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  1. RV, yes, I was thinking if I didn't have a need to call very often, that would be good. But right new there's cause to call and a problem that's lingering. lexy
  2. Sadly USAA's service has gone so far downhill it's now a pain to try to deal with it. We discovered USAA when Banamex abruptly closed the accounts of many Lakesiders, ours included. USAA didn't require a US address (at that time). Since it caters to active or retired US military, my husband, a retired US Navy vet, fit the profile. Since 2014, USAA turned out to be one of the best banks we ever had. Being in touch by phone was a breeze. The reps were good, mostly. Transfers of money from our account to another US bank were free. A partial refund on ATM fees. Good stuff. Now the wait time for a call to reach a representative is at least 20 minutes to as much as 59 minutes, according to a recorded message--and I've had the messsage itself break down just when it's about to give the wait time. I'm willing to play online solitaire while waiting, but only for 20 minutes. I've been trying to add a niece in the States to my account since my husband died. Early on, I got a rep who told my that unless my niece was in the military she couldn't be added to the account. (The rep was wrong but I didn't learn that until months later when another rep told me otherwise.) Still, I've sent in the same rquired documents more than once and she's not on the account yet. The constant long wait to reach a rep can be a real deal breaker and cause me to close the account. I've read news reports that USAA has its problems. I'll wait a while in the hopes that their banking services can and will improve, back to the way they used to be. But at my age frankly I don't have a lot of time to waste. How are the rest of you with USAA accounts doing? Lexy
  3. Ibarra--Thanks so much for telling me this. I read that posting the other day but left it when I saw Natasha got the answer she needed. Luz's big ad came later. It has all the info I could possible want! Lexy
  4. Does anyone have an e-mail address for Luz, the optics person who comes to LCS on Thursday? I have an uncomplicated question to ask. Depending on the answer, I can then sign up for an appointment with her. Lexy
  5. The comprobante (receipt) you are given after the first shot will have written on it the vaccine you received. Lexy
  6. TotalPlay is promoting their service in the Chapala/Riberas, includung passing out beautuful brocures (completely in Spanish; not a word of English) in front of Walmart. My experience in signing up for their service didn't go so hot. I backed off. I'm thinking the promotion of their service is better than actually getting the service underway. Lexy
  7. I received an email from Telmex yesterday with a notice saying that soon it would have fiber optics as part of their Infinitum service at no cost. It said to watch for their news. I'm glad. I also got a Thank-you-for-your-payment email from Telmex after paying my bill at OXXO. Plus the other day I called their number, requested an English speaker and got one, and reported that my modem was making loud noises for hours on end. That person said a new one would be delivered to me within three days. I then got an email confirming this. This seems to be a kinder, gentler Slim, no? Or is it that the competition was getting to him? Lexy
  8. Anyone subscribing to Totalplay TV for internet and/or TV channels, are you satisfied with their service, their management? Anyone who considered it, but decided not to use it? I'm having a rocky start with these people. Lexy
  9. I tried it and got page. When I started to fill in my CURP it completed the rest of it. However when I clicked on Confirm CURP the next page said Now we are registering only people "a partir 50 anos." My CURP tells them I'm over 60.
  10. Thanks, Ferret. I'll do that. Strange, but I have to admit I've gotten help that I needed from the Ajijic office. I just don't want to go there now.
  11. OK, that might be a stupid question, but please indulge me if you have the answer. I'm trying to avoid a trip to their Ajijic office to complain about a speed of 4.59 mbps, download. The speed didn't use to matter to me, but now it does. I May have to switch to another internet server for better speed if Telmex can't provide a better speed. Lexy f
  12. I finally want to get rid of my Dish Network USA. However I've been using it for so long I don't know what to replace it with. Someone mentioned Fire Stick to me. Anyone familiar with it? I watch very little TV these days. I subscribe to Netflix. And I'd want to subscribe to a news program, probably CNN. Does anyone have a word of advice on using Fire Stick for TV watching? Lexy
  13. No, Nathasha--I was trying to find out from Chapala Health Talk where coming up shots were scheduled. Today, Sunday, shots were being given in Cristina Park. I went, was helpfully given a chair in the shorter line for people unable to stand for a long time. After a wait, young guy volunteer comes by, looks at my papers and says my permanent residency copy has to show front and back. He says, sorry, no shot. I waited on chair while my friend goes for the car. Another woman comes up, looks at my papers, says fine, come with me. I can't go now, because friend is on her way back to get me to take us home. Can anyone tell me what the use is our Gobierno de Mexico issued verification of registration? What a waste of time it was to get it and print it to show if it means nothing at the point where shots are given. And one person today denying me the shot and five minutes later another person says, fine, come with me. A very miserably frustrating day. Lexy
  14. When I tried to access Chapala Health Talk--which I was told on this forum had up-to-date info is where to get vaccine shots--a link said it was no longer available; it may have been removed. Anyone know if it's gone for good? Lexy
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