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  1. Please come, if only for a minute to sign the petition to stop the building of apartment complexes on the mountain of Tepalo. We need as many signatures as possible to stop this project. Please share on facebook with all your friends and group. It will be upstairs at Plaza Montaña at Colon and the Carretera. Thank you, and the village and the wildlife will lthank you, too.
  2. Thanks for all the input. An added note is that the office is easy to find. It is in the Plaza de Torres across from the tall IMSS Hospital on Lazaro Cardenas as you come into the city from Chapala. You take 8 Julio exit and park in the plaza's lot, go up a short flight of stairs and there it is. I didn't need my inapam card to get a discount, and if any of your paperwork is off, you can go downstairs to the cyber (internet store) and the young man there will find and print your CFE bill, CURP, or make photocopies.
  3. Does anyone have up-to-date information on renewing Mexican driver's license. Place to renew, documents necessary, etc. I was out of the country when it expired a few days ago. Thanks.
  4. It's not; it was made by the local community years ago to keep the kids off the street. It is on Federal land with special permission and the caretaker is not paid by the municipality, but by the 10 peso entrance fee for Sunday games. Kids play there and the big dogs coming there lately has become a problem.
  5. This is neither rude nor an attack. It is a reminder.
  6. The woman who threw feces on the caretaker a week ago and who has been asked to never go to that football field again, was once again there with her dogs this morning. This field is actually run, not by the municipality, but a private group from the neighborhood and cleaned and mowed by Don Luis, the man that she threw the feces on. Since she is aware that she is not to go there anymore or she will be facing charges, I can only guess that she is doing it to prove a point. If you know her, please remind her that there are consequences for her behavior and to refrain from visiting that field.
  7. Good idea. Ask your friend to apologize to the injured party and never go there again and the story is over.
  8. I agree with Bisbee Gal and Xena, and would add that common decency does not have an age limit. If you read my original post and follow up posts, I have said that the only thing the man wants is that she NEVER return to the field. If she does she will knowlingly face the consequences. Blaming the gardener, me or the other posters for her outrageous behavior is adding insult to injury.
  9. This man is 78 years old and a respected and hard working member of the community. He has never harassed anyone and I have known Don Luis for a long time.. everyone knows him and this woman is lying. There is no excuse for throwing feces at anyone and this is what she did. She also threw all the garbage all over the field. If you know her please tell her never to go back there.
  10. It’s nice of all to offer to buy him shirts, but I don’t think he needs them. His kids live in Oregon and send him plenty of shirts. What I think would be great is to buy him a sign or banner that asks people to kindly pick up their dogs’s poop(in English and Spanish). That way he can just point to the sign and avoid unpleasant and humiliating instances such as today’s. Thanks Camille in paradise and others .
  11. I heard her name is Ellie from villa nova. All the gentleman wants us for her to never show her face there again or he will press charges. He works so hard to keep the field clean for the neighborhood kids, it’s a real shame.
  12. I forgot to add that after she threw the feces in his back, she took the garbage bag, as seen in picture, and threw all the garbage he had collected all around so he had to pick it up again.
  13. This morning s woman with 6 dogs in the football field near 6 corners threw dog feces on the groundskeeper when he asked her to pick up her dogs’ feces. She came up behind him and threw it in the back of his shirt . he took her picture which I am posting here.
  14. Can you give us the name of the spray artsnob?
  15. I would appreciate it if anyone knows if Immigration in Guadalajara or SRE for citizenship in Guadalajara will be open tomorrow or if they are on holiday. Thank you
  16. Streams were cut off by construction and built up and found a way down.
  17. A clean-cut 16 year old who cannot afford a trumpet player to teach him, would be willing to exchange gardening, etc. for lessons. If you can help this young man out, please pm me. He can read music. ,
  18. Yup, they messed up the ballot boxes.....half counted put Moy an Aguirre neck to neck....
  19. We still don't know who won in Chapala. They want to wait to count all the votes, so will announce tomorrow at 10 am. http://semanariolaguna.com/37206/
  20. Does anyone know the fee to be paid for applying for Mexican citizenship and where it has to be paid? A link would be good. Thanks
  21. Heard he was found alive but hurt in la cañada. Mom posted on Facebook
  22. What’s the restaurant’s name?
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