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  1. So happy she is adjusting so well. She really just needed some space to roam around. She is a little sweetie, and I am glad she has a good home. Thanks again!
  2. Yes, I am sure she is a mix, but the Maine coon part of her is very apparent. I have had two other MC´s in the past, and one was purebred, the other was a mix. Whatever she is mixed with I and my boyfriend are super allergic to. Which is really a shame because she is very very sweet. From what I understand she was abused as a kitten, and there must have been damage to her voice box, because she can´t really meow. When she gets super excited it comes out more like a velociraptor... She needs some space to roam, and probably some buddies, as she was previously with two other cats. Sh
  3. Hey Sacha, this is Ryan.  My mom would like you to cut her hair. Could you give me your number to make an appointment please.  Thanks.

  4. I am 40, have been here since I was 34. There are quite a few of us in our early 40s.
  5. Carnaval starts January 29 and goes until Fat Tuesday, with main activities in Chapala. The them this year is "hacer ruido" or "make noise". All events are free entry. I think you can buy VIP to the music concerts so you can sit down and have table service and nicer bathrooms. They are planning on bringing back some old traditions. Also, in the first night after the parade, they will be burning an effigy of Donald Trump.
  6. On the right after Iguana restaurant in the row of restaurants towards San Juan Cosala
  7. Presidente Degollado actually said in a Facebook comment on their government Facebook page that the carretera is going to get repairs in early 2016. Let's hope that is true. I am on Hidalgo in Chapala and man that street has some serious potholes. They keep filling them every couple of months, but the road really needs resurfacing. Of course, I realize that this will means that resurfacing will likely happen overnight, but I can deal with that noise if it means I don't have to hear big trucks and cars hitting those potholes all day and evening. I really think he is making good strides at fixi
  8. This restaurant is up on the mountain in San Juan Cosala, at the west end of the Piedra Barrenada. It has a very beautiful view of the lake, and the restaurant itself is very clean. The food and drinks are excellent and the service was excellent, and the waiters were very nice. A little on the slow side, but since it's nice to just enjoy the view and company, it's okay. Today we had a really strange experience at the end of our meal. We (five of us, including my 16 and 18 year old and my parents) went for a nice family holiday meal together. We had appetizers, meals, drinks, and coffee at the
  9. ichbinsaege


    Yes, it is! Couldn't remember the name. I avoid anything in the paper wrappers and stick to the local farm made stuff.
  10. They are open until 8pm! And I really hope everyone will be nice to the staff!
  11. ichbinsaege


    I get butter from Joaquín in the Chapala mercado. Works great in baking, have never had an issue with it not creaming. The flavor is good too. Lala butter isn't too bad, either. However, it the Eugenia that tastes so rancid.
  12. I got to try a cheeseburger and fries tonight. Wow, they are really good. The meat was tender and juicy, the cheese delicious, and the bun was soft and buttery and most importantly NO sesame seeds! The fries are nice and thin and cooked to perfection. They are cut fresh daily. The staff are very friendly. They open to the public tomorrow. I think Trip said 11:30am?
  13. The Dulceria in Chapala on madero has them. Cellophane in all sizes.
  14. The locally homemade corn ones are so much better...
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