporates into the atmosphere. As the tilt increases, the tropical weather zone moves northward along with the increased warming. This explains why the rainy season arrives in southern Mexico about a month earlier than our own rainy season. It also explains why we typically get rain during the evening during the rainy season...cooling temperatures in the evening force the excess moisture in the atmosphere to condense into rain. Occasionally, storms develop that are strong enough to spin off and head north on their own ahead of the system. Both the rainy season and the occasional storm originate in the same weather system, which comes from the south. And it has arrived. Welcome rainy season.



  3. As we approach the first day of May, the cicadas seem to be emerging. We all know the rainy season begins in mid-June. Just do the math. I'm sorry the total number of days between the two exceeds the total number of fingers and toes on the average human, thereby making this calculation that much more difficult for a certain percentage of the population.

    I am curious to see if this early start to the "rainbird" season indicates an early start to the rainy season. You may want to plant your crops a little early this year.

  4. I usually hear "chicharra." The Word Reference dictionary says both are correct. The Mexican language is very dialectic. The expats seem to have their own dialect as well.

    Our local chicharras have a different breeding cycle than those up north. They spend eight years in the ground, emerge, breed and die. A different subgroup emerges once every eight years. I think the rain actually drowns them...you can hear the desperation of their whistling intensify as the rainy season nears.

  5. I think the declining birth rate in Mexico has been based, to a large extent, on two main factors: the introduction of sex education in the public schools and raising the age of consent. Both of these concepts faced considerable resistance at first from religious and cultural organizations. The state of Jalisco was much more progressive in implementing these innovations than most other states and set an example for the rest to follow.

  6. To paraphrase a well-known U.S. senator: "I'm sick and tired hearing about your damned potholes." Haven't read so much about potholes since my freshman class in political science. If I remember right, the textbook said that in local elections, where there are often no issues of importance to debate, you can always count on potholes and garbage pickup to attack an incumbent opponent, since there will always be potholes in the streets and trash cans waiting to be emptied. Seems some people around here never got beyond that freshman level of political science. There are important local issues to be discussed and debated. Potholes ain't one of 'em.

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  7. Generic drugs tend to be weaker in dosage by about 20% when compared to brand-name drugs. If you are using drugs that have a dosage measured in milligrams, this is probably close enough. However, if you are using drugs measured in micrograms, you should stick with the brand-name version.

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  8. "Fool me once, shame on you/Fool me twice...can't get fooled again." --George W. Bush

    The original post makes a glaring error in its statistical comparison. It compares statistics of an event that ran its course in 1957 to  a current event that is still in progress. Although we may have a good idea of how many people died during the 1957 event, the death totals from the current event are rising and may continue to rise for some time. We do not know how many people will eventually die from the covid pandemic of 2020, which makes it impossible  to calculate  a rate of death to use for comparison.

    That sound you hear in the background is the sound of political axes being ground. Take the wisdom of George W. Bush to heart  and don't get fooled again.

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