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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/study-chinese-covid-shot-may-offer-elderly-poor-protection/ar-AAMtciU?li=BBnb7Kz
  2. Thanks for the information about this place. Your mother was fortunate to have you to take care of the problem and move her elsewhere. I am appalled at their practices! I'd suggest that anyone contemplating either moving a relative or even themselves into a care facility should find one that has been in business fully for more than a year and for whom reviews by residents or relatives are available.
  3. "Statistical studies" are open to individual interpretation. This article from the New York Times is about real life experiences and IMO, far more convincing. https://www.yahoo.com/news/undervaccinated-swaths-arkansas-covid-19-140520154.html
  4. Great hamburgers: Try the huge one at Ancla in the strip mall West of Ajijic past the Pemex station and the Oxxo. Outstanding ingredients on every level, and under 100 pesos... including fries or other choices. Best I've had here. All their other food is above par, too. Inside or outside seating.
  5. Something surely went bananas in the software. I'm ranked as a "newbie", when I've been a member since 2010 and have thousands of posts. I see many others who've been here forever in the same situation. All you can do, amigos, is laugh!😄
  6. As "an artist", my head is usually in the clouds rather than on the ground, Pedro.🙃
  7. They look like ants with big wings. Tons of them on the sidewalk of Pharmacia Guadalahara and some in my yard. Don't remember seeing them before. Anyone know something about them?
  8. I read my source, and my comment reflects my conclusion. I think things were destined to go amok in this thread when it started with a headline calling someone a "maroon". Ridicule of that level is innapropriate on a forum claiming to demand civility of its posters. When is it going to start making that claim real?
  9. Yet another "Media Bias Fact Check" super right source whose founder is a openly white supremacist as source. Here's one that, in spite of the alarming headline, comes out with the facts: https://reason.com/2020/04/24/its-not-fake-news-trump-did-actually-suggest-that-injecting-bleach-could-be-a-cure-for-covid-19/ Sounds like it was nothing more than a less-than-fully-thought-through comment Trump let slip, and one which his opponents gleefully jumped on. As for Dr. Fauci, he is far more qualified by experience to address the issues regarding a pandemic than politicians with no medical background.
  10. If this thread isn't wandering into U.S. politics, what is? I'm waiting to hear someone bring up the "maroon" advice to drink disinfectant and/or the promise of "herd immunity" very early in the pandemic outbreak. P.S.: It wasn't Fauci. 🙃
  11. No, we arrived at the gate at around 10:30. Whoever would be manning the gate must have been on a break. Alas.
  12. I don't see the post as "political" since no party or candidate was endorsed. It was advice as to what precautions we might take, based on the violence that has occured so far.
  13. One problem: If no one is minding the autpmatic gate suggested, it won't be open, and no cars could go to the top near the door. I had to walk up the entire path from the bottom with some kind assistance. Someone was operating the gate on my return trip, so no problem. Other than that, it went very smoothly and took less than an hour and a half from arrival to exit. I recommend this way to get your jab.
  14. Thanks, Ferret. I'm the gimpy one, so that will be very helpfull.
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