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  1. It wasn’t a fantasy. Ask the locals. I came here first in 1965f and have seen the gradual deterioration over the years. People swept their sidewalk and to the middle of the street in front of their houses, they also repaired the potholes. La Japonesa had a program with neighborhood kids going around the town on Saturdays cleaning up, rewarded with a sandwich and a carton of juice.
  2. I think that you missed my point. Stopping people from transitting from one area to another is illegal, and from what I have seen in Mexican newspapers and facebook, people are challenging the local governments´ over-riding the constitution in an arbitrary manner.
  3. Certified Accountant Rodolfo Rivera Encarnación Rojas Ajijic. 331 171 8774
  4. The Chapala area is one of the wealthiest municipalities in Mexico, and the bulk of its income is from retired expats. For that reason, and rightly so, the local government wants to protect the older population which is the most vulnerable population. That’s why they have set up “sanitation roadblocks”, and are sending people away who can’t prove residency. The problem is that Mexico has a long history of authoritarian government, which heavy-handedly imposes restrictions on human rights in an arbitrary manner. Restrictions on travel and freedom of movement is a basic right for citizens under the Mexican Constitution, and the sanitation roadblocks are technically illegal. The Director of the Chapala High School was arrested because he was exercising his constitutional right. He has a home in Guadalajara and one in Chapala. The police can only request proof of residency, not demand it. They arrested him and kept him overnight because of his “lack of respect for authority”. There is no law against that. The expat liaison telling you that they will call in the National Guard is nonsense. And how would that look? Restricting Mexicans access to their homes in order to protect the foreign community? There is always a lack of common sense when these “draconian measures” are put in place. The police should be prepared to explain why coming from a large city with many cases of coronavirus, to a fragile community of elderly people is life-threatening to the population. Publicizing this on television and in the newspapers and handing out leaflets at the access points to Chapala would go a long way in easing the tensions and avoiding the arrest and detentions of citizens exercising their constitutional rights.
  5. How can they call the National Guard to protect expats against Mexican citizens? Which law would they invoke? Someone is smoking some loco weed.
  6. He came on official business and there will be a lawsuit. There is no law that states that you can detain and beat citizens for exercising their right to travel.
  7. Excellent work: mgulko@Gulko.com located in Riberas
  8. Taaffe

    expresso coffee

    Blasón expresso is the best
  9. Here is a way to help Ana, owner of Drishti and wife of Jason´s Adelitas Restaurant. Just click on this link and subscribe to help her youtube channel to make her a content provider. Doesn´t cost anything and supports a local business. Thanks
  10. I read that those receiving ss will receive it end of April.
  11. I don’t see restaurants on this list, yet there are several restaurants in the area open for business.
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