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    New goverment and residency

    Very true: a foot in each country. These are the folks who "need" to make an annual shopping expedition NOB.😉
  2. gringal

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    It was good to see her post. It smacks of knowing what she's talking about and, since she also had surgery under that system, it has the ring of truth. There's entirely too much rumor and speculation surrounding this subject. I think it will take AMLO quite some time to get the new system in place, so I don't think we have cause for alarm as yet.
  3. gringal

    Seguro Popular to be replaced

    From AMLO speech (Mexico News today on Dec14:) AMLO announces new integrated health system; Seguro Popular to be replaced Management of health care services will be transferred from states to federal government Friday, December 14, 2018 362shares President López Obrador has announced a new integrated federal health system that will incorporate all of Mexico’s states within two years. The president told reporters at his daily press conference today that eight states will be added to the new federally-operated system every six months. The first to be included will be Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, Tabasco, Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Campeche. The president said the public health system as it is currently organized, with federal and state authorities offering separate services, is not working and that his plan will fix it. “The agreement means that the states will transfer [management] of their health care services to the federal government, which will be in charge of the whole health system,” López Obrador said. Health funding currently allocated to state governments will instead be used by the federal government, he added, explaining that a constitutional reform would allow that to occur. The leftist president, who has promised to create a universal and free health care system such as those in Canada and Europe, said the federal government has a budget of 90 billion pesos (US $4.5 billion) to create the system and that 25 billion additional pesos will be allocated to implementing it in the first eight states. López Obrador also said that the Seguro Popular health care program – which offers free health care services to people with no other insurance – will be replaced by a new scheme. “It’s obvious that it hasn’t worked, it’s not insurance and it’s not popular. It’s going to be replaced by a public health system that guarantees quality medical care and free medication,” he said. The president will officially present his federal health plan at an event in Mérida, Yucatán, later today. Source: El Financiero (sp)
  4. gringal


    Monitor has been sold.
  5. Model f 2105 Excellent condition. $950 pesos. Ajijic Centro, near LCS. (Bought larger screen for graphics work.)PM if interested. Val \
  6. gringal

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    The post by Ibarra didn't mention that pre-existing conditions are not covered by IMSS initially. I'm not sure of the waiting time. SP covers you for these right away. It would be best to verify all of the information given in the post before basing a decision on it.
  7. gringal

    New goverment and residency

    "...and here we go again, discussing U.S. policies, politics and airing our biases. (Waving hands in air) We are in Mexico, remember ? "(me) ...AND THE BEAT GOES ON....AND ON.
  8. gringal

    Found Keys

    More found keys: After parking (lunchtime) at El Ancla yesterday (Friday), I found a set of keys on the ground next to the car. I turned them in at the bar inside.( I believe to the owner of the restaurant.) This would have been around 12:30
  9. gringal

    IMSS Registration process

  10. gringal

    IMSS Registration process

    There are some "facilitators" who come to LCS once a week to do that. Check with the office re when. There is a fee they charge for their services. (They do not work for IMSS)
  11. gringal

    New goverment and residency

    ...and here we go again, discussing U.S. policies, politics and airing our biases. (Waving hands in air) We are in Mexico, remember ??🙄
  12. gringal


    Wouldn't it make sense to buy some really good earplugs and stay put?🙉
  13. gringal

    Ideal Clean

    That has not been my experience over the last ten years of using their service. They come for 4 hours every other Friday without fail. A month or so ago, she called on Thursday and said one of the ladies was ill and could I re-schedule, which I did. Sometimes the brooms, etc.,are about 20 minutes late, but "atrocious" doesn't apply here. YMMV, of course.
  14. gringal

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    Woke me up around 3 am. Been at it ever since. 🙉
  15. I asked in a previous post, but still want to know if it's an indoor or outdoor venue. No answer as yet.
  16. I've stayed there often and the only thing is; Be prepared for something out of bygone days. Nothin' fancy, but it is located near enough to the harbor that you can sip your drink and watch the ships go in and out.
  17. gringal

    metal lattice security for windows

    There is another one in the same strip as Sunrise Restaurant. On the Carretera in San Antonio. OOps. Not sure if it's in that strip mall or the one with Handymail on it. They always have ironwork on display out in front.
  18. gringal

    Gas Heater

    My workroom is in the center of the house with no direct ventilation to the outside. It has a large skylight, so it gets really cold. The radiator-style electric heater wasn't doing the job, so I bought a gas heater. It stunk, and in order to get enough ventilation I would have had to get it from the windows in the adjacent living room, at which time the original purpose of getting warm wasn't working. I sold it . YMMV.😉
  19. gringal

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    For people who are in need of medical care and lacking money for private hospitals, SP is a godsend. It's been joked about being "like MASH, without incoming artillery", but the important thing is the doctors, who I understand do the best they can.
  20. That depends. In the situation described, the poster was normally paying half or less than the quoted price elsewhere and the shopkeeper should have offered a better price. A certain amount of negotiation is expected in other situations. It is not uncommon to be quoted a "gringo price" which is higher.😉
  21. gringal

    Dusty Chicken

    Go back to Oatsie's post showing the menu. Both addresses are shown.
  22. gringal

    American Legion Restaurant Menus

    Is that posted menu showing current prices?
  23. ...and that's one of the reasons I use Spring Clean. They take care of such matters.
  24. gringal

    IMSS vs Seguro Popular

    On a practical decision level, I'd advise trying to sign up for IMSS if the person has no pre-existing conditions that would bar some coverage. After the dust has settled on the political front, that can be dropped and the person can switch to SP. I haven't actually used either coverage, so can't comment on the conditions in the hospitals.