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  1. gringal

    Food Safety

    Which rule re "handles" is being referred to?
  2. All judgments aside, these deaths were not caused by "regular" drinking. The stuff was poison. Let's hope it's out of circulation.
  3. Theoretically, all the malecons and parks are still closed. The Jocotepec one is worth visiting. Too bad there are so many topes between it and its easterly neighbors. That gets in the way of visiting more often.
  4. And as we watch the giant trucks carrying Coke making their rounds daily, do we wonder about the high rate of diabetes and obesity? Not if we have half a brain.
  5. My point (alas) was that there is no good reason to go through those elaborate processes of having food delivered since you have no way to verify what happened before it got to the delivery person. I'm happy with cooking at home until we can eat out again in restaurants where we already trust their process since we've never been sick after eating there. I'd just as soon have their staff take care of the cleanup instead of me. 😉
  6. I'll be more specific: The food preparers, handlers and packagers.
  7. It almost sounds like you're saying people stay here because they have to, rather than want to. Not so in this family's case: We moved to Mexico sixteen years ago and have been back to the U.S. once, for four days, for a family funeral. We were happy to get back "home"....which is right here. It's better on so many levels, from medical care to the general attitude of those who live here.
  8. Re RV's post about the delivery system... Just curious: What do we know about the process of the food preparation itself??
  9. I understand that those who have their SS checks "direct deposited" to a Mexican bank account will not get their stimulus checks there, but will have to wait for them to arrive in the mail to whatever address the IRS has on file. This may take awhile, especially for those who are using a U.S. address of someone else officially. Anyone know differently?
  10. We have used them extensively recently, and they have been very effective and good to deal with. They got good prices for our items.
  11. Note that the consignment shop next door to Have Hammers has been closed since the general shutdown and so can not contribute to its upkeep.
  12. "Then maybe we can get oldies to toss those walkers and canes and buy a bike. " I assume you're joking. I hope so.😉
  13. Mine is working as it always has, except that the Yahoo account is doing its darndest to persuade me to allow ads. One of us will give up eventually. Not me.😉
  14. Our SS checks are deposited into a Mexican bank. I read somewhere that if that's the case, they send a paper check to the Mexican address they have on file at SS. This will take awhile. Dang.
  15. U.S. citizens (including expats) are not so far removed from the Mexican model of families staying close and helping one another: maybe 2 generations at most. It started turning into what it is now when the children of (usually) large farm families left for jobs in the big cities. In reality, it was a simple decision for survival. Even with the best intentions, it is hard to see how being together in itself will ensure survival of Mexican families where the wage earners have lost their jobs. This situation we are living in is unprecidented in our lifetimes and will create more hardship than any of us have seen...anywhere.
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