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  1. We just came from there for lunch. Julio, the affable waiter, said that there specialty was the pork ribs, and that they would be ready from the smoker in 10 minutes. I ordered the ribs (400 grams) plate. I got four ribs thick with meat. The meat was tender and the sauce was minimally sweet, tangy and excellent. It came with sides of cole slaw and a small amount of fries. The slaw was ok, not bad nor excellent. My wife had the Cesar salad with chicken. The salad didn't come with chicken strips but with small chunks which my wife said made it easier to eat. Her opinion was that the salad was ok and that the dressing probably came from a bottle and was not freshly made. My ribs plate was 185 pesos, as good tasting as the ribs were, Adelita's offer a better value with their half rack of ribs, although I like the Smoke House's BBQ sauce much better. My wife's salad was 95 pesos and would much preferred freshly made dressing. The menu has an extensive listing of hamburgers for you burger fans. I never order a burger at a restaurant because as one "who does not cook", even I can make a hamburger. Julio, who was the waiter, is an older man and is very nice and speaks ingles well. We also met one of the owners who came out to check on us. He too was friendly and spoke ingles well. The Smoke House is closed on Wednesdays and otherwise open from 12 to 7 pm. We will go again and try a steak and a chicken dish.
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