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  1. the solar tubes are not the solatube brand ... solatube was the original company, as far as I know (I had them in Las Vegas) ... then when my friend got a few, I looked and now see lots of competitors. So, I don't think the solatube folks will help ... but I could give it a try.
  2. A friend from the states has brought back some 'solar tubes' which they had used up north. They are used to bring light into the house, but through refraction (light does not come in directly). Since the light does not come in directly, you get the light but not the fading of clothes or furniture. One of the original brands was SolaTube, a US brand, which is sold in Guadalajara. Currently, there are lots of other brands and these 3 are another brand. But the installation is more/less the same. I was told that in Ajijic have appeared, but I don't know where. Since the
  3. Anyone know of or have leads for a maestro or company that makes concrete counters for outside barbeque areas? Thanks ....
  4. The price that NachoOE quotes in his post does not include (I've seen the house) ... the types of things you are mentioning ... granite, etc. What is included in the house he built is laminate, and other things at that level of amenity. Even the laminate was a very small counter. The whole house was the least expensive of everything. The only thing I saw of any increased cost was the color of the aluminum used for windows -- which was black, which is more costly than white. For granite and similar 'life style' amenities, typically lakeside the cost is more $10,000 to $12,000. But, I'
  5. From this Board, we wound up hiring this poster and his maestro ..... with whom he had only worked just once. Maestro was fine .... but the poster -- arq and builder -- was separated from the project 6 months into building the house. If anyone is thinking about hiring this poster, you are welcome to contact me via PM.
  6. This poster was very busy on this board .... offering help, which is great. I did not realize he had so much time on his hands. He responded to a post I had for information on a building product and I see now he had been posting for a while on various topics. A long story short, we hired him ... with some references, some information, etc. After 6 months of building,,,, he was separated from the project. For anyone that has built a home here, that kind of decision is a big decision. You are welcome to contact me via a PM if you are thinking of hiring him.
  7. I wound up hiring this person as a result of him responding to my request for information on a building product ... that I now know to be Hebel. I did not know that he had been posting various places on this board ... which looks like he was trying to generate some work for himself. That's not necessarily a problem ........ He responded to one of my posts for information on Hebel. We met, I interviewed him, got some references,, etc. It was not enough. After 6 months building a home, he was separated from the project without any recommendations from us. If anyone is thinking abou
  8. I agree .... the high bid does not always mean success, better quality for materials or labor. But, you 'might' have a better chance than start out with the 'low-bidder'.
  9. I'm familiar with that house. While this figure/quote above may be possible, you also tend get what you pay for both in construction quality, materials and more. I used this Arq/ "builder" based on other criteria (not the above information) for a fairly large house. The builder was removed from the project half way through. Those kinds of decisions are never made lightly.
  10. i've seen some low bids ... and from one of the posters on this page. From personal experience, you get what you pay for, or in his case that was the situation. It is hard enough here to get good work, and honest contractors, at a going rate which is more typically 10% to 12%, not 8% ... based on cost-plus or even a contract rate.
  11. For a very small house, without much of anything in it, $8000 or $9000 is on target. Lakeside, that is the exception, not the rule. That also varies if you are talking about the Mexican community or the foreign community. If you want more accurate information to get a better idea of this area, hopefully others will continue to respond, or you can repost. However, those that are busy running a business and working typically are not posting on this board or other boards.
  12. I responded to someone from a post on this board, who had posted about Hebel, and 'experience in using Hebel', which is the product I wanted to use .... and I got completely burned. The architect, "builder" did not have the experience (understatement) he stated and more. Spent a lot of money, way over budget, permanent damage and left lots of what I call 'damage control' issues. We recently had to separate him from our house-building project, which for those of you who have built know that is a very serious decision because of the implications. For him, what applies is that the red f
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