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  1. Bad or good medical care? Last year I saw orthopedic surgeons who recommended expensive, long time in hospital and months of therapy solution for my back problem. Not one of them recommended vertebroplasty to repair ruptured disks, done in a one day top level hospital stay at minimal cost by a neurosurgeon recommended by an acquaintance. I walked the next day. No additional therapy needed. Motivation involved on part of first docs? $$$ maybe? No question. Fortunately, most of the doctors I've dealt with are not like that. As I suggested previously, get all the information you can before committing to any doctor's solution to your problems.
  2. Depends entirely on the doctor. I've had very good care from my current GP. However, I have had some very bad experiences with others. If you are deciding to have an important procedure done, be sure to get some opinions (via PM) from others who have first hand experience with that doctor. You may hear some horror stories. I have at least two.
  3. Tried Amazon and Costco for Abate. No luck. Where can I buy some locally?
  4. " Like many benign threads on this forum, someone throws a sucker punch with veiled political or hate comment and successfully hijacks the thread. " TOO TRUE. The question is, why is it allowed to be "successfull"?
  5. I stand by pointing out that the rules of this forum ask that you keep it "civil and non-personal". Is it?
  6. Has anyone read the posting rules yet? You know, the one about being "civil and non-personal." Seems that one is more honored in the breach lately, and by more than one poster. However, I'm neither the mod nor would I want to be.......but personally, I believe that unless one is perfect oneself, he/she should avoid being judgmental.🤢
  7. One correction for bmh's post above: " It is a restaurant but all the dogs are outside and so are the tables and the people" Not so. We eat inside because the chairs are more comfortable, and it is visible that Yves' old dog is habitually draped in the kitchen doorway. The waiters often have to step over it to do their jobs. I like Yves and the food, so we eat there anyway.
  8. The next meeting will be on December 2nd.
  9. Amazon Mexico has what you want: You can view the site in English as one of the options. This is the item: 4.1 out of 5 stars 347 $25.90 Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 6 FREE Shipping by Amazon
  10. Dr. Vargas is an opthalmologist with an office in Hospital del Hierro in Guadalajara. He comes into the Ajijic Clinic one day a week...I think it's Tuesdays. Excellent doctor. He did my cataract surgery several years ago. Appointments are made at the main desk.
  11. Both my husband and I have used Polo for around ten years and are well satisfied. For those that don't mind driving to Costco, I'm glad to hear it's working for them. Choices are good. My current choice of "top of the line" Starkeys is working for me.😉
  12. There is another option you can consider: When you have hearing aids, they need to be "tweaked" on occasion or repaired. There is an excellent audiologist who works out of LCS on Mondays and two Saturdays a month. He can get you whatever brand of aids you want, and he does not charge for subsequent visits to "tweak" them. He usually can do all repairs when needed as well. Much more convenient than Costco. You don't need to be a member of LCS to use his services. The office is in the rear of the grounds.
  13. Simple. You need to sign up for it at their office. It may or may not be "free" depending on your circumstances. Whichever it is, when you sign up, you are given papers to show you are a member. Same as practically everything else, si?
  14. Monday, November 4th, the ASA has its monthly meeting. La Bodega Restaurant on 16 de Septiembre in Ajijic. Coffee available at 9:30: official meeting at 10:00. Speaker or demonstration after the meeting. All finished before noon. Everyone is welcome: Artists, persons interested in the arts and those beginning to work in the arts or crafts. No charge to attend meetings, and the Treasurer will be available if you wish to become a member.
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