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  1. Yes, there was a particular reason for a facilitator--to get me there. Lexy
  2. Thanks, all. I've had good offers...Lexy
  3. I went to the American Consolate two days ago, to the Social Security benefits small building. I was with a facilitator. I had to show the guard my ID and a copy of an email from them that showed I had an appointment that day. I was allowed to enter only with my wallet containing credit cards, ID and some cash and the documents I was told to bring. My facilitator was not allowed in and was given my pocketbook (with phone in it) to hold for me. (I don't know what they would have done with pocketbook if facilitator wasn't with me; probably guard had a place to put it safely.) All went smoothly after that. Lexy
  4. Does anyone have a copy of last week's Guadalajara Reporter (June 8-14) that they don't want and I could have or buy? I got to Super Lake too late to get one. I know I can access it on line, but there's something I want to copy as it appears in the paper. I live in Mirasol and can come get it from you, if you live nearby. Thanks, if you can help. . . Lexy
  5. Did it work. Is he OK? Lexy
  6. Thanks, Ferret, I couldn't think of Handy Mail. Angus, you always advise patience, but my memory is too shot to recall if I have that trait. Maybe I'll give the Mex PO a try. . . Lexy
  7. I have an 8 1/2 by 11 envelope weighing under 2 lbs to mail to Vermont. What's the least expensive but reliable way to do this? ishop quote was ridiculously expensive. Has anyone found that a mailing from the Mexican post office reaches its destination? Or not. I'm about to check to see if LCS still has a mail pick-up headed for the States. Thanks. . . . Lexy
  8. Thanks, all. I wasn't the one who mentioned that it was a man's name, luvsdawgs was. But now that it's mentioned, I recall that benefactor, too. I've just been told by a friend that my memory didn't fail me after all--Lake Chapala Humane Society AC is correct. Yes, Natasha, I do remember that my husband became the president. I simply drew a blank in trying to recall the name. Lexy
  9. Thanks, but no--not named after a man. It was, as I said, something like Lake Chapala Humane Society AC. In fact, it was where we first met Anita, who besides the vet was a paid volunteer, as she had duties that required her to show up every day. Anita's Animals was in the future. Maybe if I still have a current email addess for Geoffrey I'll send him a note. Lexy
  10. When my husband and I arrived here in 1997 we joined the only accredited animal shelter at the time. Can any old-timer recall its exact name? I'm thinking maybe Lake Chapala Humane Society AC. I appreciate your help. . . Lexy
  11. OK. Thanks. Do you know the email? I'm about to PM you.
  12. Is there a SSA tel. number to call these days in Guadalajara for advice? A few years ago I got great help over the phone, but now can't even track down a tel number. Lexy
  13. Now wait. The hottest month in our area used to be May, according to the travel books when we were checking them out in the late 1990s.. Travel books also said weather turned grand when the rains cooled things off in June. We came down for a trial run, weather in May and June turned out to be just as described, and we moved here in 1997. May/June weather stayed like that for years. Now indeed the hot months begin as early as March. Now I don't want to begin any argument about global warming. Really, I'm just sayin': It's hotter earlier now than it used to be. I agree with all the positive things being said here to answer the poster's questions. However, some of you who came here 20-plus years ago, as my husband and I did, might remember the hot month of May--and not earlier--my way. I wonder if the travel guides to living in Mexico have had to rewrite the weather. Doesn't matter to me. I'm here to stay . . . .apparently. Lexy
  14. Tiny, there's a thought: I'm going to check if my cleaning woman throws the dirty water out there after mopping the floors. Angus, just yesterday drinking water occurred to me and I poured some water out there along the narrow concrete strips that are a sort of border around the dirt/weeds. I was trying to get it to run into the corners and accumulate. I'll do it again this evening after the sun goes down. Other than that, how do I put out water for a lizard? Tiny and Jonnyintrouble--Could you do your comic stand-ups on some other thread? I've got grieving lizard-family survivors out there.
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