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  1. So happy she is adjusting so well. She really just needed some space to roam around. She is a little sweetie, and I am glad she has a good home. Thanks again!
  2. Yes, I am sure she is a mix, but the Maine coon part of her is very apparent. I have had two other MC´s in the past, and one was purebred, the other was a mix. Whatever she is mixed with I and my boyfriend are super allergic to. Which is really a shame because she is very very sweet. From what I understand she was abused as a kitten, and there must have been damage to her voice box, because she can´t really meow. When she gets super excited it comes out more like a velociraptor... She needs some space to roam, and probably some buddies, as she was previously with two other cats. Sh
  3. Hey Sacha, this is Ryan.  My mom would like you to cut her hair. Could you give me your number to make an appointment please.  Thanks.

  4. I am 40, have been here since I was 34. There are quite a few of us in our early 40s.
  5. I use a superfine flour that I find at my local tienda. I have never looked at the package for protein content, but will next time I buy some. I do know it works great for pizza. I have had lots of complements on my crust, mainly from really picky people. A better question might be what yeast is people using? I personally like the azteca brand. I have heard lots of complaints from those buying the packets that are imported. Saying things don't rise right. Quite possibly it has been stored improperly. Too hot in the trucks bringing it down? I keep mine in the fridge in a jar.
  6. Either one. The area code is 33 so what follows that is not so important
  7. They have parchment paper - big sheets - at the store next to Gossips in Ajijic. I can't recall the name of it, Granera? I'm bad with store names! It's huge industrial size sheets, which I cut in half to use on my standard baking sheets. Abastos in Guadalajara has a store with chocolate in bulk as well as many many different kinds of extracts - all food grade.
  8. I have found that Simplex works nicely: http://www.medicamentos.com.mx/DocHTM/28722.htm Helps me relax enough to fall asleep, but I don't wake up feeling groggy like so many other sleeping aids. You can get it at any farmacia, but Farmacia Guadalajara has the best price ($67 or so pesos for 60 tabletas)
  9. There are most definitely buses past 9pm. I take one from West Ajijic to Chapala around 9:30pm. There are Directo buses coming back from Guadalajara that pass by my place in Chapala going to Ajijic and Jocotepec at 10pm, sometimes as late as 10:30pm. Like I said, they go right past my windows. I've rode them. As for the taxi prices, that is what I have paid for going from plaza to plaza. Like I stated, it is 70 when you are not going from one plaza to another. At least that is what *I* have paid. Maybe they are just being nice to me. In Chapala in the last few years it has gotten easier to
  10. I have seen some that are in their 70s and 80s that should *not* be driving due to poor vision and poor reflexes (reaction time). There are some reluctant to give up driving that should have already, they become a danger to themselves and to others. (please note that I am NOT saying that all people in their 70s and 80s should not drive, I am saying there are a few around this area that should not be.)
  11. I'm not sure where you got your information from, but: Buses run until between 9pm and 10pm. They start running around 6am-7am. (I know this because they are often loud and go right past my windows.) The small local buses run every 20 minutes, and the bigger every 30 minutes (these are rough estimates, but the general rule of thumb amongst the locals). There are taxi stands at the plazas in Ajijic and Chapala, and another taxi stand at the Central bus station in Chapala. The taxis are there from about 7am until about 7-9pm. From Plaza to Plaza it is about $45 pesos, less within the towns the
  12. I have been here almost 3 years without a car. I constantly get people telling me I have to get a car. I haven't owned a car in over 13 years. Every time my friends with cars complain about gas prices and repairs they seemingly constantly have to make, I am thankful I don't have that added stress and expense. Plus, I prefer to get the exercise, and I have learned a lot more about Chapala than I would have if I were driving everywhere, missing all the small stores, and not getting to know all the people on my way to and from the stores. I buy food as I need it. If I happen to be out with someon
  13. essential oils are used in many things. They have many healing properties. I know I saw them somewhere down here, but I can't recall where. I still have a bunch I brought down with me from the States. They are used in cleaners, soaps, candles, lotions, etc.
  14. The one on the carretera in Ajijic just east of Colon, is that Mia's?
  15. Don't forget about the Tepehua (spelling?) one that is near Cafe Magañas!
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