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  1. Hello--Could someone give me the email address for contacting the Social Security Admin office in Guadalajara, please. I had it but now can't find it. Lexy I found it. No response required!
  2. Well, I'd like to know how it went if someone who was there is willing to give a report. I did not go. Lexy
  3. The link Mainecoons gave us is similar--in some cases, word for word--to pieces I've seen. The producers of this phone are obviously going all out in an expensive international PR and marketing effort. Reviewers and columnists seem to be hopping on it, parroting what is basically a company's news release. I haven't come across yet what appears to be an objective review. I tried to order the phone earlier today. The company is suggesting to do so online on their "official" site. My effort got me a repeat of the hard-sell promotional copy in English and an order form in Spanish. Couldn't get one in English, no matter how or where I tried. Also couldn't get an order form that took American Express, although a promotion page listed this credit card. Still, I wanted it now. At less than $200 usd how wrong can I go? Especially since my Samsung Galaxy is acting up. The Galaxy Cricket was my beginners effort in mastering a Smart phone like all the big kids have. Lexy
  4. Great, CG. I look forward to your comments. The link you sent--for sure that's not an unbiased "review". In fact it's close in wording and layout to what I read in the Washington Post--but that one indicated it was a paid-for promotional article. Lexy
  5. I've been reading a lot of the paid-for publicity as well as some of the reviews in major US newspapers or online of this new android phone called Xone. In a special current promotion it's being offered for under $200 usd. Has anyone on this forum bought one or have experience with one? Any informed comments to make? Lexy
  6. Can anyone offer me some guidance on shipping an urn with ashes (human) to the United States. I was surprised to learn the shipping services like FedEx don't do it. It's done here by funeral homes. I find dealing with San Francisco Funeral Home exasperating, although they have given me a price ($280 USD). Maybe it's just the young woman I've been speaking with. Or me. Is there anyone else reliable? Thanks if you can help. Lexy PS Someone just suggested to me in a PM that possibly Alex Peterson might be of service in getting the ashes to the States. Does anyone have contact info for him?
  7. Thank you, all. I'm going to start with Ferret's recommendation. Much appreciated. Lexy
  8. Can anyone recommend a good, experienced painter to paint my wrought iron dining table and chairs? Lexy
  9. I'm not sneering, lamenting, nothing along those lines. I'm amazed and pleased there were attempts to alert us we'd be without electricity on a certain day all day long. I was not grouchy when the lights went out at 8 am--not 9am as announced--three times in a row. But I gotta say, this time was one long day. The house was dark by 8 and there were no lights until after 9. Does anyone know how life has been iproved for us, CFE-wise? Lexy
  10. And one more thing--the notice says electricty goes off at 9--but it went off twice before in this series of upgrades at 8!!
  11. They had power off twice in Mirasol in recent weeks, all day long from morn to eve. And my rental owner--good guy that he is--let me know it ws coming . Otherwise I'd have been left in the dark, so to speak. Lexy
  12. Pete--As we said, some of us recognize this "newbie" has been here before, several times, under different names. I'm sure if these puppies were being offered free to loving homes, that free part would be made loud and clear. However, if the OP wants to clarify that these pups are not for sale but free let's hear from her. Lexy
  13. This looks like the same nervy, miscreant who's pulled this before, has been told not to, but comes back anyway. I hope our monitor takes this message off. And it wouldn't be a bad idea if sales of puppies were banned from this website's ad pages, too--just for humanitarian reasons. There are many needy, healthy dogs in animal shelters up for adoption; who needs bad breeders trying to make an easy buck by competing when our hardworking, dedicated shelter workers trying to find homes for them free. Lexy
  14. Many of us knew Tad years ago. I have many memories of her. Like when she told about her reports on haunted houses for BBC at one of the shows put on to raise money for new books for the LCS library. Loved when she became Lady Fleming. But a Playboy centerfold? That's a tad too much. . .Are we confusing two different women? Lexy
  15. I, too, got a PM from Steve Dietrich with some investment offerings. Steve's in Zurich, Switzerland, or so he implies. Wow, scams now in our PM inboxes . . . .but such a bland PM. Ferret's response is probably going to liven Steve's day. Lexy
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