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  1. Please educate your maids and gardeners as to how deadly this is. I am hearing reports that many locals feel it will not effect them. education is a must!
  2. My maid said we are a poor country so we will not getting . This is very scary!
  3. No wait in you have funds in your intercam account to cover check. If not, 5 days wait
  4. I just write a check on my US account and deposit it into my Intercam account
  5. Every little bit Helps! Are you nay Sayers doing your little bit? Do you bring your own bags? Have you reduced all the plastic your home? Are you the pot calling the kettle black? I am not an Eric fan but anything Walmart does to help the environment is better than nothing
  6. I agree with Lakeside7. No one traveling here to buy houses . Maybe sunbird renters but not if travel bans are enforced. I say sit it out until 2021 and see what happens. Just my opinion
  7. It is not the CHINA virus! Very racist!
  8. Ian, hope you self quarantined after all those airports
  9. Ian, hope you self quarantined after all those airports
  10. Ian, hope you self quarantined after all those airports
  11. Kyle


    The local veggie venders also have beautiful cauliflower. Please support them thru these hard times
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