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  1. Yes it’s the name of an actual town in Arandas, Jalisco. I just think the developers made a common mistake and then were stuck with it.
  2. Funny thing is the name “ la pueblita” is incorrect, it should be “el pueblito “ or little village. La Pueblita means nothing. Just saying.....
  3. A friend and I went for lunch. The chef is from Rome and a master at pasta dishes and sauces. I had a very generous plate of tortellini with different mushrooms and cream with a tang of lemon which was outstanding. My friend was very happy with ravioli al pomodoro. Price 130 pesos and well worth it.
  4. The owner's dog bit my little dog while I was visiting my brother at El Perico. The owner told me never to bring my dog there..again..
  5. That would be nice. In the meantime, the lady has her wheelchair, thanks to Aquaponics.
  6. Thank you very much to Aquaponics for their generous donation of a lightweight collapsible wheelchair for Bola. It will change her life .
  7. An ederly, blind woman is bedridden because she can't walk. Her family asked me to ask the foreign community for help in getting a wheelchair, so she can sit for part of the day. These are the poorest of the poor. thank you
  8. Careful with swimming dogs http://www.paginaquesiselee.com/contenido/ultimas-noticias/item/1009-alertan-por-presencia-de-cocodrilos-en-el-lago-de-chapala
  9. I was wrong, it’s not 8 up but ‘Healthy children 5 to 15 years old, children with mild to severe special needs of all ages and sibling groups. Sibling groups will include at least one child 5 years or older.’ https://creatingafamily.org/adoption/comparison-country-charts/25-factors-consider-adopting-mexico/ the OP wants a baby, which is not possible in Mexico.
  10. No legal adoption of children under 8 years old , unless handicapped, by foreign nationals. Period.
  11. Certainly are happy. Will be laughing all the way to the bank.
  12. I found out: surgeons for hernias, gynecologist and obstetricians. No cardio or other specialists in Joco.
  13. Does anyone know which specialists are available at the Jocotepec Hospital?
  14. Went tonight. Meager jamon serrano, ok ravioli and messy chicken with saffron. Not bad, but pricey and just so, so. Too bad, San Juan needs good restaurants.
  15. Sounds crazy but the Semanario de la Laguna has an article that says that in February 2018 construction will start on a bridge to link the city of Chapala with San Luis Soyotlan. http://semanariolaguna.com/33397/
  16. On Monday a husky was poisoned in Chula Vista Norte. Dr Luis confirmed that he died from poison.
  17. Good idea, I thought of that, but would they turn a customer in???
  18. A late model silver Honda SUV driven by a male ex-pat with an S & S Auto sales decal, sidewiped my car on the corner of Marco Castellanos and Emiliano Carranza today around 11:30 am. It has some of the paint from my beige Chevy Aveo on it. A friend saw him do it and speed away. If you know anyone who has a car of this description, pls ask him to contact me or if you see a car of this description pls pm me. I just bought my car and it didn't have a scratch or a dent on it.
  19. The head of Izzy was gunned down in the state of Mexico a few days ago....
  20. That is the same area where about 4 dogs were poisoned last year. Did Ecologia make a report?
  21. Someone asked me to post this. 12 year old basenji who is deaf and needs medication.
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