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  1. It's a hard thing to face, but many of us realize it: there comes a time in old age that some of us are no longer good drivers, we're a danger to ourselves and others. Some very responsible people give up driving cars. Others, even after being the cause of bad accidents because of their age-related loss of skills, keep right on driving. We don't know what caused this woman to have this accident. I wish we would stop speculating about her. But whatever happened that made this driver lose control could happen again to some other driver in our community. Actually something like it is bound to happen again. Has happened, will happen again. I think about the local businesses that create parking directly in front of their stores or restaurants, where passing customers are potentially at risk from an accident like the one we're talking about. Worse yet, I never pull in to park in front of Super Lake without being distressed to see the Mexican women sitting on the steps with their small children on their laps or letting them run around near the cars coming or leaving every day. To me, there's a horrible accident waiting to happen. Some people have brought it up to management at Super Lake, I've heard. But nothing changes. At the very least, as Slainte39 mentioned, barriers are needed. Lexy
  2. Lexy

    Tex-Mex is Back!

    I thought what Wookie reported about her experience was fair, even understnding of the situation the owners had that evening. If the food was cold, it was cold--Wookie was tolerant, the owners apologetic and quick to respond. And, she says, it isn't Tex-Mex, and sounds like it isn't. A helpful review in my opinion. Lexy
  3. Call Ulloa Physical Therapy Center. Jorge Ulloa is an outstanding licensed PT. Therapeutic massage is part of Jorge's training. Call and see if he offers what you need. He's in Riberas. 376 108 1532. Lexy
  4. Chillin, pappysmarket--stop the usual crap, please, that you two play at on these forums. You're two colossal narcissists and nobody thinks you're as cute and clever as you think you are. I'm looking for and need a serious answer to my post. Lexy
  5. Has anyone been to the physical therapist L.T.F. Ricardo Gonzalez Becerra now at Quality Care. If so, I'd appreciate any helpful comments. Lexy
  6. Thanks all. . . .I talked to Mike Merryman and Mario and assistant came and got signal back and all in working order. It may be, says Mario, my Dish receiver is wearing out. Right now, all is well. . Lexy
  7. Thanks, Alan. Are you talking about DishNetwork/Mexico. I have DishNetwork USA. Lexy
  8. Happyjillin--I just tried to PM you but got the message you couln't receive PMs. Do have a number for Mike Merryman, please. Is Mario still working with him? Lexy
  9. I did say that I think my Dish antenna is out of alignment. Thus I have no reception. For an adjustment to the antenna--to restore the signal-- I'll need a TV repairman to get on the roof. Can anyone recommend someone. Lexy
  10. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced TV repair man? I believe workers here in past few days have knocked my Dish antenna out of alignment. I was able to trouble shoot and regain reception every day for the past three days, but not today. No reception. I find Mike Merryman's guys expensive. Any suggestions? Lexy
  11. I got in touch with Mexico Daily News's editor, I understand the problem now, and solution is pending. . . . Lexy
  12. I subscribe to the online Mexico Daily News and have been reading its timely articles for years. Suddenly yesterday I get an Error 502 when I click on to read the news. The error message is posted by My Kinsta advising how I can fix the problem--and also how I can subscribe to their service for $30. usd per month. Their service is somehow tied to Google Cloud. I'm not as savvy about how my computer works as many of you, but I'm not a complete dunce either, and I'm suspicious. The "fix" doesn't look simple to me, I don't want to fool around to try, and I don't want to pay to fix a problem that oddly didn't exist until now. Can anyone tell me what's up here? Lexy
  13. My reception popped on seconds after posting here after being out all day. I can't thank you all enough. Lexy
  14. Is TV reception in Riberas/Mirasol out in general or is the problem just mine, I'm wondering? Lexy
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