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  1. Rudy's name has come up elsewhere. I'll have to 'hog-tie' him as he is reallllly busy. Thanks for the information.
  2. what a beautiful setting you have!! thanks for the photos. S.
  3. I'm building a new house in Vista del Lago with an expected (I know, this is Mexico) completion date of the end of February.  I've tried 'catching' Rudy to tentatively schedule him to do the pool .... but like most others here these days, he's so busy I've not yet even spoken with him.  In any event, I'm hoping he will be able to do the pool.    Would you be interested in being the 'second of eyes?'  Glad to pay you.      I have a good architect/builder, but he knows nothing about pools, building, the necessary plumbing, etc.

    Thanks for the information ....  all helpful.

  4. I'm willing to talk to anyone ... see other work they have done and check their references. Sometimes that works, just sometimes. But I have to start somewhere. Most of what I know about lakeside 'successes' with contractors is like the charming experience of Computer Guy. It is life here! Thanks for your reference ....
  5. No one has had a pool put in and are willing to rec their contractor??? Hmmm.
  6. I'm looking for recommendations for contractors, from Guadalajara or lakeside, who have experience (and references) for building a lap pool using the 'salt' system. Building the pool and hooking up the plumbing, etc. which also is to be used with a solar system. Thanks for any information, especially if it is someone from Guadalajara .....
  7. I would appreciate comments on experience with them ... timeliness, quaity of finished work, honesty and any other comments, etc. Post here or send a PM. Thanks.
  8. The Contec manufacturing plant for the BUILDING SYSTEM is in Monterrey, but the product/building system is available in Guadalajara. I've been told that some houses and businesses have been built lakeside using this building system. >>>>I'm trying to find contractors locally who have used this system, I would like to see some finished houses/buildings, and identify some sort of technical assistance to train and/or monitor the building system. I've tried to contact the company in Guadalajara via email and telephone. They apparently do not have anyone with any English and the staff has not responded to my emails where I've used 'translated' Spanish. Texas has several companies that are selling this system, but I hope to find some technical assistance locally. I do know the product is available. Thanks for any leads ....
  9. thanks to the couple of people who provided input regarding the 'work' experience and quality. That's what I was after and would welcome more, especially for those who have used him to build a new house. He indicated he's built a dozen or more new homes lakeside besides his experience NOB.
  10. There easily could have been a misunderstanding with the name ... I understood it to be Cawthorne, but I'll doublecheck and assume for now it may be Hawthorne. This guy rides motorcycles when he's not building .. that should narrow it down a bit. He's from the US. I'd appreciate any info ... in particular on building expertise and 'end' results. A character ref is fine ... maybe better as a PM. This is not intended to share his personal life ... I'm just trying to get an idea of his building expertise. Thanks.
  11. In the process of interviewing potential builders for a new house. I've talked with Mr. Cawthorn and now would like to find some others who have used him for a remodel, an addition, built a new home, etc. to get their comments on the experience in general, the workmanship, timeliness, cost, etc. You can post her, or send me a PM. Thanks.
  12. A summary of the February 24th 'Life Planning in Jalisco' presentation has been posted to this board. The contact information for the key law firms used for the project are noted and these people can be contacted with your personal questions. There's lots of other information on-line such as the Federal legislation, news articles from the Guadalajara Reporter and more. You can reach this information by just entering the key information into google. Just Curious
  13. Life Planning Presentation Sponsored by Life Planning in Jalisco February 24, 2012, Lake Chapala Society, Ajijic Topics: Mexican Federal End-of-Life Legislation (2008) Allowing you to designate one or more persons to act on your behalf when you cannot for medical decisions and allowing you to make end-of-life ‘palliative’ health care directives, and Jalisco State Legislation (2011) Allowing a ‘limited durable power of attorney’ and ‘curative/therapeutic’ health care directives used in conjunction with the State’s Tutor/Guardianship process. Lead Speaker: Roberto Espinosa, Attorney and Partner Law Firm of Vargas & Espinosa Justo Sierra No 3022, Col. Vallarta San Lucas, Guadalajara, Tel. 36 15 56 26 www.notario113.com and www.notario114.com Mr. Espinosa presented on both topics and can be contacted if there are specific questions or interest in further information on the State of Jalisco Tutor/Guardianship process. He speaks English. Notario Vargas, from the same firm has experience and background in working with both the federal and state legislation. Vargas & Espinosa is a law firm of 20 staff, with 2 notarios, located off of Lopez Mateos in Guadalajara. Guest Speaker: Ms. Ana Cecilia Villanueva S., Attorney and Partner Acosta & Associates, Abogada Corporative Bajada de las Aquilas No. 1240, Colonia Lomas del Valle, Guadalajara Tel. 333 641 2774 Acosta & Associates are legal counsel for Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Guadalajara. Ms. Villanueva speaks English and can discuss with you what health care directives are legally recognized and valid at the hospital whether they come from Mexico or outside of Mexico. Summary of Presentation Mexican Federal end-of-life legislation The legislation allows you to designate one or more people to act on your behalf if you become terminally ill and cannot act on your own behalf in making medical decisions (for a link to the legislation, enter into google 'Mexican federal end of life legislation'). The legislation sets out health care directives for end-of-life palliative care from which you can chose directives such as requesting hospice, pain control, deny curative care and more. The document must be in writing, dated, signed, plus signed by two witnesses. The person making the document must be mentally capable, over age 18. If the patient is not mentally capable, the document can be challenged. The document cannot request euthanasia or assisted suicide. The health care directives for palliative care are only valid if the patient is determined to have a terminal disease. They do not apply to non-terminal diseases or medical situations. If the patient is diagnosed with a terminal situation, expected to live 6 months or less, but lives longer, the health care directives for palliative care remain valid. The persons named to make medical decisions on your behalf do not have to reside in Jalisco or in Mexico, but they do have to be present at the hospital. The document does not have a 5 year expiration, and remains valid through any incapacitation. The directives have to be honored by doctors, nurses, hospitals and family. Jalisco State Legislation (2011) Allows a ‘limited durable power of attorney’ and ‘curative/therapeutic’ (not palliative) health care directives. The health care directives remain in place without any expiration date, unless changed by the grantor. The limited durable power of attorney is for ‘personal’ matters such as health care decisions. Unlike other powers of attorney in Jalisco, the ‘durability’ in this document allows it to remain valid if the person making the document becomes mentally incapacitated during the term of the document, and that this situation was specifically stated in the text of the document. The limited durable power of attorney is intended for use with the Tutor/ Guardianship process in which a person goes through a process of being declared mentally incompetent. At the end of this process, a Tutor/Guardian is assigned. The new legislation allows for a person to designate someone in advance to act as Tutor/Guardian.
  14. The project is over 3 years of legal research and a publication which is available under the same name, written by a local author. The publication provides guidelines for developing emergency information for emergencies, short and longer-term incapacitations, how to set up an emergency contact system and more. The second part of the publication provides information on how to obtain and use a durable power of attorney for medical or financial decisions that can be used in the state of Jalisco (the state of Jalisco does not provide for a durable power of attorney for any purpose other than legislation as of July 2011 which now has a limited durable power of attorney to be used relative to the 'guardianship' process, where someone has been 'legislatively' determined incompetent). The second part also includes information on what's available for preparing health care directives that are legally recognized in the state of Jalisco, especially directives for palliative care. The point of having a durable power of attorney for health and finance is for someone to act on your behalf when you cannot do so. The health care directives set out in advance what care you want or don't want when you cannot speak for yourself in any way. The laws in Mexico and in the state of Jalisco are very different from what many of us know from outside of Mexico or the state of Jalisco. The publication addresses these differences and the legally recognized 'work-arounds.' The final section of the publication provides guidance in pulling all of the information together, where and how to store it 'securely, determining who should know where the information is if needed, etc. If you click on the link above to the GR article published in September, you will find additional information that I cannot post here because the information includes a website with one 'commercial' item, which makes it a 'no-no' to post on this board. The website includes lots of information on durable powers of attorney, health care directives, on-line resources and more. There is also a link to the Mexican federal end-of-life legislation in English along additional background information. Just Curious