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  1. In Jalisco it’s Buyer Beware. You are responsible to investigate the legal ownership of your property, not the seller. Unscrupulous real estate companies take advantage of this.
  2. Yes, Chapala Realty and Century 21 are selling lots in this area. Buyers Beware because there is no legal way it can be built on unless it is done illegaly. An environmental lawyer will be advising what measures can be taken immediately to stop this.
  3. For those who think it is still a 'rumor', here is a listing on mls Chapala for a lot in the Tepalo "green reserve" http://chapalamls.net/properties/recently-added/lote-tellez-3930 If you go to the meeting about Transito at he LCS, ask Hector or head of Traffic, what effect building across this hillside will have on our abiltiy to move around.
  4. Moy Anaya has said on the récord that he will defend Tepalo, so we shall see if he keeps his word. There will be an announcement about a time and place for ex-pats to sign a petition to stop development on the mountainside.
  5. For all the naysayers who believe the local population will allow developers to cover their hills with buildings, please read about the 30 year old fight in Tepoztlán Morelos, where they fought to keep a golf course from being built and won last month. Anyone who saw the mob of local residents in the plaza signing the petition, when the building on Tepalo was just a “rumor” denied by the government will know that this touches at the very heart of the Pueblo. Now that they have admitted that a plan is in the works, our present government will face a united front which will be a force to be reckoned with. No one knows the outcome but the foreign community has a big stake in seeing the local community prevail .
  6. There is important news. The lawyer for the group protecting Tepalo got a response from urban planning in Chapala that the step of changing the zoning , dictamen, to be able to build on Tepalo AND 30 MORE hectares from above Riviera Alta gated community all the way to Tempisque, in other words the length and breadth of the mountainside has been approved to be ready for the next steps to begin applying for building permits.. On 21 November there is a meeting with the present president Moy Anaya to discuss this. He has publicly vowed to protect this green area, and we will hold him to his word. People complain about traffic now.......
  7. Yes, we are planning a general meeting soon to explain what measures can be taken to shield the mountains from further large developments.
  8. It seems that the government has assured us that the Tepalo is safe for the moment. In the process of looking into Tepalo many other irregularities have come to light. La Pueblita was denied the permits needed to build because of the lack of studies of how it would impact the environment .....but construction has begun. The group’s purpose is changing into not just shielding El Tepalo but the entire Ajijic mountainside and lake from illegal construction which will have s negative impact on our way of life. an environmental lawyer from Mexico City will be coming to explain how we can legally protect our green spaces and what steps we can take as a community
  9. Ja ja...We are ready for some good old prot-Marxist helping of the poor. Maybe Brazil would welcome those who liked it under Peña Nieto?
  10. Thank you Bisbee Girl for this link, which is for an adjacent lot to the one in question. It looks like the rush yo build on the mountain is in full gear. Im told the link above is an area very prone to landslides and do inappropriate for construction We are waiting for an official letter Wednesday from the authorities st which time I will let people know how they can show their support to keep this area green
  11. Here is the Chapala government denying any knowledge of permits fir building in El Tepalo but.....there is proof that there is a road and electrical transforner. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=928134300720890&id=241391962728464
  12. I believed the indigenous land could never be sold but it seems the community can if the vote is unanimous.
  13. It’s complicated because some indigenous want to sell and others no. The problem is the environmental impact as well as overburdened services such as water, electric, traffic etc. By law they need ecological studies which they haven’t done. They also must consult the population and they haven’t . 200 houses at La Pueblita,, then nature village by San Juan with the same amount again and so on. The Chapala government keeps denying the Tepalo project exists but the road and transformers are there. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=928134300720890&id=241391962728464 we should have an answer ( officially )next week.
  14. She was brown with a hound like well/fed body and very friendly .
  15. Yes the heavy equipment is blocking access to the cobblestone road further in and transformer . We should have more information end of week. Thanks for the photos.
  16. Part of this land is NOT private property, but land belonging to the indigenous community. By Mexican law, this kind of land can never be sold; the permits are illegal and will be challenged in court. The road has been built and the electrical transformers installed above San Juan de las Colinas. Stay tuned for more information and how to help stop this capital venture which will have a grave environmental and cultural impact on our town.
  17. This is what we know for sure .. -1. El proyecto si entró al municipio The project (to build 8 apt blocks) is already going forward in the municipality of Chapala 2.-aún no está aprobado (it is not yet approved) 3.-ya se hizo el cambio de uso de suelo the change in zoning from agricultural and Forrest to tourism and houses has happened 4.- ya están midiendo el terreno Surveying and measuring the land has begun 5. El que el ayuntamiento diga que es falso es muy delicado ..y vamos a entrar a defender antes que lo aprueben .. What the government is telling people is false and sensitive information ...we are going to defend the land and stop the approval permits This is directly from Alicia Cordoba who heads up the group called Chimali Axixic which is Nahuatl for Shield
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