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  1. Gosha of "Gosha's" restaurant (on the same lake side block as Bruno's) is herself Polish and offers some Polish specialties on weekends. The food in general is fresh and well prepared. Prices are reasonable and the ambiance is pleasant. One of our family favorites!🙂
  2. We seem to acquire our priorities from our families very early in life. As pointed out by others, achieving excellence in something is way higher on some peoples lists than making money. That was the way my family thought, and appears to be common here, too. IMHO, the U.S. (and elsewhere) attitudes have gotten way out of whack for too many people, and IMHO, that does not lead to a life of happiness or satisfaction.
  3. And the real question is: How is the way things are done in a foreign country (Mexico) any of our business?
  4. Heavy orthopedic surgery = heavy meds, si?😏
  5. THANKS a bunch, Bisbee Gal. Since I'm in the bed most of the time recovering from surgery, taking things apart will have to wait a bit. This is a better solution in the end than my often-used old standby...masking tape! 🖖😉
  6. You don't mean "get the bed to you" do you? I couldn't tell from your message. I would very much appreciate that repair kit!! Please do. That bed is great for anyone with back problems..
  7. The company that makes and sells these has no connections that I can find in Mexico. Mine seems to have a slow leak on one side. Anyone know where I can get it repaired? (It's an air mattress and very comfortable)
  8. When we moved from CA to MX, we filed a "Certificate of Non-Operation" by mail with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles while our license was still valid. Several years later, when we went for Permanente status, there were no fees due in CA for the years in between, and the new owner took the car back to the states with no problems.
  9. I think it's "lighten up" time. I'll bet nearly all of us were taken aback a bit at the "coop" title. There's just a few smarties on here who couldn't resist teasing you. I'm sure they meant no harm. 🖖
  10. AMEN to that. Once in a while, you get one here (same as in U.S.) who rushes you in for an "emergency" procedure you could have done without, but so far here, I've had the best of care including that of a neurosurgeon who saved me from the full back surgery I've dreaded and avoided. I can't say enough good things about a few others, too. Best of all, you don't find yourself sitting half naked in a cold room waiting for a doc who usually consults his watch every other minute while he's with you. For those with doubts, look up where the U.S. stands in the world ratings for quality of care given. Then see where they stand in cost of care...Number one!!!
  12. Chillin's own post described the symptoms.
  13. Back in 2003 and early in 2004 when emigrating to Mexico was a possible option for us, Mexconnect was the prominent forum for information. We quickly learned that Rolly Brook was a generous and reliable source of information and he "held our hands" on many small but important things new immigrants needed to know. He was a true gentleman of the highest order: never petty or "smartassed", no matter how ignorant one's question was. He is missed for very good reasons. We need more "Rolly's" on here, IMHO.🖖
  14. That range of symptoms suggests that you see a good orthopedic doctor for evaluation. I am very pleased with mine and he is not the kind of doctor "looking for work". DR. Gabriel Martinez, who comes into Quality Care at the Laguna Mall on Wednesdays. Rare quality: he listens.
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