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  1. Kyle

    La Ceida restaurant

    Open at noon. Not sure of days
  2. Jonny, if you live in such a paradise why you always so combative ? Relax and enjoy!
  3. Kyle

    La Ceida restaurant

    He has two places now , Emmanuel which is fine dinning and Forest Grill. Forest Grill is run by his parents
  4. Kyle

    La Ceida restaurant

    West Ajijic . Just past La Huerta on the mountain side
  5. Any recommendations besides the one at Quality Care? thank you
  6. Kyle

    La Ceida restaurant

    No they have moved
  7. New restaurant next to Forest Grill and the old Pepe and Aroras very good, great selection of steaks and all kinds of burgers, lamb , beef shrimp salmon, ostrich etc.. Had the beef burger, it was very good. Others had the ribeye and also liked it. The steak prices are the lowest around. Tempura veggies and shrimp very light batter, nice We will be back!
  8. Do you have to get the new one or can you just use the old one?
  9. I will get some Tues at the market but don't know the strength or how much to use. This is for Parkinson's. What do you suggest?
  10. I am going to be buying some at the Tues. market but don't know what strength and amount to use. This is for Parkinson's . What do you suggest?
  11. Can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear
  12. My husband had a Boston Scientific pacemaker put in in Guad. This is a very good brand widely us throughout the US. We paid in cash separate from the doctor and hospital fees. It was $3,600. US . No defibrillator
  13. Love these game tables, great idea
  14. Operation Feed in SJC has rented a house turned it into a library and a meeting center, has 135 kids in English classes, a chess group, free eye glass exams, a scholarship program, etc.. Maybe something along these lines would be money better spent. Just an idea.
  15. Maybe a little monitoring to see how much it is really used. The "pit" was full of water, a great mosquito attraction, which is now full of dirt. I agree we need something for the kids to do and a place to hang out. Is this the right place? I don't know.
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