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  1. Maybe donate to organizations who are shipping dogs north to homes
  2. Next day or same day some out of Guad are only here one day a week, you can usually get an appointment That day no long wait like in Canada
  3. Where did you see this? It doesn't look like it is locally, in Ajijic or Chapala
  4. And the average laborer Mexican's wage has not gone up
  5. I think restaurants here are pricing themselves out of business. The snowbirds will pay the prices but in the slow season the restaurants will suffer especially with all competition popping up. Rent has gone crazy! Landlords want the same amount they get from snowbirds from a full time long term tenant. Locals find it very hard to find a rental they can afford and they can not afford to buy. The gringos are making it very hard for the working Mexican to afford to live here. Don't want this to become a town of mostly gringos and we only see Mexicans doing labor but not able to live in the community. Part of the love of living here is being able to live next door to our wonderful Mexican friends
  6. Not many cohetes in Ajijic . Are they just warming up or is it going to be a quiet year?
  7. You may not qualify for IMSS, they are making it very hard cheap rentals are getting harder to find. I would guess $700.00 US for a one bedroom near amenities. I live on $2000.00 a month but own my home, so no rent and no health insurance . I pay out of pocket . it would be tight
  8. Moon starts at 1600 US a month. Small one bedroom,. No stove just micro and apt size frig. Kitchen livingroom combo. Meals served in dinning hall. No assisted living staff check it out new progressive living development going west of Ajijic. Large development. Don't know the details
  9. You don't need a pin or Id to use a credit card. Id is never checked. They bought $500. US of electronic at Walmart in less than 1/2 hour of lifting the card. never let a restaurant take your card out of your sight to make a charge. If they don't do the charge at your table then pay cash. Cash is always the safes! that is how we now function in Mexico, cash only. Getting air miles is not worth the risk and hassle. Besides, we have no desire to,leave this beautiful place.
  10. It has happened to my husband, they took his wallet while distracting him, took out his credit card( not the cash) then put the wallet back. They used his credit card within the hour. Luckily a friend with him found the distraction strange and told him to check his wallet, thus he noticed his credit card gone. He seldom uses the credit card so it could have been weeks or longer before he noticed it missing. warning, don't let strangers distract you. These two guys were well dressed in suits in an upscale area.
  11. You think everyone on this board cares? Please share with your friends using a more private app.
  12. Cyclists need to be more careful where streets cross over their path. I have seen many almost get hit . It is hard to see a bike coming down the path , they are hidden by the cars. Watch for cars turning!
  13. Offering to pay $1000. For a one bedroom is outrageous. People like that are the cause of our high rental rates. Please research the market before you make such ridiculous offers. You are hurting the local people who don't make that kind of money!
  14. Kyle

    Peter Mariscos

    The carretera
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