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  1. You have a problem with shopping Monday through Friday??πŸ™ƒ
  2. Unless "W" used a different "Juan Carlos", that is an unfair judgment of his work. He made our entire kitchen cabinetry and solid core hardwood doors around ten years ago and did a beautiful, long lasting job for a reasonable price. Since NOTHING is "square" in our ancient house, that's saying something. We have had many compliments on the results. The number I have for him is 331-357-5637 If anyone is contemplating hiring a carpenter and would like to see what he has done here, feel free to contact me for an appt.
  3. There is an article in the current Guad Reporter on her closing. It indicated that it was because of the rent, rather than a free choice to close. She will be missed!
  4. My experience with getting a stent there was similar. Plus, I was so over-anesthetized that I literally went nuts afterwards and the doctor had me sent home the same evening. I didn't even recognize my husband and was "out of it" for several days. The place is run down and understaffed, as suggested above. No more.
  5. There is a difference between using an agency for a once a week intensive cleaning and using a full time person.
  6. So would I, as well and learning which hospital they use for surgery. I had a very negative experience with the one they used in Guadalara back in 2019 to put in a stent.
  7. I suggest you contact the Bowen therapy person who makes the appointments at the number given in a previous post and ask that question.
  8. I've also used David, and highly recommend him. It's also very important to use his instructions re daily actions, such as posture changes and exercise habits.
  9. I use a cleaning service that charges me $800 pesos for 4 hours of 1 housecleaner. I got a chuckle from the post about "so much time on our hands" since so many of us need that maid service for tasks we can no longer handle ourselves due entirely to infirmities, rather than time constraints.
  10. We walk on the Ajijic Malecon almost daily and see lots of Mexicans with their dogs: some leashed and some not. Same with masks. Same with the gringos. Social distancing re dogs? πŸ˜„ Never happens.
  11. My memories of my aunts and uncles is of very active, healthy people who were busy. Most of them lived into their late eighties and nineties. Our memories depend entirely on the kind of family we had. Great variation.
  12. ...and THAT'S the truth!!!
  13. I suggest that restaurant owners check this website for opinions. I would find it very uncomfortable to discuss my dissastisfaction with the owner of the restaurant. Who would be more aware of the shortcomings of the food and/or service than the owner? The lack of awareness would only be believable if the owner were not directly involved with the day to day operation of his/her business. The owner's post was unconvincing, at least to me.
  14. I appreciate a bad review IF IT IS SPECIFIC. Carnivore's was, and it saved me time and money. The original reviews made me want to try the place. Not now. So...thanks for the GOOD bad review, Carnivore!πŸ˜‰
  15. The email address I have is: Polgon62@yahoo.com
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