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  1. Hoolia--As with your similar post under Ajijic/Chapala/Gudalajara--why not give his name? It's been requested.
  2. If it doesn't include shipping you could ask Lakeside Shopping Services. I know they do Costco pickup and delivery. 333-446-2289 or lakeside.shoppings@gmail.com Lexy
  3. Since the Ajijic post office closed, I've had to go to the Chapala p.o. to pickup mail I've been expecting. There it sat. But yesterday--at last--I got a piece of mail dropped inside my gate. It was an envelope reminding me of Mailman's Day. Lexy
  4. Thanks, I'll check out Lenomex Lexy
  5. Right, Al--de Longhi was very popular when we bought ours. Wonderful while it lasted. Ferret--I'm sending you an email. . .
  6. I see my earlier response to Pete, who was the first to recommend a repair, seems to have disappeared. What I posted (or thought I did) was that I looked into a repair some time ago. On this forum I found out that my de Longhi problem was common. The consensus was it wasn't worth the cost as the fix didn't last. That's why I'm looking into getting a new heater, another brand. Lexy
  7. Thanks, Ferret. Al, was your heater a De Longhi? I'll check to see if they make house calls or will pick up.
  8. I need to replace my old DeLonghi propane space heater. I'd welcome some guidance, as it's been years since I bought one. On Amazon.com.mx, I'm looking at a Mr. Heater "buddy" model for 3426.78 pesos. But there are a lot of others. I want a portable propane indoor heater. (I do not want an electric heater.) The heater will be used mostly in my den where the TV is or in my office where my laptop is. I'd appreciate your comments especially based on personal knowledge and experience with propane heaters. Buen Fin is coming up and maybe I'll find a bargain. . . . Thanks, L
  9. Thanks, I know their usual hours. Just wanted to know if there's been a change during pandemic.
  10. Does anyone know if the Ladron Clinic is open this morning, Thursday? It's too early to call them. My dog is sick. Thanks for any info, Lexy
  11. As I recall, it is expected that a spouse,friend, or private nurse will stay overnight with patient. I stayed there with my husband. Not a lot of English is spoken, but it's a pleasant place. The cafeteria is pretty good. A spouse can be helpful to a patient and would summon help if needed. However nurses come in regularly to check. You might want to ask your doctor your questions. Lexy
  12. Dra Mariana Diaz Salazar. Quality Care every Weds. Lexy
  13. I'm looking for capable person who makes house calls to repair my printer. I have a Samsung multifunction laser CLX 3185. Problem is a Paper Jam 2. This one I haven't been able to fix myself. Repair person must make house calls, as this printer is too heavy for me to carry to him/her. Please recommend someone you know and trust. I live in Mirasol. Thanks if you can help. Lexy
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