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  1. AMEN to that. Once in a while, you get one here (same as in U.S.) who rushes you in for an "emergency" procedure you could have done without, but so far here, I've had the best of care including that of a neurosurgeon who saved me from the full back surgery I've dreaded and avoided. I can't say enough good things about a few others, too. Best of all, you don't find yourself sitting half naked in a cold room waiting for a doc who usually consults his watch every other minute while he's with you. For those with doubts, look up where the U.S. stands in the world ratings for quality of care given. Then see where they stand in cost of care...Number one!!!
  3. Chillin's own post described the symptoms.
  4. Back in 2003 and early in 2004 when emigrating to Mexico was a possible option for us, Mexconnect was the prominent forum for information. We quickly learned that Rolly Brook was a generous and reliable source of information and he "held our hands" on many small but important things new immigrants needed to know. He was a true gentleman of the highest order: never petty or "smartassed", no matter how ignorant one's question was. He is missed for very good reasons. We need more "Rolly's" on here, IMHO.🖖
  5. That range of symptoms suggests that you see a good orthopedic doctor for evaluation. I am very pleased with mine and he is not the kind of doctor "looking for work". DR. Gabriel Martinez, who comes into Quality Care at the Laguna Mall on Wednesdays. Rare quality: he listens.
  6. Thank you, REC, for your very helpful response!🙂
  7. Need someone who works on these who speaks a little English. Fan works: no cooling.
  8. A really good Asian restaurant whose major feature isn't grease and salt. Same with a good Indian restaurant; any of the many styles. For the person who likes duck: I hear that Pale on the West side of Ajijic has a number of duck dishes and is good.
  9. Hi...you and me, huh? 😄
  10. IMHO, as Bette Midler put it. "F....'em if they can't take a joke". When a person takes themselves too seriously, it's going to get in the way of enjoying expat life. I know good and well how some of my Mexican friends and neighbors probably refer to a light skinned, blue eyed person who moved into their midst. ...and then, there's my "handle". In other words, lighten up and you'll have a better time living here among a people with a highly developed sense of humor.🙃 You get respect for your accomplishments and deeds. Any other "respect" is an illusion.
  11. My only comments: the "search" function on this board could use some work. Otherwise, I agree that people could work harder to find their answers before asking on here. And since I'm "peeving"...please stop assuming that the whole universe is on Facebook and could seek their answers there. There are people who refuse to be "assimilated by the Borg"...on principle.👽But if you're okay with it, far be it from me to argue against your being part of it. 🖖
  12. I'm with Jillin and Yo1. With a very little imagination, it's obvious that a real long term disaster would require an entirely different sort of supplies.😈
  13. ...something that dawned on me and why I deleted the post.😉
  14. This very morning, I dialed a cell phone number I've always had to use 045 for first, and it didn't work. I tried again, eliminating the 045 and it went right through. Go figure.🙃
  15. IMHO, the deepest pitfall is the total lack of any legal obligation regarding "disclosure". Give that one some serious thought. Yes, you can have an inspection, but that doesn't include what's buried under the walls...like the water connection between your house and five neighbors. Oh, and the gas connections, too.😎 If the owner hasn't told the realtor.....you're on your own, in any case. Good luck, and be careful.
  16. My doctor with Quality Care wants me to have it done at the other place. I'm an obedient patient (mostly), but thanks for your reply.😉
  17. Thank you very much. Since I am not on Facebook, that was very helpful.
  18. I would appreciate having the phone number and hours for them.
  19. IMO, calling people names like SNOWFLAKE is unnecessarily denigrating. How about giving solid, logical reasons for disagreeing, as would be required in any debate? Let's start with taxes in general, for the benefit of you semi or hard core libertarians. Bridges, roads, dams, levees, etc? Any outcry yet? Elementary schools? High schools? Where do you folks draw the line? Health care? Nothing is truly "Free". It's a matter of deciding cost/benefit ratio. s
  20. For a moment, consider the fact the phrase you revere came forth in 1776, at a time when slavery was legal and at least half the population (us wimmin) did not have the right to vote. Then trot out your old white guy values before calling anyone a "snowflake". I don't agree with all the "freebies" some advocate, but I am of the opinion that the right to "life" should include some kind of affordable health care for all citizens. Seeing someone die because he/she can't afford the medication needed is "just not right" for me.
  21. You can also check with the Childrens Art Program at LCS.
  22. Tit for tat expected, but it would be more useful if you had responded to my major issue with online begging: Are those people signed up with either Seguro Popular or IMSS, and if they are and those entities refuse to treat their illness, THEN I would feel like contributing to their need. Contrary to your opinion, I am not a heartless person. I just expect people to take care of themselves when they can...as I did through some very hard times.
  23. Since you know nothing about my history and what it took to end up with a house sale leaving enough to have a "contingency fund" for emergencies, don't you think there might be a wee amount of downright nastiness and/or intolerance in that post? I have no need to explain further. You're very good with words, Zena. In this case, you've also made wide ranging assumptions lacking any foundation. Before anyone does "online begging", I think that at the very least they should say whether they are signed up with the Mexican health care options which so generously allow us expats to join. 🖖
  24. I could have predicted that kind of self righteous response. Suppose I put it another way: Why would a responsible person move away from a country which has provisions for illness like Medicare and Medicaid for its poorer citizens to a country where the options are much chancier and then hope for charity from others? I feel plenty of compassion for those who are deserving of it. Then I hear a plea from someone who has not even bothered to sign up for Seguro Popular or IMSS. Excuses? I was not particularly fortunate in my financial circumstances in the U.S., so forget that . I was a saver and didn't "need" what that consumerist society foisted on people. In Mexico, the house we bought would be a remodeling challenge most people wouldn't touch. I'm afraid your broad brush doesn't apply here. I was simply raised by people with the attitude that one did everything else possible before asking for charity. YMMV.
  25. My spouse is the family techie and after checking the reviews, he set us up with ExpressVPN. We both need subtitles due to hearing problems. Some time later, the dreaded message appeared re using a VPN. I called the help number and was told to switch to another choice of location when that happens. Since then........no problem. It's been years now. Some of the programs on their Mexican version have subtitles, so we have a choice.
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