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  1. I think Costco has the best
  2. How many hours a day do they work?
  3. The taser is great to scare dogs,. Don't aim it at them, but the noise it makes scares them
  4. Cortisone lasts a good 3 months but you need to get it into the joint so you need an orthopedic doctor
  5. I think I have seen them at the "Dollar Store" on the south side of the Ajijic plaza
  6. The Dildoria has tasers. They have a great flash lite in them also so I have it in my hand when walking at night.
  7. 10 policemen to escort 2 people. That in its self sounds strange
  8. Many questions to be answered. Or not
  9. Just think that a window of glass doesn't give protection. Just get a sheet of plastic until Monday
  10. If you are that afraid why do you live here? I really don't understand. Go back to where you came from if you feel it is safer
  11. Our development just received notice from the gov't that pool , club house and gym must be closed until further notice
  12. Have driven by several mornings and they are closed. Do they have new hours? Are they even open? Used to love the breakfast. Any info would be appreciated
  13. Oregontochapala I have a telcel iphone but my package will not let me call 800 numbers. Do I need a special package?
  14. I have used the 880 in the past with no chsrge, now this month it was 24 pesos , which is ok, but an additional 417 pesos monthly fee on top of my 389
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