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  1. What's the best way to get to CFE office at Zaragoza 451 in Chapala. I am in Mirasol, so wouuld go east to Chapala Lexy
  2. Ohhh, no. I am so much over 60 I haven't the energy for that. Lexy
  3. Thanks, Cedros. I think I'll do it your way. . . .keep trying. I see there was already a thread on problems on vaccine registration, so mine is redundant. Sorry. Lexy
  4. Thanks, Southland. No such luck for me. gogirl--I wasn't using any translator. I was filling in the Spanish form. On all my retries, my CURP is confirmed. But I'm unable to continue. the because of the message in Spanish that says that only people over 60 can register. But I am over 60. I welcome other advice. . . . Lexy
  5. Just had crazy problem: I filled out form to register for vaccine. It was easy and went smoothly. I was about to click submit/enviar when I lost the whole thing. So I went back to begin again. As many of you know the form says in Spanish I want to register for vaccine. I filled in my CURP. Then clicked Confirm CURP. I got message: ...solo esta habilitado para personas a partir de 60 anos. I am over 60. My CURP indicates that. So why couldn't I continue with my registration this time? Can anyone tell me what to do now? Lexy
  6. Mudgirl, all that you say is so true. The govt itself shows its ignorance. (AMLO came out of quarantine still and on purpose not wearing a mask.)That's why the message of why there is need to comply with the protocals for safety in this pandemeci needs to be repeated again and again and again. We can save each other's lives. Of course it doesn't help matters when the government is capable of banning over 60s people from shopping for food. Lexy
  7. Funny, but no one, liking it or not, spelled its name corrctly: It is Niisa's Restaurant. Such a nice name. Lexy
  8. Mostlylost, thanks. I've seen generics on sale, but have never ordered any. Do you know personally if they're any good?
  9. I have a Samsung multifunction laser printer, CLX-3185. Where is best, most reliable place to buy cartridges for it? Lexy
  10. Costco isn't obliged to allow in its members who've paid a fee? You think? Lexy
  11. I need a window waher. Does he do window wahing? Lexy
  12. I went to Walmart about 9 this morning expecting to be stopped as I'm obviously over 60, and I was. The young man pointed to the sign that detailed the restrictions on certain shoppers. I said, I know. I added in Spanish, I need to buy food. I live alone. My friends are all over 60. I need to be here. The kid just backed off. I used some gel, already had a mask on, and I went in and shopped. I use Lakeside Shopping to place large orders and get it delivered. But for bread, milk and eggs and other stuff it's SuperLake or Walmart. I was going to try to honor this ban that was
  13. This is probably the most comically confusing posting I've seen in a long time. But I understood it all, having lived here such a long time and still love Mom's. Mostlylost just saved the day in words and pictures. Lexy
  14. Thanks. I was calling that number and got no answer. Then finally I did.
  15. Por favor, can anyone give me an active, working phone number to reach Actinver in Ajijic? Lexy
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