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  1. Last week I had an appointment for a CT scan prescribed by my doctor at Quality Care. I went to Hospital San Antonio right next door. I’d had other tests done here. From past experience I thought the cost for this one would be less than the $6000 pesos I took with me for this appointment. When I was told the cost was $10,000 pesos I said I didn’t have that much but could come back later to pay the balance. I was told I’d have to pay in full before the test could be done. I went over to QC to tell this to the very efficient Lety at the front desk. If I didn’t have the test results I’d have to cancel my scheduled appointment with my doctor. She was shocked at the cost. She called my doctor. He said for me to go to Ribera Medical Clinic for the test; he’d speak to the Radiology Department later. At Ribera Hospital the procedure went smoothly. Blood test: 174 pesos. Tomography with contrast: $4131 pesos. The fact is, if I’d had the $10,000 pesos with me that day I’d have paid it, thinking it was high, but that’s how it goes, prices go up. (Good that I didn’t have 10,000 pesos with me.) Update: I don’t know if my doctor at QC spoke with the radiology department. I doubt it. How did this happen and who cares? Good question. Lexy
  2. This morning as I pulled into a parking space in front of my bank a man returned to his car parked alongside mine. The case of wine sitting on my passenger seat caught his eye. He leaned in and gave me a thumb’s up, one wine lover to another. In the bank the line was long and very slow moving. The woman in front of me noticed that I seemed to have trouble standing (my bad back). She told me to go sit down and when her turn came she’d let me go ahead of her. I gratefully took a seat. There’s not much to cheer us these troubled times, but a stranger’s good humor made me laugh and another’s kindness touched me. They made my day. Lexy
  3. I have CDs I would be gladto sell: classical music. Jazz vocalists and instrumental. Lexy
  4. Good to know, Natasha. Thank you. I use Lakeside Shopping service for getting Costco items delivered. I'm going to check to see if they know. Lots of people--especially the animal shelters and poor people who love their pets--should be thrilled to know there's no 16% IVa on pet food now.
  5. After Alex Peterson moved on, I've ordered NuLeaf products twice now through Ishop in San Antonio. NuLeaf package goes by USPS at no charge to customer to Ishop warehouse in Laredo, Tx and then down here in about two weeks. Ishop's system of tallying up the postage and handling is a bit complicated, but if you want to stick to NuLeaf's quality of CBD (or CBC, for me) this worked fine. Lexy
  6. could someone give--or repeat--the address of the new location, please. Lexy
  7. I got my masks at local Farmacia Guadalajara, the one alongside Hospital San Antonio Lexy
  8. Thanks, Natasha--I completely agree with all that you say. This is a new neighbor. I've given her leads for boarding including Furry Friends. I can only hope she'll do the obviously right and common sense things in behalf of her cat.
  9. Court0503--That's a horrible experience and thanks for making it known. Sounds like a near disaster. Glad your dogs are OK. Lexy
  10. I'm posting this message here for it will be seen by more of you. Please excuse. Where are good boarding places in Lakke side area. I'm urging my neighbor to not leave her cat's care up to a stranger she's expecting to show up twice a day. If I hand her the names and numbers of good boarding places, it might spur her to do the best for her cat. Please help me with names and phone numbers for cat boarding, if you can. In the Riberas area would be best--but any good name and number would be appreciated. Lexy
  11. This is the one I passed about 11:10 a.m.. I saw the young guy sitting at the side of the road, holding his head, seemingly stunned. His bike was on its side in the middle of the eastbound lane. I was going to PT and it took a while after I arrived before we heard an ambulance. Lexy
  12. My heartfelt condolences. This is truly a tragic loss for the Riley family and Cecilia following so soon after the death of Mike's son. Thanks so much to Chris Riley for posting here. Like Natasha, I too was hesitant to post anything myself when I first heard of Mike's passing, although I did immediately reached out to Cecilia. Lexy
  13. Is Edgar a mobile dog groomer--that is, does he come to your home equipped to bath and groom your dog? I once had that wonderful groomer service. but he went back to the States. Or by mobile, does Edgar pick up and bring back the dog after grooming? Lexy
  14. I have a Facebook account my nephew put in place for me ages ago. I never use it. Don't want to. I don't have What's app. Don't want it. And I only occasionally buy the pricey weekly English-language newspaper (although I think it's a job well done). I have my e-mail. A phone. And a subscription to my hometown newspaper online: The New York Times. Plus the online Mexico Daily News. And occasionally I risk entering into hassles on this forum. My cup overflows. So for all you Facebook lovers and addicts, enjoy. But there's got to be a better way to access important community information. Lexy
  15. ea93105--Did you bet a sitter? I sent you a personal message. Lexy
  16. I've been with Bellon for years. I did run into a big problem with one of the agents. I went in to discuss it with the owner of the agency. Everything was settled peacefully to my satisfaction. For me, Bellon is a good choice based on years of experience with them. However I do believes in posting about disatisfactions and bad experience with local businesses, care givers, doctors included, and naming names. It helps us all actually to be alerted to bad possibilities. It's a fine line, to be sure. Lexy
  17. Tingting, I'm so sorry for thr mistake in your name. I couldn't find the edit button to corect it.
  18. Tingaling--Thanks for the posive and useful info. But why not name the less-than-good place? Otherwise it's just a bad story and not helpful to anyone if it leaves us guessing. I hope your husband is much better. Lexy
  19. I’m looking for a way to continue to buy NuLeaf products (CBD, CBC, etc.) now that Alex Peterson has ended his delivery service. Does anyone order online from NuLeaf in Colorado for delivery to here? If so, how well does it go? Any delay or problems once the package reaches Guadalajara? I know that IShop is one possibility, but besides the fees they tell me delivery may take 3 weeks once it reaches Laredo, TX. An informed response would be appreciated. Lexy
  20. I will take care of your cat if it isn't afraid of dogs. My dog is used to cats, although he and I have not had a cat in recent months. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you my email address. I live in Mirasol. Lexy
  21. Recently on this forum I saw that a few people were looking for a repairer of hearing aids to replace Polo, who died. Did anyone find a person who does hearing aids repairs ? I am interested in finding someone. Lexy
  22. Alex Peterson is again available now as a driver, including long distances. Fluent English, very reliable. Lexy
  23. Oscar Castaned is my choice. He's excellent. Last time I used him to cover two upholstered arm chairs. The only fabric I really liked was striped. He matched the stripes at the seams perfectly and also the cushions to the chair frames. Lexy
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