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  1. Last evening, my spouse and I had dinner at Yves. For the price of a meal, the salad bar is included. My husband ordered a filet mignon steak (Sonora beef) which was large and tasty. Well under $300 pesos. I had a ham and cheese quesadilla. Huge portion, with excellent quacamole. Well under $200 pesos. A small after dinner drink came, too. There is outside or inside dining. (We prefer inside, since the seating is comfortable in equipale chairs.) So far, after years in the area, I think this is the best all around dinner we've found. We've noticed that Yves constantly improves the quality of the ingredients used.
  2. For those who are not yet convinced that getting the jab is beneficial, this detailed description of what it's like to have the full effects of getting Covid: https://news.yahoo.com/unvaxxed-lunch-lady-wants-see-041031361.html
  3. Sounds like you could use a local lawyer. I recommend Spencer McMullen, who posts on here and is familiar with most kinds of situations relating to property problems in the area.
  4. When I did a lookup on this one, it said it was quite openly satire. REALLY?? LOL!!!
  5. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/trialsite-news/ This one is a more subtle sneak up, eh?
  6. He installed a filter at our house a few days ago.
  7. There went our Grandma's advice about chicken soup!! 😄
  8. Why am I not surprised?🙃? More biased than factual: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/citizen-free-press/#:~:text=Overall%2C we rate Citizen Free Press Right Biased,or information regarding who is behind the website.
  9. They are still open and I had my frames fixed a few weeks ago. Very helpful.
  10. Nothing wrong with checking sources out, but "far left" and "anti religious" mainstream news??? How about a quote to prove your point?
  11. Here is the actual wording, which does NOT include restaurants: "Governor Enrique Alfaro reported that as of January 14, citizens will be asked to have a vaccination certificate or negative test or PCR tests valid for 48 hours for some recreational activities, for example, casinos, bars and clubs. , stadiums (where the capacity will drop to 60%), concerts, event rooms, convention centers and mass events. And he announced that Jalisco will buy the first 1,500 molnupiravir treatments for hospitalized patients and that the patron saint festivities, the absent son party, street parties, fairs or kermeses, dances, pilgrimages and carnivals will be suspended until February 12." (All this from Bisbee Gal's post on TOB.) BisbeeGal Share Holder Posts : 511 Join date : 2020-03-14
  12. Several months ago they were set up in the Technologico Institute on the Libramento and there they were giving Pfizer AstraZeneca shots. Got ours in early September.
  13. No, this is not the "cheapest" area for expats and others to settle. It does, however, have many needed (and wanted) facilities that other areas of Mexico don't have.
  14. What's hard to understand is why posters bring quotes from those admittedly far right/religious sources instead of from mainstream news....and they never seem to learn that of course, we are going to check them out!! 🙃😉
  15. As I just posted, they did do it right last year. I am so hoping they will do that again since I'm one of the people who can't handle standing for hours.
  16. Has anyone heard that they are planning to set up a vaccine station at the Technological Institute as they did last year? I was vaccinated there in September and was impressed by their efficiency. We were out of there in under two hours, and they had parking at the top of the hill for the disabled, as well. (I am due for a booster shot in February or March.)
  17. The most recent issue of the Guadalajara Reporter has a listing of all the legal holidays in Mexico. Worth cutting out and keeping.
  18. The important word there is "proven", it would seem. 🙃
  19. But speaking of the government and "liberties", how about the folks who wanted to end democracy in favor of mob rule? The anniversary of last January 6th is this week. Just saying.😉
  20. With the power outage this morning, we went for breakfast at Yves. Everything was excellent, from the fresh orange juice to the omelet. I highly recommend it!
  21. Ferret, I can't find the link to the information you posted about getting the vaccine for those traveling here from other countries. A Canadian friend has been staying here for over a month and wants to know how he can get the vaccine and stay longer. Please let me know so I can pass the information to him.
  22. Just in general, I find it hard to believe the level of insults and hostility being expressed on here. What's the point? No minds will be changed, but peoples' anger at one another will probably remain. Why not just "cool it"...maybe starting with the moderator and spreading to the passionately opinionated one way or another? BTW, I personally have had two shots and will get a booster when due. However, those who believe that somehow, the vaccines are bad news, are certainly entitled to their opinions. However, neither side on this issue has any justification for ridiculing the other. So please, folks, let's have some PEACE on earth!!
  23. I was THERE when the polio outbreak happened. There was no choice about being vaccinated. We were all jabbed. Guess what? You all know what.🙃
  24. So far, the only truth we have found is that more unvaccinated people actually die from the infection. Yes, you have a choice.
  25. Is the Sun a reliable newspaper? Categorically not, as The Sun barely qualifies as a newspaper, in that it contains almost no serious news. What news it does contain is often unreliable. The most extreme example was the reporting of the Hillsborough tragedy, after which The Sun reported that Liverpool supporters had robbed corpses and urinated on them. Is The Sun a trustworthy news source? - Quora www.quora.com/Is-The-Sun-a-trustworthy-news-source See all results for this question
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