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  1. Things are changing, until this latest 8 month poisoning spree and the community's publicity about it and search for the poisoner, locals didn't even know it was a crime. Now, no one dares to poison a dog for fear of being blamed and prosecuted for them all. No hay mal que por bien no venga.
  2. This excusing of criminal behavior is sad. Poisoning is a crime, dogs without a leash is a misdemeanor.
  3. Pls don't hijack this post to vent your feelings against dogs without leashes. You can start your own.
  4. There's no logical explanation why a person can be so cruel and uncaring or why and where he kills. He's a criminal.
  5. He hasn't moved from Ajijic, just from his job cleaning the malecon. He is a gardener who hated cleaning up after dogs and decided to take things into his own hands . It is not over, it just needs more pressure from the community to our delegado , Chuni Medeles, and the Presidente Degollado to act decisively.
  6. Good article today in the Reporter http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/50080-ajijic-dog-poisoning-suspect-fingered Only he is not suspended from his job as a gardener, just moved...
  7. It is a WhatsApp group called Consejo ciudadano perros. You can ask to join the group.
  8. I put his picture on a local Mexican board and found his owner. Please contact me so I can give you his información. Lina 331 350 4122
  9. More poisoned meat found near parking garage of El Torito. Seems to be a dangerous area for dogs since the majority have been poisoned in a 5 block radius.
  10. Sorry, autocorrect. They are corn meal partties filled with different things. These are thinner and crispier than traditional arepas, but delicious. I had Gouda and spinach filling. It is next to upscale resale shop in Riberas on the road.
  11. Delicious Venezuelan arepas with spinach and Gouda and a tast salad and cappuccino. Good prices and garden fresh?
  12. Adrian at Skyfitness Gym is great and charges 200 an hour.
  13. So so lukewarm souvlaki with small bits of lamb; my friend a tiny Greek salad. We were not impressed.
  14. Thank you very much, I'll pass the information on to my brother.
  15. My brother is interested in living in Mazatlan; buying or renting at first. Does anyone have any pertinent information about the expat community or general living conditions, pro or con? Thanks.
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