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  1. Lexy

    Tuesday gasoline

    Cedros--when I was at the Pemex I noticed very few vars were pulling in behind ne and same with the ther lines. I could be the many others once behind me had been told< No more gas. But I don't know for sure. Turning into the station I could no longer see the cars that had been behind me. However since they were freely giving out as much gas as one wanted maybe there's more. It's a guessing game
  2. Lexy

    Tuesday gasoline

    This morning with advice from someone in Riberas I headed for theChapala Pemex. There I was directed to and joined a long line at 11:22. Lots of car came in behind me. Eventually this line ended up at a Pemex--same one or different, I couldn't be sure. We got turned around--but I got a full tank at 1:22. Man ahead of me filled his car and 4 containers with gas. Lexy
  3. Lexy

    Monday a.m.

    Thanks so much. So that's the trick--park you car in line and leave it. Clever. Without a way to get home and unable to walk very far, I'd have to sleep in my car. Leave my dog and cat alone? No way.
  4. SORRY--my heading was meant to say Monday a.m., Riberas Pemex. Yesterday guy at Riberas Pemex said they'd have gas about 10 a.m. on Monday morn. I got in line this morning at 9. Two long lines. After a while an official-sounding English-speaking Mexican man went car to car saying there'd be no gas here.. He advised me to go to Pemex just beyond Chapala Haciendas. I headed there. Passed the Pemex near Soriana. . .no gas there. I got in a long line when I caught sight of the Penex just beyond Chapala Haciendas. A guy came by eventually and told me there was no gas up there. I told him I'd been to Riberas Pemex earlier. He said he knew the owner and there might be gas there tonight. He even took my phone number to let me know something when he did. I headed back to Riberas. Short lines here. But no gas. Came home. People are joining long lines without a clue if there's gas up ahead. Does anyone have any word about the Riberas Pemex? I mean, it might be unreliable word, but I'm interested. It's the closest one to me. Lexy
  5. I have a modest amount of sterling silver items and some gold jewelry that I haven't used or worn or even looked at in years. It occurs to me it might be a good idea to sell it for whatever it's worth and pay a few ever-present medical expenses. How do I start finding reputable dealers? Lexy
  6. Can't find their newest hours. What time will Walmart open tomorrow morn, Dec 24th, please Lexy
  7. If you can't reach Beatriz: Try Helen Ray--33 1723 0986. She pet sat for us recently. Dog and cat loved her. She lives in Ajijic. Lexy
  8. I thought there might be updates on this info: I have a Samsung color laser printer, multifunction. Where to buy toner/cartridges? Any place local? I prefer to buy new, not refills. I'm looking for clx black 3185. I can't remember how I did this last time I did it. Using EBay is costly considering delivery to Mexico. Lexy
  9. All is well. Juan came to get the thing started. lexy
  10. yes, it's full. I am about to call Juan, my gas guy to come by.
  11. Lakeside 7--Thanks but doing what is usual to get thing started isn't working. I need experienced help. It flames up sometimes but then no pilot light comes on. Might need to ignite pilot light manually. I did see a short video on how to do this but now can not find it. Travis, good idea, I'll try my gas guy. Problem is, I'm often not home--have husband ill in local care facility following surgery. So wanted a guy I could set a time with to come help. Very cold in house and this thing used to be great. (Harry, my heater not like yours, but thanks.) Lexy
  12. Anyone know good person to call for help in lighting pilot of de Longhi portable gas heater? Lexi
  13. Lexy

    Lakeside Food Delivery

    I used them a number of times. Great idea. Very efficient. But you know, a meal from your favorite restaurant loses something packed into styrofoam containers. It's a downer. The charge for the meal is just what it is on the in-house menu--without the pleasant setting and a waiter to serve the meal. I once frankly asked what most people were tipping for the service--over the delivery charge--and was told 20%. Hmmm. Lexy
  14. Actually some time back the name ID did appear along with the icons. I liked it. Then with various work done on this website, the persoalized ID icons disappeared and we got just the icons. I'm glad to see the matching IDs back. Don't most of us know where each of us stands politically by now with or without the IDs attached to certain opinions? And don't we recall when a certain person was in a position to abuse his priveleged position? Of course we do and complaints pored in. It's all better now. Let's keep the IDed icons. Lexy