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  1. Dra Mariana Diaz Salazar. Quality Care every Weds. Lexy
  2. I'm looking for capable person who makes house calls to repair my printer. I have a Samsung multifunction laser CLX 3185. Problem is a Paper Jam 2. This one I haven't been able to fix myself. Repair person must make house calls, as this printer is too heavy for me to carry to him/her. Please recommend someone you know and trust. I live in Mirasol. Thanks if you can help. Lexy
  3. Thanks, all. What has been described is what I have in mind. From what I see in my neighborhood, I thought that was the only kind. Just have have to find the right place. Lexy
  4. I want to buy a mailbox to attach to my front gate. Any suggestions where to buy one locally? Lexy
  5. The dogs are locked in cages 24/7? No wonder they bark or howl day and night. I hope those poor dogs can be moved to a better place with space to move around. Right now it seems that both dogs and a neighborhood are suffering. Lexy
  6. Right. But these guys, like other thieves of credit cards, don't try to withdraw funds from an ATM. The go shopping. Clerks don't ask for ID even on high-prices purchases. Lexy
  7. Wow, MtnMama, good for you. Sounds like the guys who got my wallet last Thursday in Walmart. An odd looking man got my attention. I could not understand a word he was saying. He waved first one item from a shelf and then another and then abruptly tossed them aside and ran off. I turned back to my cart. My bag looked untouched. I didn't know my wallet was gone until I went to pay for my things at checkout. I went out to my car on the unlikely chance my wallet was there. Of course, it wasn't. I returned to the store and told management about the theft. I said I I knew others had been robbe
  8. I still have my box in Ajijic post office. I kept it because it's been reliable over the years. And because when I moved from Villa Nova to Mirasol, I found that mail that is addressed to my Mirasol address went to the Chapapa p.o. and delivery to my house was highly unreliable. I am expecting a package adressed to my POBox in Ajijic. And that doesn't exist anymore??? Now what. I hate going to the Chapala p.o. Lexy
  9. Ewww! I buy Kirkland bottled water from Costco. And hope for the best. Lexy
  10. Today my telmex infinitum moden began making buzzing noises--sometimes in short buzzes, sometimes in one long buzzing noise. It's constant. All the modem lights that should be on are on. No problem with laptop or internet. Is this a sign that something's about to go wrong? Should I worry? Or ignore it, put my head in the sand and get my mask dirty, or what? Lexy
  11. Thanks everyone. I was able to make an appointment: for April 24! I'm already a patient of hers and think it's worth the wait. I really don't want to go to Guad. Interestingly, years ago, I had very successful laser surgery done by her mother. Lexy
  12. Does anyone have Dra. Claudia Camacho's current tel. number and address at Lakeside? I'd like to make an appointment.
  13. If this is Dr. Ruben Cardenas I recommend him. He treated my husband. It's terrific to know that he comes now to SA Hospital. We saw him in Guad. Lexy
  14. Polo's numbers: cel. 045 331 511 4088. email: polgon62@yahoo.com It might be good to give him a call. He might be glad to drive in if he had some appointments, to pick up repairs, and such. Lexy.
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