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  1. Kyle

    Hacienda del Carmen

    The spa is fantastic and reasonable prices. There is a also a pool, jacuzzi and horseback riding. Beautiful grounds to explore. The rooms are large and beautiful. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Kyle

    Who is Moreno?

    I thought I had heard he is very much anti American when it comes to American companies being in Mexico.
  3. I see a kit if signs around the village saying Moreno, to change Mexico. Anyone know about him?
  4. Kyle

    Cafe Montana

    35pesos for coffee is way to much. Plus the food is over priced and nothing special. They still don't have two of the items on the menu. We won't be back.
  5. Kyle

    Hacienda del Carmen

    It is south of Tequila. Go to their website. You won't be disappointed
  6. Just returned from an overnight trip. They have a fabulous spa and restaurant. Only a short hour and 45 minute trip. A must do with your gal pals or honey! Can't say enough about how beautiful it is there. Great anniversary or birthday get away
  7. Kyle

    Dentures, Implants or Bridges?

    My husbands just had extractions, implants and a permanent bridge at BMV dental, below Sky Gym, he is very please and half the cost Of Dr. Harro and Barrigon
  8. The acoustics are so bad
  9. Kyle

    Need help in a dental situation.

    I would think twice about that. I know two people who got bad infectio
  10. Kyle

    Dinner music at supper

    That is why we stopped going to the Avocado Club. I go out to dinner to talk with friends. If I wanted music I would go to an after dinner lounge.
  11. Kyle

    Need help in a dental situation.

    I had major work done at BMV Dental, below Sky Gym. They were fantastic. And half the price of other well known dentist in town.. I know other who have had great results there also.
  12. Kyle

    iShop scam

    I refused a pkg last year at Christmas as they wanted $80.00usd. They tried to give me the same pkg this year for $75.00, they held the pkg for a year!!
  13. Kyle

    Cafe Montana

    Is it open? Has anyone been there?
  14. Where can you buy eye glasses in Chapala with a good selection of frames?