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  1. Maybe monitors need to close this down. It is getting personal and most of us don't want to read it. Two immature people acting like children
  2. The eventos in that area have permits and stop at midnight. and people do complain
  3. Kes, now that you know you were over charging have you lowered the price?
  4. What is the ISR deduction? Do I need to claim the interest on my US taxes? Mine is small only about 300 pesos a month
  5. Me thinks Pedro has nothing better to do maybe he should give it a rest
  6. If you don't have something constructive to say that sticks to the topic then don't join in. It is pretty simple
  7. Good for you gringal. Seems there are a few on this board who continually have to put in unnecessary comments and high jack the board. Please remember this is not your personal chat line and no one comes to this site to be entertained by your smarta__s comments
  8. Johnson. There has been no long term testing on the US vaccine either. Anyone one who takes it within the first year to two years is being a test case. You have no idea what the long term effects of that vaccine will be. I will wait
  9. Are you telling us not to pay our taxes until the end of Feb.? You really think that will make a difference? Somehow I doubt it
  10. I know, there are three developments all next to this shelter and these developments were there long before the shelter.
  11. I live about a block and a half away from this shelter and at midnight I could hear them barking. Not one or two but it sounded like the entire shelter
  12. LCS opens Sept 21 I think. You can get all the info you need on Google. But hurry time is getting short
  13. Well... Maybe he should have done a little simple research or visited the site
  14. Responsible shelter management wouldn't put a shelter in the middle of an already existing populated neighborhood. They had to know the community would not welcome this and there would be problems
  15. I just never see them being visible like the other shelters trying to get dogs adopted. People seem to not even know about this shelter except for the people who are bothered by the noise
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