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  1. No, the restaurant Wael had is not the same one as the Kamellos to which we are referring. Different places. Wael was in Riberas, mountain side. Kamellos was in San Antonio, lake side.
  2. I wonder if by chance this is being operated by the same folks that had the little Arabic restaurant near Super Lake a couple of years ago. Seems it was called Kamello's. Hope so, as I loved that place.
  3. I know a fair number of people under 60 here. I am currently 58, but moved here at 52. My best friend here was 7 years younger than I (she's since moved away). More and more young people all the time. I don't know the answer to your full question, but there are more and more younger people all the time. Lots of younger people manage to continue their work via the internet.
  4. Please excuse this likely stupid question. Are all plants with the orange honeysuckle type flowers the bad plant? Or is the bad plant only in trees? I ask because I have something growing on my fence that I thought was honeysuckle. Is there such a thing as an actual honeysuckle here that isn't harmful?
  5. I'm sure it varies greatly. My husband lost his at the airport a year ago, and it took at least 3 months to get it replaced. Maybe your husband will get lucky and get his much faster.
  6. No, the libramiento runs straight up the hill from Walmart, connecting to the highway to Guadalajara. It would be closer to Chapala Haciendas, Birds of Paradise, etc.
  7. There is a tile/ceramic store roughly across the librameinto from Pemex. They make custom plaques. Their prices are reasonable, and they do nice work.
  8. Yes. Maybe two of us depending on when you play.
  9. Over the years I have had Noe at Arte Amanceer in Riberas paint wooden furniture for me. He is located across the road and a bit to the west of Mom's, a few doors to the west of the huge new auto parts store in Riberas. Most recently, I had him build me a custom coffee table and paint it. He said it would be done in a week, it was, and he delivered it to me (I don't live very far away). I thought the price was more than reasonable, and I adore it. He will do what you ask, and has lots of pieces in his shop that you can look at for ideas. If you're looking for an accent piece painted in M
  10. I know there are old threads on this, but as usual, recommendations all over the map. Can anyone recommend dermatologist that comes to Lakeside and does skin cancer screenings?
  11. la buena vida, this is a VERY old post you're replying to. It was started in 2011 and the most recent comment was from March 2012. If you're looking for specific info about a particular hairstylist, you may have better luck starting a new thread.
  12. They are on San Luis in Riberas, a block or so east of the back of the Catholic Church.
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