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  1. gringal

    Thanksgiving turkey to go?

    C'mon folks: Be kind to the environment: bring your own containers for those take out dinners. Tell the restaurant you're bringing them when you order.
  2. gringal

    Gas Prices

    Holy mole...I just used that link and Shell regular in my old home town is $4.05 a gallon!! Viva Mexico!
  3. gringal

    Pancho's Grand soft Opening

    On the other hand...every time one of us gives a positive restaurant review, that's free advertising, and the same for any other product or event that's posted about.
  4. There is a different report on the status of the project on Inside Lakeside. Among other things, a person who attended the meeting at Plaza Montana reported that $200,000 would need to be raised for lawyers to attempt to stop the project: it has already US investors involved, and the project is farther along than reported above. It is also involved in a similar project in Zapopan. Maybe the above was from an earlier meeting.
  5. gringal

    Accident Wednesday

    I agree with Cybertramp. This should be a safe place to ask questions. Simple curiousity is not a sin. I would like to know because my spouse was stuck in the middle of that traffic jam with ambulances and injured people there and I was worried when he was so late getting home. Si
  6. gringal

    Is the lake level controlled ?

    It was so high some years ago, according to one old timer, that the former Posada (now Isabel) was flooded inside and people had to wade to the bar. In 2010, it flooded the Ajijic Malecon and the park as well as the parking lot. The new Malecon was built later. It's high, but it's been higher. (I lived here in 2010.) It has been bad news for some of the lower places in Riberas. A friend had his house flooded. The septic system ...not good on that occasion.
  7. gringal

    window covering

    If you're looking for blinds, check the shop a few door west of Superlake. They've come to the house to measure and later, to install. Lots of variety to choose from.
  8. The problem here is that you are talking about rules and regs. in the U.S. Are there any like that here?
  9. My husband set us up with Express VPN, which works until it doesn't (once in a while we have been "outed") , at which time I go to the live chat on their service and they give me a new virtual location. This has worked for several years. We have a smart TV, but had to buy a separate portable computer to make Netflix movies work on it. It does a fine job now.
  10. gringal

    Rick's Burger @ Casa Linda

    Ditto on the salad.
  11. gringal

    Rick's Burger @ Casa Linda

    If french fries are on a person's "forbidden foods" list, is there an alternative to go with the burger?
  12. gringal

    60's in Paradise burger

    It used to be La Mision. The turnoff is the one you'd use to go to Yves'. Can't think of the name. Go directly south toward the lake about a block or so. It's on the right.
  13. gringal


    When I first read your post and replied, there were no other replies to it...so didn't mean to repeat. For some reason, my post took "forever" to arrive on the thread. It happens. I'm surprised at Eduardo pulling this stunt. He was nice to deal with when he worked at Roma.
  14. gringal

    Social Security issues

    Part A of Medicare is free and I don't think it can be "cancelled" although you can't use it in Mexico. Part B is deducted from your check, so that can be cancelled. I first called the office and they said I had to send a letter to cancel it. I did so. Relax. The wheels grind slowly in gov't doings.