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  1. Neutered 2-year old, handsome and affectionate gray and white male cat needs a forever home. His name is Boomer. He is feline leukemia free and has had shots with paper health certificate from his vet. This guy adopted me last year. Unfortunately, my cranky old lady cat wants nothing to do with him, my house is on the market, I will be leaving in six weeks and cannot take him with me. My two options: find him a home or put him down. I don't like the second one. A bright and playful boy, he understands no, out, foodsie, rolly over, no bite, and how to open a sliding screen door. He is litter box trained, but is happy to pee and poop outside. He will sleep outside in a protected area with plenty of water if he has to and keep your property free of mice. He wants human affection, is talkative, and seems to really like women. He comes with a month's supply of dry food and his own cat carrier. His temporary human can be reached at slickrock39@yahoo.com
  2. Although I am aware of the problems and issues with Casa Corazon, I am unable to go to the opening this Saturday. I do bring food to the asilo when I can, give dinero when I have extra, and have donated services. I hope many of you attend, and if you cannot, will make a commitment to support this worthwhile cause. It is a tragedy that the government does not do enough to take care of these elderly and incapacitated Mexicans, most of whom are women, who through no fault of their own are living on the street or in conditions that would appall most of us. I'm glad to learn a structural engineer has looked at the place and offered professional advice.
  3. What medium? I will be giving a pastel materials and techniques half day workshop after the first of the year.
  4. I was in Spencer's office yesterday, talking to Denise. She said for some reason it is taking longer here to process permanente. She didn't know why. I suspect it might be because there is such a concentration of foreigners here who need to be "processed." Seems like a catch-22 situation since it appears you have to prove residence in the state where you live and apply in that state. Otherwise, we could go to another and it would be over more quickly. What a concept!
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