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  1. I've been with Bellon for years. I did run into a big problem with one of the agents. I went in to discuss it with the owner of the agency. Everything was settled peacefully to my satisfaction. For me, Bellon is a good choice based on years of experience with them. However I do believes in posting about disatisfactions and bad experience with local businesses, care givers, doctors included, and naming names. It helps us all actually to be alerted to bad possibilities. It's a fine line, to be sure. Lexy
  2. Tingting, I'm so sorry for thr mistake in your name. I couldn't find the edit button to corect it.
  3. Tingaling--Thanks for the posive and useful info. But why not name the less-than-good place? Otherwise it's just a bad story and not helpful to anyone if it leaves us guessing. I hope your husband is much better. Lexy
  4. I’m looking for a way to continue to buy NuLeaf products (CBD, CBC, etc.) now that Alex Peterson has ended his delivery service. Does anyone order online from NuLeaf in Colorado for delivery to here? If so, how well does it go? Any delay or problems once the package reaches Guadalajara? I know that IShop is one possibility, but besides the fees they tell me delivery may take 3 weeks once it reaches Laredo, TX. An informed response would be appreciated. Lexy
  5. call Juan:3339710630 Lexy
  6. I will take care of your cat if it isn't afraid of dogs. My dog is used to cats, although he and I have not had a cat in recent months. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you my email address. I live in Mirasol. Lexy
  7. Recently on this forum I saw that a few people were looking for a repairer of hearing aids to replace Polo, who died. Did anyone find a person who does hearing aids repairs ? I am interested in finding someone. Lexy
  8. Alex Peterson is again available now as a driver, including long distances. Fluent English, very reliable. Lexy
  9. Oscar Castaned is my choice. He's excellent. Last time I used him to cover two upholstered arm chairs. The only fabric I really liked was striped. He matched the stripes at the seams perfectly and also the cushions to the chair frames. Lexy
  10. I'm actually fascinated by her very skillful self-promotion. And it only takes a few seconds to scan her emails and delete. (OK, maybe I should get a hobby )
  11. I don't know how she keeps going. I'm amazed that anyone might actually subscribe to her publication. I receive her promotions to subscibe just about everyday, read her provacative come-ons, and then delete. She picks up her "news" based on info that's available just by Googling. She's shameless. But clever.
  12. Corporal punishment? A few hard whacks? Quoting you. What is that--a mini-beating? I don't doubt you love your dogs. I guess.
  13. I went to see Dr. Carlos Flores, the audiologist recommended by the Burtons (in an above posting). He is a great replacement for Polo. He speaks perfect English, is low-key and pleasant, very thorough, discussed options to treat my hearing problems. I had the most thorough hearing test ever, the results of which he went over in detail. Later he emailed the test charts to me for my records. I don't know if he does repairs, as some of you asked about. I recall that Polo did some repairs himself, but not always. I recall he offered a loner if a repair had to be sent out. I'm sure Dr. Flores would answer that question in a phone call. He comes Tuesdays and Thursday to Chapala Med at Plaza Interlago, Ajijic. 376 766 5128. Lexy
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