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  1. johs

    Garbage pick up

    we live in Riberas and did not have garbage pick up Friday nor Monday...hopefully tomorrow
  2. johs

    Tile Installer

    Americo Ceja..333 483-5033...great guy..handshake is fine..built 2 houses for us..speaks Spanish..known him for 18 years..coming to our house this afternoon..we live in Riberas if you want to meet him..please p.m.
  3. johs

    Tiling roof

    hi our roof has been tiled for 8 years...have never had to replace grout..tile is great!!!
  4. johs

    Tiling roof

    hi We have tiled our roof..love it.l.no problem..please p.m. if you want to come to see it
  5. johs

    Building a house in Riberas

    hi I suggest Americo Cejas. He has built 2 homes for us, the last in Riberas. Please come to see our house. Please p.m. me for more information. thanks
  6. johs

    corn beef for saturday

    thanks..am not familiar with that restaurant
  7. johs

    corn beef for saturday

    Hi Am looking to buy some corn beef....tried Tony's..none this year..does Costco have it or another store? thanks
  8. johs

    Eyeglass Frames

    in Chapala..on the main street...past Coppell...on the same side,..towards the Pemex is an eye glass shop...good selecton
  9. johs

    Paying your house builder

    hi We have built 2 houses..last house..no contract, paid fixed labour each week and then material costs...IMSS payments for workers were handled by an accountant ...no problems! I guess ..know your builder! talk to people whose houses have been built by your builder????
  10. Any info about bus service to Guayabitas would be appreciated. Leaving Monday. thanks
  11. johs

    On Demand Hot Water Heater

    hi we just bought 2 ...one at home depot..smaller for kitchen only and the other at Costco....happy with them Judy
  12. johs

    Andre Rieu concert

    We bought ours at the travel agency in Liverpool and were charged 75 pesos commission per ticket.
  13. johs

    Andre Rieu concert

    Hi we are going and driving. Please p.m. if you are interested in a ride.