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  1. What I've noticed is that no matter what the service is, from a dentist to insurance agents, is that there is always SOMEONE who has a bad experience and complains, naturally. However, it's the majority experience that counts. Bellon has been my experience for years and it's been fine; however, I'll admit we've never needed to use them to process a claim. w
  2. Me, too. Been wearing them for 20 years. Never had anyone but an audiologist involved. But yes, this device has been costing an outrageous amount.
  3. Unfortunately, there's not much anyone of us can do about it. It doesn't look like the Powers That Be have chosen to do anything, either. The only option, therefore, is to either move elsewhere or develop more patience. Some good C.D.'s help. Audio Books were a brainsaver back in our LA Freeway days.
  4. I just googled the site (AARP/Medicare Advantage) and this is what came up: __________________________________________________________________________________ "America’s Top Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plan Provider* Your ZIP Code Error: Please enter a valid ZIP Code" _________________________________________________________________________________ (I had entered my Mexican zip code "45920") I think we have the answer. Lie required. An interesting site to check out for other options: https://www.internationalinsurance.com/health/north-america/mexico.php
  5. "Man mamma….all one needs to do is a little research…not ask someone who is retired…probably to pasture before some of these new AARP / United healthcare insurance instruments were available"(Ian Greenwood) ...a teensy bit condescending, perhaps? I would appreciate your sharing your source of information regarding the new insurance instruments available to us expats. However, I will see what I can learn from Senor Google today. My mind is open about how well this could work, but that bit about "your U.S. zip code" is a puzzler. Of course, I realize that there are a number of expats who use someone else's U.S. address for mail and many other purposes. Maybe this plan will work for them. Personally, I live in Mexico for all purposes. That includes SSA and my major financial institution.
  6. There was an interesting scam happening some years ago. (I think it was back in our San Miguel era.) The way it worked: a medical group also had an office in Irvine, CA and guess where the billing to Medicare was directed from...as though the patients were treated in the Irvine office. Eventually, the truth emerged and the scam was exposed. I didn't follow the story in the newspapers closely enough to find out who got prosecuted for what, but what a way to try going!! That page 35 information is very different but has the same aroma. Note the sentence referring to "your U.S. zip code" CURRENTLY????
  7. Everything I've ordered from Amazon MX has arrived very speedily, so far. Good delivery service.
  8. gringal


    This is the restaurant upstairs from Pancho's. There are stairs, but better yet, there's an elevator at the back of the Food Court and it actually works! (Not the speediest, but who cares?) The restaurant is Italian with some great dishes, decent seating, nice waiters and a very pleasant setting (lots of open air tables). The food? Went there with friends yesterday and we were all delighted. I had fettuccine with shrimp...and it couldn't have been better. Generous serving: took some home. Priced under $200 pesos. Two friends had steak sandwiches and were very pleased. Before yesterday, we tried one of the pizzas: best in town, no question. In other words, it's a great addition to the dining scene. Don't miss it!
  9. Can't agree about the need for a medical insurance plan. Have had some pricey trips to the hospital over the last years but am still WAY ahead of retaining Medicare, let along carrying private insurance at the amount they charge for older folks. Plus, if a person has any "pre-existing conditions", guess what?🙄
  10. The relevant word here is "quality". There is no way I'd buy either beef or poultry at Walmart.
  11. I just called the number and added our names to the list for flu shots. The person said that they would probably be getting them after the first of next month, and didn't have the price as yet.
  12. Thanks. Do you happen to have their phone number? When I call, I'll ask the price and pass it on.
  13. Is the private lab in the San Antonio Hospital complex giving the 4 strain High Dose Flu vaccine (for a fee)?
  14. Question: is this the group that was in the Plaza near Tio Sam's...or another group?
  15. We just took that trip to a restaurant west of the gas station. Along the way, many delays and many 5 ft. high piles of debris along the side of the road. One way traffic alternates slowed things even more. The restaurant was busily cleaning up mud, so no lunch there today, and we headed back eastward. Advice: don't go anywhere past Yves location westward. Huge mess!! Water still running across the road from the hills.
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