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  1. Thank you, Al! I had also tracked down this number, but when it went unanswered after several tries I then posted here. But turns out it is a working number and this morning I reached him. So I phound Phlete! Lexy
  2. No, Chapalence, his name is correctly spelled: Phlete. He was a friend of ours, an American. Still lives at Lakeside, maybe still Ajijic area. He's not a mover. He's been here a long time, like me, so friends have died out. But he's still here and there's sure to be someone with contact info. But you bumped up my message and that's good. Lexy
  3. Can anyone give me a phone number or contact info for Phlete Martin? If you do, please PM me. Lexy
  4. Anyone know where I can get house keys copied in Riberas area? Lexy
  5. I am looking for new cleaning woman. I am sending you PM. Lexy
  6. I am asking for comments from anyone with good or bad experiences with this company, please. Lexy
  7. In renewing my car insurance Actinver tells me they are using Mapfre Seguro Vehiculos Residentes. Has anyone had good or no so good experience with this insurance company? Lexy
  8. Nathasha--I tried CIBanco a while ago.Everyone very pleasant. But only one person spoke English, not very well, so not good for me. But since you speak fluent Spanish it might work for you. Lexy
  9. Jorge Ulloa is highly regarded at Lakeside. He's a physical therapist educated and trained in Spain, where he grew up, and has had his Lakeside practice for a number of years in Riberas. He does massages, I'm assuming therapeudic. (They were for me.) His receptionist is his Mexican wife. Both speak fluent English. Call 108 1532. Lexy
  10. Ohana Assisted Living is in San Juan Cosala. Their website doesn't say much about its newer assisted living section. Does anyone have facts or personal experience with the newer place? On this forum there are comments on its older section going back to 2017. I am interested in details on their newer section at #73 La Paz. Thanks if you can help. Lexy
  11. Hello--Could someone give me the email address for contacting the Social Security Admin office in Guadalajara, please. I had it but now can't find it. Lexy I found it. No response required!
  12. Well, I'd like to know how it went if someone who was there is willing to give a report. I did not go. Lexy
  13. The link Mainecoons gave us is similar--in some cases, word for word--to pieces I've seen. The producers of this phone are obviously going all out in an expensive international PR and marketing effort. Reviewers and columnists seem to be hopping on it, parroting what is basically a company's news release. I haven't come across yet what appears to be an objective review. I tried to order the phone earlier today. The company is suggesting to do so online on their "official" site. My effort got me a repeat of the hard-sell promotional copy in English and an order form in Spanish. Couldn't get one in English, no matter how or where I tried. Also couldn't get an order form that took American Express, although a promotion page listed this credit card. Still, I wanted it now. At less than $200 usd how wrong can I go? Especially since my Samsung Galaxy is acting up. The Galaxy Cricket was my beginners effort in mastering a Smart phone like all the big kids have. Lexy
  14. Great, CG. I look forward to your comments. The link you sent--for sure that's not an unbiased "review". In fact it's close in wording and layout to what I read in the Washington Post--but that one indicated it was a paid-for promotional article. Lexy
  15. I've been reading a lot of the paid-for publicity as well as some of the reviews in major US newspapers or online of this new android phone called Xone. In a special current promotion it's being offered for under $200 usd. Has anyone on this forum bought one or have experience with one? Any informed comments to make? Lexy
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