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  1. I thought Democrates abroad helped with it during the last election at LCS
  2. Edith at her hair salon sells it
  3. Sure a lot of glass,. Maybe we all get to watch the procedures
  4. Kyle


    Thank you
  5. Kyle


    Is the Alaskan Sockeye salmon I get at Costco farm raised ? Please say no
  6. If you don't sell them you could donate to Operation Feed in San Jusn Cosala, some needing person would be so appreciative . I would be happy to pick them up.
  7. Kyle


    Niisa's in west Ajijic has the best bagel and cream cheese with smoked trout and capers fantastic! They make their own bagels
  8. Kyle


    How does that compare to farm raised salmon, which I will not eat. the salmon is fed pellets that turn the flesh grey then they add a color to make it look pink
  9. I have one at Ishop that I share with another person. We could perhaps add you, we have had up to 4 before. Pay one year in advance,. Can not receive a lot of mail.
  10. I come from a long line of farmers who were as tan as can be and never used sun block and never had skin cancer. Are we being sold a bill of goods? Not saying skin cancer does not happen but...... Just wondering
  11. They gave me one when I opened my account about 3 months ago. I didn't ask for one.
  12. I set up an account and got a credit card. Very easy. Not just for big money
  13. Anyone know what is happenings? Lots of sirens in central and west Ajijic
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