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  1. Thank you, Ibarra! I haven't gotten out yet. Starting last eve and all morning long I have been coping with a strange landline problem. It's ok though as person to receive the flowers is away for a few days. But landline problem is weird. Working on it. Lexy
  2. Can anyone name a good florist in the San Antonio/Mirasol/Riberas area? I'd like to have a little plant delivered to some one who helped me with a personal matter (who works in this area). Lexy
  3. Can't get my Dish payment accepted all of a sudden. Anyone else still using Dish having this problem? Tried a few months ago to set up Total Play. After setting up the installation they said they couldn't use my Visa credit cards issued by my US bank. Total fiasco. Spent hours in my house. Have they resolved this problem does anyone know? They said they were working on it. Lexy
  4. I reacted several times to some of the comments by clicking on one of the symbols. I enjoyed the well wishes. Thank you for those. Artsnob's comment that I didn't act my age made me laugh. But truthfully I yearn to be 89 again. Lexy
  5. I remember when Bruno and my husband Larry were often mistaken for each other. Same hat, mustache. Lexy
  6. Al--You should try the place where Pinta used to be in Riberas. They make frames so they should be able to repair yours. Lexy
  7. Thanks so much for this info, Pappysmarket. I'll order the box and tape online to be sent to me. I can have it ready to go if/when I hear from someone driving back to the States who's willing to take it along. I'll also have cash on hand in dollars to cover the postage. This is looking possible. Lexy
  8. Thanks, Yo1, I'm hoping. I dread using Correo de Mexico.
  9. I'm looking for a reliable person to mail human cremated ashes in a U.S. post office. I have checked and ashes can be mailed in the U.S. using priority mail for a very reasonable price. (Cindy at San Francisco Funeral Home tells me they can do it for $4500 pesos(!) using the Mexican postal service, which I consider iffy.) These are my husband's ashes that I'm sending to his son. I will package them according to USPS instructions. Now I must find a way to mail the package in the States. Alex Peterson is no longer doing his package delivery service. If anyone is planning a trip to the States and will take my package to a post office I'd be very grateful. I would be glad to pay for this favor. Or perhaps you know of a service that crosses the border to do this. Lexy
  10. I want to correct what I said above about Alex Perterson's services above. He no longer makes long-distance drives. His service takes you shorter distances. He's taken me several times recently to doctors' appointments in Guadalajara. He speaks fluent English, is on time and a good driver. Lexy
  11. MM--Alex Peterson is back offering his personal driver services, long and short distances. I just emailed you his contact info.. Lexy
  12. Juan at that number has been my guy for years, too, but for the first time last week I had to call him. Most often he comes by when he knows I'm due for gas. I reached him and he said he'd be by at a time later in the day. And he didn't show up. Called him again on Sat. and he came. Hope he's not trying to cover more folks than he can handle. Lexy
  13. Thanks so much, RickS. Lexy
  14. Happyjillin--Glenn? I see here on this forum he's referred to as Bob. Anyone got a last name? RV told me this doctor he recommended saved his eye sight. With a doctor/patient relationship that successful I think he'd want to know that RV passed away. Lexy
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