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  1. Does anyone use that device? Can it play US music? I want to bring one when I return to Ajijic from the US.
  2. I just discovered that the shop next to the Sunrise Restaurant is gone. Have they moved? Is there another shop inn the Lakeside?
  3. As far as I know, it does have a thermostat. The flame is out of adjustment, does not change size and the oven temp is 48 C no matter where the oven knob is set. It a good thing that we didn't try to do a turkey this Thanksgiving! I worked for Southern California Gas about 40 years ago as a tech and used to do this kind of work. Some special tools are needed as well as the appropriate thermometer.
  4. Our propane oven does not work properly. It needs to be adjusted and calibrated. Does anyone know of a technician who does this kind of work? Continental, is the brand of the stove/oven.
  5. El Fagon de Charlotte was our favorite restaurant. We knew Carlos, Lori and Charlotte personally. I was absolutely stunned when I heard the news today. The Lakeside has lost its innocence and we can no longer say, THAT does not happen here.
  6. It´s next to restaurant Doña Fonda Lola on the west side of Ajijic, lakeside of the street.
  7. Now now HoneyBee, it's not as bad as ALL that, lol.
  8. Naturists are people who live life in the nude. Google The Naturist Society if you are not aware. Is there a group there promoting this way of living?
  9. Kyle, I have had crowns and bridges done by Dra. Candy and I have been very pleased with her work. If you have any problems, talk to her. She is very understanding and reasonable. I just had a root canal done, by her oral surgeon, and she is going to put in an inlay. Current practice is not to put in a crown if possible but an inlay, Dra. Candy told me. I´ll have that work done on Nov 10th.
  10. Does anyone have any recent experience with this facility?
  11. I had my brakes done yesterday. The front didn't need to be done after all. The rotors and drums were turned. They discovered that the large lower control arm bushings needed to be replaced. They called, gave me a price and I OK'd it. They showed me the bad bushings and one was absolutely trashed. Felipe and his wife Rosie appear to be the real deal, honest people. I would recommend them heartily. Yes, they do habla ingles.
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