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  1. We appreciate you reaching out with your concern on this matter. We share your concern for ensuring all building codes and needs are met, and we assure you that these matters are reviewed by numerous appropriate teams and departments. Our brands that fall under Wyndham Destinations include vacation ownership, vacation rental and exchange properties. If the location you are concerned about is a hotel, this may be under construction by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. If you’d like to bring this concern to their attention, you can reach them at 1-800-466-1589.
  2. I sent this to Wyndham destinations in Facebook and tweeted it I don’t know if your CEO,Michael Brown reads these posts but I would like to report that where I live, Chapala Jalisco, the hotel complex being built under the Wyndham Destinations name is being built without the proper permits, environmental studies or adequate infrastructure such as garbage traffic studies water etc. There is an injunction against this project but in the face of it they continue to build I am a loyal customer of Wyndham and am very disappointed about this behavior the CEO is Michael Brown pls tweet and comment on their Facebook page
  3. The expat community has the right to maintain their way of life which is threatened by over-development with no infrastructure to accommodate these huge projects. Our life here will be miserable in terms of traffic, water, garbage, etc. Letters to the mayor and legal steps to investigate irregular permits are perfectly in order and will not put in jeopardy your status in the country.
  4. "The wheels of the law ground slowly, but they grind fine." I don't know the details. You can check out their facebook page, Amigos del Lago, and ask what steps they have taken.
  5. Harry, Amigos (see newspaper article below ) has put a injunction ratified by the 5th judicial district but Chapala City Hall refused to stop the work.The project will be huge.
  6. Yes, I have been working with them and, not only are the people involved very knowledgeable about the development plans in our area, but the professionals who are fighting these illegal developments have good contacts in the state, federal and international community (Living Lakes for example which adopted Lake Chapala). The Mexico City lawyer has agreed to work with Amigos continuing his investigation and analysis of the urban planning and zoning in our area in order to legally stop over-development in protected areas. It is the only way to stop it, with good legal representation that is immune to pressure from local politicians and who has national experience in stopping this type of problem.
  7. There is an injunction (Amparo ) against the Hotel, but there is more illegal construction going up all over. They are even building in river beds in Canacinta, and another lakeside organización, Amigos del Lago, has reported the builders to Conagua because this breaks federal law. Hopefully Amigos del Lago will pick up where Chimalli Axixic let the ball drop.
  8. The Reporter http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news
  9. I was waiting to see if they were going to do anything. Hope springs eternal, but now I realize that the money raised is not going to the original purpose and the illegal building goes in unabated. in fact a hotel is being built on the Chapinaya at the moment on land which is reserved as protected Forrest land. The permit was given by the ex/mayor javier degollado in 2017. He is currently a city council member.
  10. The secretary in charge of information is, as signed in the above letter, Tim Boeve
  11. Thanks for asking HarryB. I was one of the founding members of the Chimalli Axixic group and our stated purpose was to curb illegal development in the hills of Ajijic. Money was raised (over 100,000 pesos) to specifically hire a lawyer from Mexico city, who is a specialist in urban planning and development. The first thing he did was to ask for the legal basis for granting a change in zoning for the Tepalo waterfall area from a protected green area to housing development. As soon as they received his request the zoning was returned to green. Some new people joined the group and resisted using the money raised to pay this lawyer, even though that was the stated purpose of the funds. I and two other members were able to get the group to send first 20,000 pesos and after almost two months 12,500. The lawyer requested extensive paperwork from the Chapala City Hall and they sent unreadable copies and only part of what he asked for. I went to City Hall and got 1972 documents (costing over 3000 pesos) and gave them to the Chimalli group to send to the Mexico City lawyer ......in March. These documents were never sent. I insisted that we keep to the original plan and send the documents and finish to pay the MEXICO city lawyer. I was asked to leave the group and threatened with legal action if I divulged the group’s plans and strategies. I understand that a lawyer from Guadalajara, whose specialty is ecological issues, was given 40,000 pesos plus a stipend of 5000 a Month to take legal action. The only thing that she has done, to my knowledge, is to attend a conference in Spain. 7 months have gone by. The above letter to the Reporter was written in March. The generous donors have a right to request clarity on the actions of this group and the expenditures to date.
  12. Thank you that is exactly what she did
  13. And she pays the INM agent not in the bank? Thanks
  14. So she checks in for her flight with the airline then goes to the immigration window to pay? It used to he the bank
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