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  1. Thanks, all, for the contact info and your well wishes. A wonderful couple is taking Sonny in. Take care. It's a scary time for us and the rest of the world. Lexy
  2. Unexpectedly I am scheduled for surgery this Friday, april 3. The person lined up to take in my small dog may not work out. Sonny is about 24 lbs, is friendly, mild-l=mannered, healthy. He likes others dogs and has lived with two cats. We have been observing self-isolation as much as possible these past few weeks.. Can anyone take Sonny into their home for a stay of about 4 days, starting Thurs afternoon? After hospital, I'll recuperate in Casa Nostra and he is welcome to stay there with me. I'd so much appreciate your help if you're able. . .
  3. Pete--Does your notary have a name? I know you're getting forgetful, like me. Thanks, Lily H. Very helpful.
  4. Thank you. Where is Dra. Jessica Flores. please. I'm thinking Dra. Jessica's patient care might be her priority, although I'll contact her. But would still like to hear drom anyone who knows of a good professional medical translator. It's important. Lexy
  5. I need a professional translater especially experienced in medical terminology to translate a diagnostic report from Spanish into English. Lexy
  6. Thanks, Happyjillin. Looks pleasant. Lexy
  7. I'd like to know of you've used the services of Dr. Leopoldo Rodriguez, a general surgeon and gastroenterologist. Would also like to know if you've been a patient at Hospital Santa Margarita and if your experience was good or less than good. Thanks, Lexy
  8. Very sad news. A good musician and a nice guy. Lexy
  9. I'm coming late to this discussion. My experience: I placed an order of CBD with NuLeaf in Colorado to be delivered to me via Alex Peterson. As usual, there was a 16% iva charge based on the cost of the item plus Alex's fee. All went well. Later, just to compare costs, I asked NuLeaf what their postage charge would be to send the same order directly to me in Riberas. Their shipping to my home address in Mexico was about what Alex must charge in IVA. It seems to me, what Ferret has said about a need to know about quality control is sensible. For what it's worth, I was in my Lakeside docotor's office one day and mentioned I was thinking about trying CBD. He said, Just don't buy it locally. Dealing by email with the NuLeaf people was delightful. A very mellow group, I must say. Lexy
  10. Dr. Daniel Hernandez was my husband's urologist. I would recommend him--caring, attentive, good physician. We chose him after several visits to QC urologist Dr. Fabian Garcia. I believe we made a wise decision. Lexy
  11. I own a 2010 VW Beetle. It now has electrical and lock malfunctions. My mechanic's repair experience with Beetles is limited. He's researched the problems, but hasn't yet solved them. I need a skilled mechanic with specific know-how in the repair of the problems that VW Beetles are prone to. Please: If you know of such a mechanic in the area would you PM me his name. Or post it here. Thanks, Lexy
  12. Thank you, Al! I had also tracked down this number, but when it went unanswered after several tries I then posted here. But turns out it is a working number and this morning I reached him. So I phound Phlete! Lexy
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