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  1. Lexy

    Thanksgiving turkey to go?

    Panino's in the past has offered take-out turkey dinners and most likely still does. Google for tel #. I'm sorry I don't have it. Lexy
  2. I want to add a translation ability (app?) to my Samsung Galaxy Amp 2. I want to be able to write a word or a sentence or two in English or Spanish and a translation will come up. How do I go about selecting such an app? Is downloading easy? Is this something one buys or is it free? Any specific suggestions for my Galaxy Amp 2? I'm still in the early stages of using this thing. If it makes any difference, I pay Telcel 200 p. a month for a "package." Lexy
  3. Lexy

    60's in Paradise burger

    I guess Casa Linda isn't able to respond to give us the final word? Lexy
  4. Lexy

    60's in Paradise burger

    Is it priceless? Lexy
  5. I lost my landline phone and internet connection about noon. Went to Telmex customer service about 2 in Ajijic office and was told work was being done in Mirasol (where I live) and Riberas . Service rep said she'd check with tech on the site and called while I was there. She said service would be on soon. I didn't have internet connection at 6, but now I do (8:23). She did not mention a fire. Great to have this helpful response. Lexy
  6. Lexy

    60's in Paradise burger

    How much? Lexy
  7. Somehow a very old post has surfaced. I'm not in need of packing materials, thank goodness. But way bck in 2015 I did go to Strom White for the supplies there. I agree with Ferret. The clean wrapping paper is worth the price instead of having to wash off newsprint. Lexy
  8. Thank you, Poe, for your help and turning to Dr. Pepe who does as much as he can for needy animals and not earning much in return. His "accommodations" are not ideal, no doubt about it. I wonder if we--who can afford the high priced vets (the Ladron clinic comes immediately to mind)--and others with just a few pesos to spare could start an occasional (monthly?) fund-raiser for Dr. Pepe which could ease the burden he takes on in caring for the most desparate needy ones. Maybe start with a jar on the counter at his place with a sign saying "Help Fund Dr. Pepe's Needy Patients." Or something better than that. I'm not able to do much these days to get this underway, unfortunately. But I'd contribute promptly. Lexy
  9. I'm "fixed". Thanks to my neighbor Skip who went to another neighbor to find out the problem and had an encouraging word. Nothin' better than good neighbors. . . . Lexy
  10. Is it just me without lights or water in Mirasol? And my pc is flickering as i write. One big bad day for me. Anyone with hopeful news??? Lexy
  11. Lexy

    Rug Wanted

    Go see the sellers of Oaxacan rugs on display along the carratera near El Torito and where the Wednesday market takes place. We bought rugs from one of the families for years, from the time they first showed up, as did our visiting friends and family. So accommodating, even letting us take some rugs home to see which ones looked best. Once even having one made for us in a specific size. (Those were the fun days.) They last forever and can be washed (depending on size) in you washer. Warning: Your cat and dog will love these rugs--something maybe in the dyes that smells good. Our cat would lie on the rug, grab a corner and roll herself up. You mentioned Barbara's Bazaar--it often has some on consignment.
  12. Lexy

    Need neurologist

    Sandrita--If Dr. Valle prescribed physical therapy and you haven't started it yet, please do. I was such a skeptic about PT, based on experiences with two other Lakeside therapists. But out of desperation I tried one more, Jorge Ulloa. What a difference a well educated, knowledgeable therapist can make. He's helped me greatly. My husband too was helped to improve his balance. Jorge's place is in Riberas. Give him a call. 108 1532. Next week he is away. Meanwhile PM me if I can fill you in on cost, his background, etc. Lexy
  13. Can anyone recommend a urologist from personal experience who has appointments Lakeside? We already know of Dr Fabian Garcia at Quality Care. Anyone else? Lexy
  14. Lexy

    Salvador’s Restaurant

    Al! Bite your tongue. We need to upgrade Ajijic from small town to big time tourist draw? Have you been ensnarled in the traffic lately in our "small town"? (And it wasn't me who put that ha ha moji on your message.) No, we're good. Lexy
  15. Well, maybe Eric might get a show of interest to take part in such a project from the ladies/gals/women if Eric told us a liitle about his background and experience in putting together such panels. From what we're told so far I can't see why anyone, male or female, would rush to say, Oh, hey, count me in. Dying to work with you. Lexy