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  1. The email address I have is: Polgon62@yahoo.com
  2. Dr. Eloy Barragan on the Carreterra, in Mirasol 766-3847
  3. In the recent news, and made my jaw drop to my knees: we've been HAD!! https://www.npr.org/2020/09/11/897692090/how-big-oil-misled-the-public-into-believing-plastic-would-be-recycled?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=news
  4. If you mean "Ajijic Services" run by Eduardo Molina, I am currently using them and am satisfied with the cleaning done.
  5. There's a big sign on the former Perry's Pizza saying "Tex Mex". Was driving by, so couldn't tell if it's open yet.
  6. Surely the great minds on here can do better than this!
  7. Bisbee gal just said it all. Were you listening?🙃
  8. ...so after I pointed out that the topic was hijacked, there have been 15 more posts having NADA to do with food or restaurants !!!! What gives???
  9. Is there any way some of you could PLEASE stick to talking about FOOD and RESTAURANTS in this thread??? Most of us don't give a spit about your petty sniping. You're boring the majority.
  10. One of her employees came to my home within the last year for about an hour. Charged $800 pesos.
  11. Thank you Ellie....much appreciated!!🙂
  12. Thanks for the useful information, Bisbee Gal. I'll contact the LCS office re this matter in person when they open. I need to pay my annual dues anyway. Ordinarily, I receive my CA ballot by email and send it in with the LCS diplomatic pouch. I do have access to a FAX machine.
  13. ...Anyone have the answer to my question? I don't use Facebook or Zoom.
  14. Does anyone know if the Democrats Abroad organization is going to have their usual setup at LCS this year, and if so, when?
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