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  1. Names can change. Style...another matter.
  2. gringal


    Maybe they got their act together after the bad review of April 7th. Love salmon.
  3. Regardless of the reason, I ceased to buy meat from Walmart, especially after discovering that the mysterious "sell by" date wasn't necessarily so. I buy my burger at the butchers, selecting the sirloin chunks and watching it ground on the spot.
  4. Here's the story, found after a search in Senor Google: https://theweek.com/articles/649015/wells-fargos-phonyaccount-scandal-explained Then, Wells Fargo closed all the accounts involved, leaving the people with no proof of fraud and no return of the fees paid. As far as I can learn from Google, government insurance wasn't paid to those defrauded. However, the bottom line with the far worse Mexican situation is: DO NOT PUT MORE MONEY IN A MEXICAN BANK THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. My loss of $10,000 pesos from a combination of naivete and downright stupidity didn't leave me broke, and common sense had my life savings safely in the U.S. I wonder what the people were thinking who put their life savings in a bank with no deposit insurance? The woman who is being accused of being responsible for this scam was a real genius con artist.
  5. ...and even in the U.S., there was the Wells Fargo scandal.
  6. You want "credence" old poster under new name?? The irony here is rich. The story, poorly recalled after 15 years: I spoke nearly zip Spanish at the time and went to open an account at the local Banamex. The employee took the information and opened an account. In the process, I was asked to make out a blank check with no recipient named and there was some kind of excuse given about that's how they did it. I fell for it. My excuse: newbies in a foreign country often have a "easy victim" sign on their backs. Several months later, after my balance was comfortably over $10,000 pesos, the check in that amount was cashed by someone I had never heard of, in a nearby town. I complained to the management, who said they'd "look into it" and "was I SURE I hadn't written that person a check?" After all, my signature was on it. Nothing ever came of it. Several years later, the employee responsible became a manager of a different branch. Credence enough for ya?
  7. Apparently these unfortunate folks didn't hear the words "don't invest more money in a Mexican financial institution than you can afford to lose". Worth repeating. I was screwed out of 10,000 pesos by a Mexican bank in San Miguel right after moving there from the states. Lesson learned.
  8. I should have been more specific: How about the comparative cost of a specific MRI in Guad. as compared to one of the same kind at the new hospital?
  9. The IDEA of a new hospital here is good. The reality will be experienced well, or not. I'm questioning the high rates and the false advertising re Medicare coverage, to start with. Saving trips to Guad is all very well, but is that enough? Anyone know yet what the cost of an MRI will be?
  10. Which brings us back to the question: Coverage under Medicare Advantage while living outside the U.S. https://www.medicareinteractive.org/get-answers/medicare-health-coverage-options/medicare-and-living-abroad/medicare-advantage-and-part-d-for-those-who-live-abroad Something is sorely amiss. The patient is required to pay the hospital for any services and then must apply for reimbursement by Medicare Advantage Plans. Sounds like this is a misleading come-on which falsely gives the impression that the patient will be reimbursed...when they clearly won't be. Bad starting policy for a new hospital.
  11. I'd like to know how they can advertise out front that they can accept Medicare as well as all those other insurance companies. This would have to be a scam, something that was also tried years ago where the patient's bill "somehow" went through a U.S. associated facility. It didn't last. The only way Medicare pays for treatment done in Mexico is when it's emergency treatment for visitors.
  12. Near LCS: working fine; all the nuisance robo calls coming in often and steady.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon's_razor " Insnide Lakeside members who also hide on here " ("happyjillin" aka, aka.....) Most members of Inside Lakeside use the same handle on both boards, and the one I can think of who doesn't is easily recognizable. Typical attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill. For shame. 👽
  14. The people that I know of who are on both boards are there because the boards meet different needs. There's no joy or "schadenfreud" in it for me, for one, when either crashes. Why should there be? As far as I'm concerned, may they both "live long and prosper". The only time I get annoyed with this one is when the ugly subject of politics is allowed. I don't say "get a life": I say "get an Octagon". That way, the extreme righties and lefties could scratch that itch without polluting the rest of the threads.🙄 "
  15. Thanks for the clarification, Bobby. Sometimes, people need it spelled out.🙃 BTW, how about posting your new hours and days open? I was planning on having dinner there today, but you are now closed on Sundays. I understand how, when you love to do something, total retirement just doesn't satisfy. Wishing you the best of health and hoping you can carry on for a long time.🖖
  16. Yes, I saw that one. I think Ferret's source will work.
  17. Thanks. This will solve a problem.🖖
  18. Where in Mexico do they sell those? Amazon carries them but doesn't ship to Mexico. Amazon Mexico doesn't have them.
  19. I think this issue is gasping its last and should be allowed to expire quietly..😉
  20. So far, we have one. Let's hear it from the "many".🙃
  21. Tiny, your word twists are ludicrous, especially the last sentence. I think I was clear enough. Spago's was starting out badly and they must have heard enough negative feedback to "get" that they wouldn't be in business long at that rate. "Listening to customers" should be about the food and/or the service, not the chosen method of doing business. IMO, it's enough that a restaurant owner has been successful enough over many years that he need not pay attention to customers who want his method of operation done differently. In the case of Bobby's, we have a poster who doesn't like the idea of presenting a multi-course dinner and just wants a choice of entrees. Do you seriously think that the owner should change his menu to suit that person? That person has a choice of many other places to go that do things his way.
  22. "Maybe not listening to customers or the owner/cook thinking they know all, just because they worked for a few years, is part of the reason why restaurants all over keep opening and closing. "(Tiny) In the case of Bobby Snyder, he's been in the restaurant business all his life...and that's many decades. ( Assumptions are often a bad idea.) Most restaurant closings are not due to failure to respond to customers. They are more often due to being inexperienced in the business and/or not having enough capital to make it through the slow times. Badly prepared or overpriced food is of course, a big reason. Sometimes, customer feedback about what's wrong gets through to the owner loud an clearly enough that he/she turns it around before all the customers cross it off the list of places to go. This has apparently happened at the place which started out as "Spago's" and reopened as Scallions. Feedback tells me that instead of the terrible breakfast some of us had in the beginning, they have it right now.
  23. I'll guess that the owner of La Terraza, who has been in the business for decades, has made the decision on how he wants his food offerings presented. I suggest that when a person just wants an entree, he goes to a restaurant that presents that option on their current menu. Janelle's does this, as do many other local restaurants. In other words "why swim against the stream"?
  24. Good point made that you can look here first and decide where, what and how much. I enjoy a variety of tastes rather than, for instance, a big steak. One person's good value is another person's ripoff. One poster here praises a minimalist restaurant with few seats whose menu shows a chicken sandwich for $110 pesos. If the place had comfortable chairs and a salad bar included, it might be a good value. In the same strip, El Ancla offers the best Chicken Cordon Bleu I've ever had for $125 pesos, freshly prepared and served in a very comfortable setting. The portion is so large that I take half home for supper. This site saves a lot of disappointments!😉
  25. The salad bar is priced separately, at least on the lunch menu. Had lunch there today. There are only two items on that menu which include the salad bar. The salad bar itself is priced at over 100 pesos. The shot of "something" is tiny, and mostly ice. Nice touch, but not worth much.
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