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  1. I've had nothing but positive experiences, so it's a case of YMMV.
  2. How about asking Polo that question?
  3. I was wondering about that! 😏 When I spoke in my primitive Spanish to the ladies trying to help me, I found that body language served the purpose by mimicking the act of ironing. They "got it" just fine. Soriana is definitely NOT a sewing store, although they have a few sewing needs. I'll go for the tiangus next Wednesday.
  4. Using Costco: When you first get hearing aids, they often need "tweaking" until they are "just right". If you don't mind the trip to Costco, then there's no problem. For me, there is. Next: If your aids need repairs, you must go to Costco. If it's not something they can fix on the spot, they send your aids away and you're without them. Unless you have two pairs, that's a problem. Polo started out in the field doing repairs and will usually fix the problem while you wait. Re "ambient noise" at Polo's testing booth: There hasn't been any in that area on a Monday, in my experience. Getting your hearing tested during the Childrens' Art Program sessions on a Saturday may not be a good idea, however.😏
  5. Yes. There is a good hearing aid man, Polo, who comes on Mondays and some Saturdays to an office in the rear building at the Lake Chapala Society on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic. He has the testing booth and all the equipment to test your hearing and arrange purchase of your choice of hearing aids. He also does repairs and will "tweak" your hearing aids for better reception when you need it. He speaks perfect English, if that matters. You don't need to be a member of LCS to use his services. You will need to go to the hallway signup station and sign up for an appointment when he is there next. Since he is quite busy, I'd suggest going to do that several days in advance. My family members have been using his services for years and are very well satisfied.
  6. I was looking in the sewing notions dept, and when I couldn't find them, I asked one of the employees, who said they don't have them now.
  7. FYI: I went to Soriana in search of the iron on patches. They do not have them. I guess it's the Tiangus....dang.
  8. Glad to hear you'll have air conditioning. It would be good if you posted a menu for us.🙂
  9. That's what the "edit" button is for, and you're within the time frame to use it!😏
  10. On the general "tone" of the thread: (1)ageism is alive and well and (2) the reverse snobbery shown toward Ajijic is as ridiculous as it always was. I agree with BMH about the tiangus. If you want to give yourself the delusion of having a "Mexican" experience by being in a large, jostling crowd of people where the wares are the same as you can buy in the stores, by all means....go. If the OP has less than a week to spend here, I recommend that he find the most convenient location from which to get out and about to see the sights. Casablanca B&B is another good choice: a quiet street, centrally located, at a reasonable price. Plenty of good restaurants within walking distance, and of course, there's the nearby Malecon next to the main attraction: the lake. If you're there in the early hours before the crowds arrive, the park next to the Malecon has some good adult exercise equipment. Personally, I'm fond of the swings.😏
  11. When they first opened several years ago, they definitely were facing a "learning curve" so after our first sad meal, we didn't return until a few weeks ago. We had some excellent lunches...and then they went on vacation! Today, since they are open again, we lunched there. They first brought a basket of very fresh bread with a good spread, which nicely abated any hunger pangs. I can say without hesitation that this was the best burger I've had around here, as well as the best value. Large sirloin patty on a "homemade" bun with good seasonings. I couldn't finish it and shared half with my spouse. Since I don't eat fries, they offered a salad instead and it included avocado, beets, several kinds of lettuce, radishes and a good French dressing on the side. Besides that, there was cole slaw. All this for 90 pesos! So, for you burger fans, this is definitely worth a trip.
  12. If you're not feeling too frugal, there's the Nueva Posada on the lake and a nice B&B, Estrelleta, on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic; close to everything. Very comfortable; good restaurants nearby. Weather: toasty; maybe some rain if we're lucky. When I moved here in 2008, people said it "used to be" better. Don't the old timers always say that?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, but this is for bottom fitted sheets and the patches would be near the top (under the pillow) or near the foot.🙃
  14. This website is a regular font of knowledge, so where can I buy iron-on patches? I have two otherwise fine king sheets with one rip each needing fixing beyond just sewing it up.
  15. The next General Meeting will be on Monday, June 3, 2019 at the la Bodega restaurant on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic. Coffee from 9:30. Meeting at 10:00 All those who are either artists at any level, craftspeople, students or simply interested in art are welcome to attend the meeting free of charge. Check it out and if you decide to become members and participate in our shows, our treasurer will be happy to sign you up. There is usually a demonstration or film after the short business meeting. Newcomers to Lakeside...welcome!
  16. Names can change. Style...another matter.
  17. gringal


    Maybe they got their act together after the bad review of April 7th. Love salmon.
  18. Regardless of the reason, I ceased to buy meat from Walmart, especially after discovering that the mysterious "sell by" date wasn't necessarily so. I buy my burger at the butchers, selecting the sirloin chunks and watching it ground on the spot.
  19. Here's the story, found after a search in Senor Google: https://theweek.com/articles/649015/wells-fargos-phonyaccount-scandal-explained Then, Wells Fargo closed all the accounts involved, leaving the people with no proof of fraud and no return of the fees paid. As far as I can learn from Google, government insurance wasn't paid to those defrauded. However, the bottom line with the far worse Mexican situation is: DO NOT PUT MORE MONEY IN A MEXICAN BANK THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. My loss of $10,000 pesos from a combination of naivete and downright stupidity didn't leave me broke, and common sense had my life savings safely in the U.S. I wonder what the people were thinking who put their life savings in a bank with no deposit insurance? The woman who is being accused of being responsible for this scam was a real genius con artist.
  20. ...and even in the U.S., there was the Wells Fargo scandal.
  21. You want "credence" old poster under new name?? The irony here is rich. The story, poorly recalled after 15 years: I spoke nearly zip Spanish at the time and went to open an account at the local Banamex. The employee took the information and opened an account. In the process, I was asked to make out a blank check with no recipient named and there was some kind of excuse given about that's how they did it. I fell for it. My excuse: newbies in a foreign country often have a "easy victim" sign on their backs. Several months later, after my balance was comfortably over $10,000 pesos, the check in that amount was cashed by someone I had never heard of, in a nearby town. I complained to the management, who said they'd "look into it" and "was I SURE I hadn't written that person a check?" After all, my signature was on it. Nothing ever came of it. Several years later, the employee responsible became a manager of a different branch. Credence enough for ya?
  22. Apparently these unfortunate folks didn't hear the words "don't invest more money in a Mexican financial institution than you can afford to lose". Worth repeating. I was screwed out of 10,000 pesos by a Mexican bank in San Miguel right after moving there from the states. Lesson learned.
  23. I should have been more specific: How about the comparative cost of a specific MRI in Guad. as compared to one of the same kind at the new hospital?
  24. The IDEA of a new hospital here is good. The reality will be experienced well, or not. I'm questioning the high rates and the false advertising re Medicare coverage, to start with. Saving trips to Guad is all very well, but is that enough? Anyone know yet what the cost of an MRI will be?
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