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  1. A friend is visiting from Canada for 3 more weeks and would like to practise for an upcoming show . She will pay for practice time or will entertain your friends in exchange.
  2. Hi When are the classes at Casa Cultura? thanks
  3. Looking for a recommendation and cost. thanks
  4. Hi My car has been at a repair place for almost 2 weeks and nothing has been done. any recommendation for a reliable business?
  5. sure can!..also number is in LCS directory...thanks
  6. Hi i would appreciate contact info for Spencer. I need help getting permanente. thanks
  7. Hi..I don't think Chuy is the same fellow as at the Wednesday...this fellow goes to bigger towns in Jalisco..different ones every day of the week
  8. Hi Where can I buy ETN bus ticket to Puerto Vallarta? thanks
  9. Chuy comes to the Chapala tiangus every Monday
  10. Hi Where is the Food Container?
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