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  1. gringal

    MRI's done Lakeside?

    As of now, not yet. The two new hospitals being built "may" have them. We can hope.
  2. ..."answering the same questions over and over. " This is a new question: "Are ILOX subcontractors in the process of installing cable in San Antonio" I doubt he'd be annoyed or offended since so many people are puzzled at this point.
  3. Isn't someone who posts on here in contact with people at ILOX and couldn't he ask them and report back on here? Enough speculation, eh?😏
  4. gringal

    Seamstress for alterations

    Just FYI: The lady who speaks English is coming on Tuesday. The Monday lady speaks no English and my Spanish isn't good enough to explain what was needed in the alterations. (I know: It's my problem, not the Monday lady's.) So later, I went to the Expert Cleaners and after standing around quite a while, the clerk finally said they didn't know if they could do it or how much. Tomorrow, we'll try the San Antonio person. The search goeth on.🙃
  5. I need a number of hems altered. Normally, I'd take them to the seamstress on 16 de Septiembre, but she has some health problems interfering with taking on work. I've taken work to Rosie on Ocampo in the past, but my own physical limitations don't allow climbing that step to enter her shop. Any other recommendations would be much appreciated. (I'd prefer close to Ajijic.)
  6. gringal

    Taxis service

    When a poster makes an accusation of "unreliability", fairness requires that the specific incident and person responsible be cited. It wasn't. I've used the services of the Miramontes family for years and they have not only been reliable, some of the family have gone far beyond just giving me a ride. As misfortune would have it, I had multiple medically related trips to Guadalajara last year. The Miramontes driver served as translator when I went for an MRI on two occasions. (My hearing is nearly as bad as my Spanish, so his offer to help was most welcome.) Their vehicles are always in good repair and they are careful drivers. They charged me by the hour. I don't know what the current rates are.
  7. gringal

    Nusa's (Bakery and More)

    A friend has been reading rave reviews of this place on Facebook Foodies. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Established 2019." Bakery, plus other items. Anyone been there? Comments?
  8. The next General Meeting will be on March 4th, 2019 at the la Bodega restaurant on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic. Coffee from 9:30. Meeting at 10:00 All those who are either artists at any level, craftspeople, students or simply interested in art are welcome to attend the meeting free of charge. Check it out and if you decide to become members and participate in our shows, our treasurer will be happy to sign you up. There is usually a demonstration or film after the short business meeting. Newcomers to Lakeside...welcome!
  9. gringal

    Nusa's (Bakery and More)

    Okay, got it. Thanks. I'll let my erroneous friend know. 😉
  10. gringal

    Nusa's (Bakery and More)

    My friend said it was across from El Ancla, which is definitely on the lake side. Ancla is one of my favorite lunch places, so have been there often. So, would you please help us out by giving us some landmarks we would see on the lake side, coming from the East, before we get there?
  11. gringal

    Nusa's (Bakery and More)

    I never heard of it, either, but my friend follows Facebook's Foodie section (not I). Supposedly, It's on the mountain side in West Ajijic, across from and near the strip mall with El Ancla on the Eastern end.
  12. gringal


    If "some people" would stop making subtle and not-so-subtle digs themselves, maybe no one would attack them.😏
  13. gringal


    Forever? One can hope. 😉
  14. gringal


    You can rest assured that a voluntary cessation of posts was unlikely.😄
  15. gringal

    E books

    Just an anecdote about ebooks. I belong to a local book club which focuses on selecting monthly books which have won significant awards. So, every month I take my selection over to LCS library first and in three years, I've only found one or two of them there. This is followed by paying a fee to Amazon for the e-book. This pattern makes me wonder what the LCS book selection group is thinking. 🙃
  16. gringal

    Seamstress for alterations

    Thanks to all for your suggestions. After one of your suggestions, I have decided to go to the Women' Coop around the corner from me on Monday and talk to the lady about doing the job. Their seamstresses do beautiful work. (If I weren't too lazy to iron often, I'd have bought their embroidered blouses. Some of them are works of art!)😉
  17. gringal

    Spago’s open

    Maybe after the cost of all that remodeling, they had to save some pesos elsewhere.......like on help with some experience?🙄
  18. gringal

    Seamstress for alterations

    Besides that, it seems that many times people only read the last entry and respond to that. So, for that category of readers, I'll repeat: Rosy does a great job and I've had work done by her in the past but now, I just can't make it up the step!🙃
  19. gringal

    Social Security Question

    My spouse and I gave our Ajijic address to the SSA years ago. Every year, the "are you alive" letter arrives, addressed to each of us, at different times. No problem. Don't worry. If your checks stop coming...worry...and contact them promptly.😉
  20. gringal

    Spago’s open

    Uh....since they don't do it ?????🙃
  21. gringal

    Spago’s open

  22. gringal

    il Giardino Restaurant in Chapala.

    Next time you're out after 7 pm on a Monday, check out Gosha's. Open till 8 (and once you're there, no problem). Delicious hot food every time. Good barbeque. Friendly waitstaff. Oh, and reasonable prices (IMHO)😉
  23. Sort of a Mexican National Enquirer?
  24. gringal

    Foam-core mounting, photos

    I'd recommend you don't go with standard foam core but take up Lupita's offer to have it re-done at Art House. But, there is an archival foam core available. When I googled "Is foam core archival", a page of references came up, such as this one: http://www.artsupply.com/foamcore/acid_free.htm
  25. On the block east of S&S auto, Have Hammers and Puritan Poultry, there are two thrift shops which have men's clothing.