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  1. Amigos del lago has a tree planting program. They are on Facebook and will soon have a web page
  2. Sorry, Ladino is many things but not an English speaking indigenous person. As an adjective it means "astute, tricky, underhanded"; as a language it is the language spoken by Sephardic Jews; it is also a group of people who live in the northern part of Italy (near Bolzano); and in Mexico (but more Central America) it is used to describe a group of people who speak the indigenous language as well as Spanish, but who are not yet assimilated into the main mestizo culture. https://definicion.de/ladino/
  3. Yes to the first, no to the second.
  4. I went yesterday to get my passport after making an appointment online. The process from entering the building to exiting with my first Mexican passport took 2 hours. Being a senior citizen puts you at the front of the line and gives you a 50% discount. It was a streamlined process which impressed me with its efficiency and the politeness of the employees, who must have served over a thousand people that day.
  5. I believe it’s about elections. More voters in Chapala than Ajijic or Riberas. Foreigners can only vote with their wallets.
  6. My experience in fighting city hall is that to get results you have to keep at it until you get them to obey the law. Don’t give up Harry B
  7. I did everything myself and only paid the government fees (around 6000 pesos) and a lawyer who got my lack of criminal record in Mexico City. So I paid less than 10000. I am over 60 and speak Spanish. I coached someone to take the test, whose Spanish is dubious. She passed the test on the second try.
  8. Yes, now you pay at the bank before you go to your appointment.
  9. I was not addressing how to get Mexican citizenship, just how to get a Mexican passport if you are already a citizen.
  10. Amigos del Lago, A.C. Is a registered non-profit which has been active in preserving the lakeside for many years. You may be confusing them with the Chimalli Axixic, an informal committee that has little to show after 8 months of asking for, and receiving, over 100,000 pesos from the ex-pat communinity. The Amigos del Lago has an amparo, injunction, against the Hotel Chapinaya (Montelago) and their lawyer, whose specialty is urban planning and development) is waiting to receive documents on ALL of the above mentioned planned developments. That said, every citizen or legal resident has the right to live in a way that is healthy and decent. This is covered by the Mexican Constitution.
  11. Not yet, we have to fight it. We may not stop it all but the perfect is the enemy of the good, as Voltaire used to say.
  12. Google citas sre register make an appointment download bank payment sheet and pay at the bank take it and and your carta de naturalización and a copy of it show up get your passport simple
  13. It seems that Hotel Boutique casa del Lago is not the Pepsi mansion but the large estate next door at 34 Independencia. Plans are for a marina (dredging the lake) as well.
  14. I have to add these to the list: 14.- Condominio Olas altas 15.- Condominio Lomas Alta 16- Los Aulotes 17.- Hotel Butique Floresta 18.- Condominio Cumbres de Chula Vista 19.- Fraccionamiento San Nicolas
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