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  1. I heard from the owner's daughter that, happily, the dog was found with a little girl and is now home safely.
  2. From the website thrilltheworld.com it says : “Yes, let’s not forget Michael Jackson! This is for you! This has been, and forever will be, a tribute to Michael Jackson. “ That’s its stated purpose. If people want to participate in a tribute to Michael Jackson that is their choice, of course. ‘Nuff said...
  3. I agree, all these artists were able to get away with their crimes because they were protected by their money and their celebrity. The priests had the backing and money of Catholic Church. The authorities turned a blind eye.
  4. I was mostly interested in hearing how many people can separate the man from his music (or art, or movies, or good deeds, charity, etc.) It´s an interesting subject because many men (and fewer women) are in the same or similar positions as Michael Jackson: Epstein, R Kelly, who assaulted and kept prisoner many young girls, Kevin Spacey, young boys, Charlie Rose, young women, Halpern, and on and on). Would we say " That priest molested 20 kids, but I really like his sermons". The head of the Cannes Film Festival refused to go Roman Polanski´s new movie because of his past actions. I think it may be a generational thing?
  5. I was wondering if after “Leaving Neverland” and the outing of Michael Jackson as a predatory pedophile, how this event for charity could continue. I can’t separate the man from his music.
  6. A neighbor sent me this....it is a post by Tommy Thompson of Barbara's bazaar on FB today. It is about a lot being developed that is next to one of Tommy's houses on 5 de Mayo (aka Juarez) in Ajijic. It's long but I highlighted the part about the meeting. Hoping you can pass Meeting info along to Amigos del Lago and anyone other group that cares about the environment. Tree Huggers of Ajijic.. help me save a magnificent Primavera from slaughter. At the corner of Calle 5 de Mayo and Calle del Paseo (Malecon Ajijic) the only remaining lot in our area of waterfront is about to be developed. It is a large lot but for some reason the developer wants to remove a magnificent Primavera tree which is sitting right up next to the neighboring wall (to the east). The tree was marked with a red X as were 5 more trees on the lot. Officially only 2 were licensed to be cut (a Mango and a dead Jacaranda). 5 were cut (one mango, the jacaranda, palm, ficus and a huge old Hass avocado that also was right on the property line..not in the way of construction). A neighbor notified Chapala as the trees were falling and apparently they 'fined' the tree service for taking out the palm. (one more than the license allowed). They did not even visit the site apparently or they would have easily seen the stumps of the other trees. Too busy to go out, I was told when I called ...ALSO the ancient Primavera was marked with a red X .. even though the tree service said it was an accident .. that would be a good excuse if it had been cut 'by mistake'.. a fine would be levied and progress could proceed unhindered. I am passing around a petition to Mayor Anaya to PLEASE declare the tree "Patrimony" of Ajijic and prevent construction on or near it that would create a future threat to the tree. I am told that the method of of getting rid of a tree like this is to build very close and then as construction proceeds, revisit Ecology and show that the tree is a threat to the house in order to remove it. Here are photos of how Ricardo and I build right around two 'sister' trees to this one, on the same block. It is called El Nido, because the bedroom of the house literally is in the trees.. Since these trees form DEEP roots, they have little effect on foundations. But that might take the input of an Ecology department .. where are they in this instance? Just look at what can be done .. then contact me, or stop into Barbaras Bazaar and sign the petition. I am asking Mayor Anaya to be "superman" here and save this tree and set an example that building in the area has to start taking existing trees into consideration.. we just can't afford to keep knocking them down with other options are possible. This tree is at least 5 stories high and most likely is more than 75 years old .. NO REASON TO KILL IT.. our environment can't afford the needless loss of mature and important trees like this one..Monday Aug 26 at 12 noon, in the Ayuntamiento building in Chapala there will be the first public meeting of the new Chapala Environmental committee meeting.. that group is supposed to coordinate acceptable environmental practices with the building department and ecology departments .. this would be a good place to start putting those words into action.. wisely building around this magnificent tree! The public is welcome at this committee meeting. Share this with your friends PLEASE. (the last blurry photo was taken a year ago from the neighbors yard.. you can see how full of trees the lot used to be .. compare to the newest view of the same lot)
  7. Amigos del lago has a tree planting program. They are on Facebook and will soon have a web page
  8. Sorry, Ladino is many things but not an English speaking indigenous person. As an adjective it means "astute, tricky, underhanded"; as a language it is the language spoken by Sephardic Jews; it is also a group of people who live in the northern part of Italy (near Bolzano); and in Mexico (but more Central America) it is used to describe a group of people who speak the indigenous language as well as Spanish, but who are not yet assimilated into the main mestizo culture. https://definicion.de/ladino/
  9. Yes to the first, no to the second.
  10. I went yesterday to get my passport after making an appointment online. The process from entering the building to exiting with my first Mexican passport took 2 hours. Being a senior citizen puts you at the front of the line and gives you a 50% discount. It was a streamlined process which impressed me with its efficiency and the politeness of the employees, who must have served over a thousand people that day.
  11. I believe it’s about elections. More voters in Chapala than Ajijic or Riberas. Foreigners can only vote with their wallets.
  12. My experience in fighting city hall is that to get results you have to keep at it until you get them to obey the law. Don’t give up Harry B
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