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  1. I tried it and got page. When I started to fill in my CURP it completed the rest of it. However when I clicked on Confirm CURP the next page said Now we are registering only people "a partir 50 anos." My CURP tells them I'm over 60.
  2. Thanks, Ferret. I'll do that. Strange, but I have to admit I've gotten help that I needed from the Ajijic office. I just don't want to go there now.
  3. OK, that might be a stupid question, but please indulge me if you have the answer. I'm trying to avoid a trip to their Ajijic office to complain about a speed of 4.59 mbps, download. The speed didn't use to matter to me, but now it does. I May have to switch to another internet server for better speed if Telmex can't provide a better speed. Lexy f
  4. I finally want to get rid of my Dish Network USA. However I've been using it for so long I don't know what to replace it with. Someone mentioned Fire Stick to me. Anyone familiar with it? I watch very little TV these days. I subscribe to Netflix. And I'd want to subscribe to a news program, probably CNN. Does anyone have a word of advice on using Fire Stick for TV watching? Lexy
  5. No, Nathasha--I was trying to find out from Chapala Health Talk where coming up shots were scheduled. Today, Sunday, shots were being given in Cristina Park. I went, was helpfully given a chair in the shorter line for people unable to stand for a long time. After a wait, young guy volunteer comes by, looks at my papers and says my permanent residency copy has to show front and back. He says, sorry, no shot. I waited on chair while my friend goes for the car. Another woman comes up, looks at my papers, says fine, come with me. I can't go now, because friend is on her way back to get me
  6. When I tried to access Chapala Health Talk--which I was told on this forum had up-to-date info is where to get vaccine shots--a link said it was no longer available; it may have been removed. Anyone know if it's gone for good? Lexy
  7. How can we learn where there is a car line available in the area to wait in for a vaccine shot? I'm not physically able to stand in a line for hours and there must be many others at Lakeside with the same problem. In fact, are there advance notices somewhere about where and when shots are available? I think I've been in self-seclusion so long I got used to not knowing what's up. But now I have a need to know. Thanks for any useful guidance. . . Lexy
  8. Thank you, Alpha1. You're right about Santa Lucia. I was hoping someone had a good doctor to recommend so I don't make a "cold call" so to speak. Lexy
  9. Thanks for the replies. I want to correct something I wrote. San Antonio Hosptial told me over the phone that Dr. Ernesto Girbau Romo was no longer there and they had no contact info. In fact, he comes to their clinic every Thursday and Friday. His cel is 3334401178
  10. I saw a good recommendation for neurologist Dr. Ernesto Girbau Romo on this forum from last year, but he no long comes to San Antonio Hospital. They said they didn't have contact info. Can anyone recommend a good neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist? My problem is double vision. My current ophthalmologists ordered an MRI, which I got yesterday. I'd like to be in the care of someone other than my current ophthalmologists. Lexy
  11. What do you do if you don't want the sinovac vaccine? If you are notified to come and do not, are you still on the list for another vaccine? Mexico is on record for being one of the least efficient in the world in handing the pandemic. So I worry right now in getting one og the better vaccines. Lexy
  12. Have you consulted with Dr. Cristina Martinez Mayorquin, a neuro-ophthalmolgist in Guadalajara? If so, would you recommend her? I'd appreciate your comments. Lexy
  13. Hi--Yes, I'm able to log on to my telmex account which shows the current bill due to be paid. Payment is due before the 9th and that will be done. It doesn't say anything about an unsuccessful direct debit payment that the Telmex email is about. My concern is losing my internet service because they are in some kind of muddle. Lexy
  14. Cedros--I always save receipts. Everyone should. Lexy
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