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  1. This little Chihuahua was found and its tags say Bob And Judy. Contact me if it is your dog.
  2. The original topic (hospital availability) here’s an update https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/COVID-19-Ocupacion-hospitalaria-en-Jalisco-al-31-de-enero-2021-20210201-0052.html
  3. A friend of mine is trying to fly a German Shephard from The Ranch up to Toronto and would appreciate if anyone going would help get this dog up there. He would of course pay all the fees and travel expenses. Thank you
  4. If you read the newspaper article you will see that all but one of the dogs were poisoned in their own homes; even one who was on a balcony so the poisoner had to climb up and put the poisoned hot dogs there. This is the work of a sick, maimed person. But there is sick/crazy which is harmless to living beings, and he doesn’t belong to this group. Since the man who poisoned so many of our dogs in Ajijic was never punished, he may have moved on to another neighborhood. Whatever the case may be, those of us who have seen the horrible pain and suffering these dogs go through have little pi
  5. The Seguro Popular Clinic at 6 Corners is giving out the flu shot. Free
  6. From today’s NYtimes https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/10/world/americas/mexico-coronavirus-hospitals.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Aug. 10, 2020Updated 9:02 a.m. E “Papito, breathe!” his wife screamed. “Please breathe.” Within an hour, Mr. Bailón was dead. Mexico is battling one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world, with more than 52,000 confirmed deaths, the third-highest toll
  7. It wasn’t a fantasy. Ask the locals. I came here first in 1965f and have seen the gradual deterioration over the years. People swept their sidewalk and to the middle of the street in front of their houses, they also repaired the potholes. La Japonesa had a program with neighborhood kids going around the town on Saturdays cleaning up, rewarded with a sandwich and a carton of juice.
  8. I think that you missed my point. Stopping people from transitting from one area to another is illegal, and from what I have seen in Mexican newspapers and facebook, people are challenging the local governments´ over-riding the constitution in an arbitrary manner.
  9. Certified Accountant Rodolfo Rivera Encarnación Rojas Ajijic. 331 171 8774
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