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  1. It has at least one good place to eat on the waterfront and several lakeside locals have built fine homes there.
  2. ...and that's the ONLY good reason to honk, IMO.
  3. Here's a completely unofficial personal observation: When trying to turn left off the Carreterra in heavy traffic, the only drivers that seem to stop and let you do so appear to be....Mexican. On the other hand, they are willing to risk all in order to pass on the two lane highway going west at such risk sometimes that I have to shut my eyes and wonder if they WANT one of those little shrines by the roadside. In other words...all our observation seem to be coming from la la land and personal observation. Whatever the case, horn honking in a long line of stopped cars is just pointless, no matter who is doing it. Me, I'm coming from a goodly portion of a lifetime of Los Angeles traffic. It's just nuts and always has been, and there's no greater "melting pot" than thereabouts.
  4. Bobby had a B&B in a beach town south of Manzanilla, but I heard it was sold.
  5. Sorry...my direct observation is that it covers all ethnicities around here. It the "lack of patience and common sense gene".
  6. Not addressed to whoever gave Camille a hard time, but to the drivers here in general: There you sit in a long line of cars, stuck behind "something" at the head of the line that either can't or won't move out of the way. This is when some :() way back in the line starts honking away, and then usually someone else joins in. Would someone please explain WHAT ON EARTH IS THE POINT OF THAT? (I don't really expect an answer) 😎
  7. My dentist for the last ten years enjoys an excellent reputation, speaks English and is very competent: Dr. Eloy Barragan 766-3847 Located on the main highway in Marisol.
  8. The best Chicken Cordon Bleu, freshly made, I've had in Mexico...and enough for a take home meal as well. Reasonable prices and comfortable seating. I prefer inside, where it's quieter. Nice people, too.
  9. Back to Jitomate...had their meat raviolis, and the are the best I've had in Mexico. Excellent pizza as well, with the best pepperoni.
  10. Dr. Vargas is an excellent ophthalmologist who practices at Hospital Puerto de Hierro in Guadalajara and has an auxiliary office at the Ajijic Hospital, where he comes every Tuesday. Appts. are made at the central desk there.
  11. I understand there is an age limit for potential donors. What is it?
  12. For a really good whiff of dog poop, take a walk on the Ajijic Malecon any morning. Anything else will pale in comparison.😄
  13. After living in the Chinese restaurant paradises of CA, I eagerly tried Min Wah years ago and had a terrible meal. Then, someone in my group of friends had a meal catered by them. The food was delicious. Tried their Saturday special next and was roundly disappointed. I'm thrifty enough that I want my restaurant pesos spending to be worth it. Not going back. YMMV.
  14. Moral of story: Be aware of such issues before you buy. Unlike the U.S. there are a number of "buyer beware" matters that neither the seller nor the real estate agents are obliged to tell you.
  15. Thanks for that! For some reason, it didn't occur to me to do that and yes, the little *uckers were often found in the pasta!!
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