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  1. I think we can more or less agree that politicians in general answer to their sources of support, such as arms manufacturers, drug companies, religious groups and so on... ad infinitum. Our votes should reflect our knowledge of who the sources of support are.
  2. On TOB, a poster reported that there is one with the Chapala Med group in the plaza near Tio Sam's. Another one is reported to be within the buildings where the San Antonio Hospital is located.
  3. Alas, that tired old insult about "getting a life". Most of us already have one. However, not all of us consider that plain old dishonesty is okay for getting what you want, any way you can.
  4. The first time I heard that phrase was in connection to a tenant who brought a dog in to her newly rented apartment which had a clearly stated "no pets" rule. (She got the boot, not the "forgiveness". She was not a Mexican.)
  5. "Best to be forgiven than to ask permission." Really???
  6. gringal

    best burgers

    Another great burger option: Emma's Deli, across from Tabarka in Ajijic. He now makes his own burger buns, too. Huge burgers with very good ingredients.
  7. Thanks. I went down that street yesterday....no sign of her.
  8. Nope. Might try in the future. Good man doing the upholstery, and decent parking there, but haven't heard about Teri before this thread.
  9. LOL...that's the one we've been using. The sign is a bit misleading...she doesn't speak English. She does excellent work, but our language gaps have resulted in some mistakes. Life is thorny enough. With my hearing problem and minimal Spanish...it's time to go elsewhere.
  10. I've used the upholsterer several times. Does good work. Didn't know about the wife.
  11. I'm lost here: which street? The one I've been using is in San Antonio on the first lake side street east of Walmart. Don't know Jose Luis.
  12. Speaking of overwhelmed hospitals, this was in today's news: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/idaho-hospital-forced-to-turn-away-hundreds-of-transfer-patients-amid-covid-surge/ar-AAOv8Ac?li=BBnb7Kz
  13. Can someone recommend a seamstress in the Ajijic-Chapala area who speaks at least a little English? I can't use the one in Ajijic with the difficult entry steps, and my Spanish is very limited. I have been using one near Walmart (who is excellent) but our communication problems have resulted in some problem results.
  14. "Proper forum etiquette is to be observed or posts may be deleted in order to make this forum a valuable resource to all. " How about a perfect example?
  15. ACD: Read the edited post. As for this: "Is there good evidence of this? I do not see it here in Chapala. " Chapala is not the world. Read the general news from common sources!!
  16. "It appears normal on an ipad" THAT has to be the most ridiculous excuse imaginable!🙃
  17. Ibarra...you're right of course, but ACD obviously doesn't care about that and appears to believe that large type and entire articles will make his point better. The only hope here is that a moderator will "moderate" him into civilized posting instead of him "shouting" at us at such great length. However anyone wants to define this plague, we know that it's killing people at a great rate and vaccinations cut back on death from it. Arguing about the nature of it isn't solving the problem and our hospitals are so overwhelmed that care for"normal" emergencies and surgeries is being impacted. Personally, as soon as I see ACD's large type ...my mouse moves on past. If I were to see a single paragraph in normal type, it might stop and I'd read it.
  18. ...apparently "yes", as long as it's coming from the "right" direction.🙃
  19. I think they had an adult daughter who was assisting his wife. Hope so.
  20. Honeybee, what makes you think that the people who knew him don't "miss" him. Of course we do! He was a fine man with a generous spirit. Those with hearing problems do need someone to take his place, and that was the point of this thread.
  21. Does anyone know if there will be a replacement to help us?
  22. They had a round of shots for another age group plus the "old farts" at the Instituto on the week of August 10th. I'm guessing that they'll have another round soon. Somebody on here usually announces when.
  23. Oh, you mean that men have an inherent right to rule over women's choices? When men can get pregnant, willingly or not, I'll buy your point.
  24. I'm still waiting to hear a good reason why primarily male legislators have any business passing laws restricting abortions. Why not? OBVIOUS!!!
  25. Try the deli....food's GREAT. Nice outdoor or indoor seating as well as takeout. Reminds me of some of the good spots in Los Angeles!
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