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  1. Returning to the original question,. I like Simply Thai
  2. A lot of other tourist cities have found the cobblestone (stones) not so charming. They cause injuries not to just expats but locals also. I have found many Mexican cities and villages charming who did not have stone streets
  3. My understanding is that they just bring us a new modum
  4. Telmex is charging 120,000 pesos to bring it into Puerta Arroyo that is all I know
  5. That is to bring the optic fiber into the development. Then you can decide to use or not. Your modum will be changed. Your monthly Telmex bill remains the same that at is my understanding
  6. I was there today at 11;45. No one around
  7. Medicare Advantage does not cover you if you live out of the country. The rate is determined by what state you live in. So if you live here you would be lying to get Medicare Advantage.
  8. He didn't say he had either of be of those and Meducare does not cover here on Mexican
  9. Cheaper than north of the boarder. But still can be costly
  10. I have about 10 old outdoor flower pots I need hauled away anyone know who I could call to do that? thanks
  11. Exchange rate today was 19.60. If that tells you anything
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