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  1. Neutered 2-year old, handsome and affectionate gray and white male cat needs a forever home. His name is Boomer. He is feline leukemia free and has had shots with paper health certificate from his vet. This guy adopted me last year. Unfortunately, my cranky old lady cat wants nothing to do with him, my house is on the market, I will be leaving in six weeks and cannot take him with me. My two options: find him a home or put him down. I don't like the second one. A bright and playful boy, he understands no, out, foodsie, rolly over, no bite, and how to open a sliding screen door. He is litter box trained, but is happy to pee and poop outside. He will sleep outside in a protected area with plenty of water if he has to and keep your property free of mice. He wants human affection, is talkative, and seems to really like women. He comes with a month's supply of dry food and his own cat carrier. His temporary human can be reached at slickrock39@yahoo.com
  2. Flourdation? They are putting flour in the water, too? Must be an agribusiness plot to put more starch and empty calories in the public's diet.
  3. Although I am aware of the problems and issues with Casa Corazon, I am unable to go to the opening this Saturday. I do bring food to the asilo when I can, give dinero when I have extra, and have donated services. I hope many of you attend, and if you cannot, will make a commitment to support this worthwhile cause. It is a tragedy that the government does not do enough to take care of these elderly and incapacitated Mexicans, most of whom are women, who through no fault of their own are living on the street or in conditions that would appall most of us. I'm glad to learn a structural engineer has looked at the place and offered professional advice.
  4. As far as I know, Juan Gabriel is gay, though he's never broadcast it. But who cares. He still has a great voice (albeit abused with so many concerts) and a charismatic stage presence (he still wiggles his bottom and teases the audience). Yes, he is a treasure all through latin america, and has a remarkable ability to write memorable songs in several genres. In the past he has performed at the October Palenque Festival in Guad. The seats are expensive, though maybe not as much as those in his USA tour. I paid $200USD for the Oakland, CA concert, about 1/3 of the way down from the stage and up a bit, and had to use binoculars.
  5. Wow. Wish I could do that with Juan Gabriel, who, many years ago, wrote Lo Pasado, Pasado for Jose Jose. The good ones all have special names: Juan Gabriel is "The Divo of Juarez." I went to Gabriel's concert in Oakland, CA last Sept because I figured the guy was on his way out after being hospitalized pneumonia earlier in the year. The rest did him good as his voice was in fine form, and he's continuing to perform non stop. At 65, dunno how long he'll last, though. Camillo Sesto (Spanish) is another one who has stopped performing as his voice is pretty much gone. He must be in his mid to late 60s but has had so many face lifts, it's hard to tell. The Mexicans love their musical heroes. I'm surprised more gringos down here aren't into the the music as well. If some of these cantors would come to lakeside and perform, I'd be there in a minute.
  6. More Liana--- A friend and I are making pozole for a group of 10. I bought 2 kilos of hominy in the refig unit at La bodega in Joco. It looks partially cooked (no hulls), but I can't figure out how long I will need to simmer it. I'm guessing 6 hours? Yes?
  7. re: Remembering the context: These US vehicle export rules have been on the books for roughly 20 years. Homeland Security/CBP/Census Bureau updated them in 2013 to remove the $2,500 valuation exemption, and have the rules apply to all US-plated vehicles. If you drove your 10 year old beat up US plated car down in 2010-- and it was worth less than $2500 USD, it sounds as if that was legal . What happens if you still have this now 15 year old beat up US plated car with a cracked window and a few extra dents, a little rust and maybe worth $1000 USD on a good day?
  8. I'm sure a scientist in product development at a biotech company would not agree with some of the below findings, maybe none of them. However believing the dependent scientist who is being paid by the biotech company to develop genetically modified products for corporations like Monsanto over independent scientific studies could be bad for your health. And BTW, Mr. Gates, hybridizing (such as tomatoes) and genetically modifying an organism ( such as GMO corn) are two different things. Look. It. Up. Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic (2013) http://rt.com/usa/toxic-study-gmo-corn-900/ excerpt: According to the analysis, GMO corn tested by Profit Pro contains a number of elements absent from traditional cord, including chlorides, formaldehyde and glyphosate. While those elements don’t appear naturally in corn, they were present in GMO samples to the tune of 60 ppm, 200pm and 13 ppm, respectively. Honecutt says that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (FDA) mandates that the level of glyphosate in American drinking water not exceed 0.7 ppm and adds that organ damage in some animals has been linked to glyphosate exposure exceeding 0.1 ppm. ...These studies come on the heels of a recent decision on Capitol Hill to approve an annual agriculture appropriations bill, even though a provision within the act contained a rider that frees GMO corporations such as the multi-billion-dollar Monsanto Company from liability. The so-called “Monsanto Protection Act,” written by a lawmaker that has lobbied for the agra-giant, says biotech companies won’t need federal approval to test and plant GMO-crops, even if health risks are unknown. 10 reasons to avoid GMOS http://www.responsibletechnology.org/10-Reasons-to-Avoid-GMOs excerpt: 1. GMOs are unhealthy. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) urges doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients. They cite animal studies showing organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility. Human studies show how genetically modified (GM) food can leave material behind inside us, possibly causing long-term problems. Genes inserted into GM soy, for example, can transfer into the DNA of bacteria living inside us, and that the toxic insecticide produced by GM corn was found in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn fetuses. Numerous health problems increased after GMOs were introduced in 1996. The percentage of Americans with three or more chronic illnesses jumped from 7% to 13% in just 9 years; food allergies skyrocketed, and disorders such as autism, reproductive disorders, digestive problems, and others are on the rise. Although there is not sufficient research to confirm that GMOs are a contributing factor, doctors groups such as the AAEM tell us not to wait before we start protecting ourselves, and especially our children who are most at risk. The American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association are among many medical groups that condemn the use of GM bovine growth hormone, because the milk from treated cows has more of the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1)―which is linked to cancer. 3. GMOs increase herbicide use. Most GM crops are engineered to be "herbicide tolerant"―they deadly weed killer. Monsanto, for example, sells Roundup Ready crops, designed to survive applications of their Roundup herbicide. Between 1996 and 2008, US farmers sprayed an extra 383 million pounds of herbicide on GMOs. Overuse of Roundup results in "superweeds," resistant to the herbicide. This is causing farmers to use even more toxic herbicides every year. Not only does this create environmental harm, GM foods contain higher residues of toxic herbicides. Roundup, for example, is linked with sterility, hormone disruption, birth defects, and cancer.
  9. Doesn't matter what you are going for or not going for. If you made a contribution to a political party other than Dem or Rep, bought a car, a house, registered a gun, held a passport, driver's license, library card, bank account or credit card, spoke out against the Vietnam War, or the next war, spoke out against abortion, or for gay rights, or for women's rights, you are on a list. If you were ever a member of a perceived or real environmental group or club, an atheist group, a registered voter, got a parking ticket, are a taxpayer, a veteran, are defender of the second amendment, are a writer, actor, singer, artist, you are on a list. Ever wrote to your congress person? You are on a list. And now there's the www and google and twitter and facebook and...you are on a list. I'm old enough to remember Hitler and the Nazis, and too many lists tend to scare me. You never know which one or how many might be activated at any given time.
  10. It makes Pena Nieto a better poster boy this year than he was last year.
  11. Him, too, when his voice was good. I don't know if he's still singing. Too much tequila did bad things to his voice.
  12. This is the only station I listen to. It's not just oldies. Most are Mexican pop ballads, some very current. Many right now are by Juan Gabriel, Mexico's dearest from a new sold out album, Los Duo. It's #1 in Mexico and several South American countries, and in the US on Latin Billboard. Gabriel (stage name) has written hundreds of songs under his real name, Alberto Aguilera Valadez. I think a third of what you hear in Mexican pop has been written by him. He's finishing up a tour in the US this month. Other singers played on the station are Marco Antonio Solis, Jose Maria Napoleon, Jose Perales , Joan Sebastian (all song writers), Vicente Fernandez and his son, Alejandro, Isabel Pantoja, Rocio Durcal (deceased), Lucero, Ana Gabriel (no relation to Juan) Thalia, Roberto Carlos, Natalia La Forcade, David Bisbal, Gilberto Santa Rosa. These singers, and some of them well known songwriters are not all Mexican. Some are from Spain, Puerto Rico, South America, Italy..
  13. Sonia, thank you. I did not give a deposit when I drove down 4 years ago. I am still waiting for my new visa. Do I understand you correctly that I have 15 days after I receive my new visa to sort out my car problem?
  14. I go back and forth with a cat in pet cargo. Have used Alaska, Aero Mexico, and Volaris with no problems. As far as I know. The cat doesn't talk. I was worried this time as the cat came into Guad on the luggage roundabout. Usually the luggage handlers carry the cage into the luggage area.
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