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  1. Why would a company pay for it and then pay to dump it?. Poor business plan. hopefully it is properly recycled
  2. Wish you could have big bins in front market plastic, glass, etc, When I drop my stuff off I just have to lay it on the ground
  3. Bisbee,. I had read that article before and I hope the US health care is waking up to this option. Hospitals here are as good as US hospitals if not better. jreboll, sorry about your sister but not sure that is the norm. Bisbees article says they used US doctors.
  4. Pramipexol and sifrol are the same drug. Works great for restless legs
  5. My husband used to take it for RLS but it is no longer available. His doctor put him on sifrol and it works great. Ask your doctor
  6. Kyle

    Little Dog

    There is a doggie daycare in West Ajijic by the Tuesday market. Your dog can play with other dogs there and is well supervised. If that is what you are looking for. I am not sure what your post is asking for
  7. Kyle


    No need to get snarly! Enjoy your meal
  8. Kyle


    We have stopped going . The traffick noise makes it impossible to talk. Can he not find a better locations? He is loosing so much business! Th food is good but not worth the price and noise. Does he not know he has competition
  9. Loved them in SJC. Hope it works here
  10. Sounds like a good idea. I know macadamia grow here
  11. A good rib eye steak and baked russet potato
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