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  1. Since I'm far from being a "right wing Christian", there's no point in my reading publications like the Blaze, si? I don't usually read the New York Times, either. I get all my news over the 'net and am more in favor of the BBC site than most others. Right now, the political news is so volatile that any truth is hard to find. Seems like lying and covering up are the most common practices with all of them. I'm hoping for a return of plain old logic and sanity... rare and wonderful things.
  2. The reason some folks don't love the Blaze just might be explained here: The Blaze - Media Bias Fact Check mediabiasfactcheck.com โ€บ the-blaze May 07, 2021 ยท In review, The Blaze reports news with a far-right bias that utilizes strong loaded words such as New Jersey Democrats propose a gerrymandering plan that would give them a permanent majority. This story properly sources from mainstream media outlets. Story selection almost always favors the right on The Blaze, and there is a heavy Christian bias.
  3. Is there any way that we who missed out on the first dose (due to the *** "home visit" signup that never materialized) can get it nearby sooner than late fall??
  4. I just checked and "clorfenamina maleato" wasn't there. Which variation would most closely match the one recommended by virgo lady?
  5. Registered seniors...like the people who signed up in March for the "home visits" that never materialized? As in, probably the highest risk group that nobody seems to care about? Hmmm.๐Ÿคจ
  6. A little fact-checking, for those who care: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/05/the-falsehoods-of-the-plandemic-video/ This also refers to the "AIDS" story.
  7. Good luck on your enterprise, but that price might be off-putting to many people, and some don't have a large enough appetite for the meals described. Perhaps an a la carte option would be welcome.
  8. People are acting "normal" when they get pissed by an accusation. Mature adults don't base their beliefs on "feelings", but on logic and factual information. I respect Dr. Fauchi because of his education and experience. Ridiculing him is a sorry attempt at one-upmanship.
  9. Your latest posting has not addressed these matters, except for announcing the opening date in the wrong thread.
  10. Obviously, there are differing points of view on the right way to deal with this plague, and some are spending a lot of time finding authorities to back them up. The way I see it is: It's not going to harm anyone to wear a mask around others; not wearing one "could" be harmful to others. So, no matter who's right, I'll go along with the "official" position and wear the danged thing for the time being. I'm a lot more concerned about other matters, like the completely chaotic way the vaccinations here are being administered.
  11. Another very vague, troll-like reply. I give up.๐Ÿ™ƒ
  12. A little more information, por favor, like a sample menu, projected opening date and YES, price range.
  13. Don't be so vague, Bobby: Come right out and tell us what you think the "AGENDA" is, who is behind it, and what they hope to gain. Or just admit that you're trolling for the fun of it.
  14. Signs on doors work just fine, especially when people have walked up to the door in anticipation of going in there to dine.
  15. It would be nice if that notice were also on the door.
  16. I'll take whatever vaccine is available, but I have the same concern as MtnMama.
  17. So, the posts refer to what's available in the U.S. for those who can travel there. Got it. My problem is that I signed up in March for the "home visit". That never happened, and the program seems to have disappeared. Can't stand in the lines or travel. Now the first shot isn't available anywhere close. (Can't go to Guad.) What to do? Nothing, from the looks of things, until the shots are available to labs and docs. Am I correct or missing something?
  18. Where in San Antonio? First shots available?
  19. Just for kicks: I used to live in the "wine country" area in Northern CA. When the power went out there, we were lucky to get it back within the WEEK! We have it easy here.๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. LCS area was out and came back about 15 minutes ago. First, a brown out, then nada.
  21. Model: Acer Aspire EE-15-E5-575-33BM. Core i3 processor with 4GB of RAM. Bought in 2017. $250 U.S. or $5040 pesos. PM me
  22. That's what I meant.๐Ÿ™‚
  23. ...which is a good reason to buy chicken at the Monday or Tuesday farmers markets.
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