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  1. We are all free to have our opinions, and none of us is in a position to tell one who is not in agreement with ours, to "move on".
  2. Why bother to report you? You can't resist making personal attacks, so it's just matter of time.
  3. Getting a little crude there, Jonny. And another thing: what's with the obsession with not doing the things elders tend to do, like finding a comfortable chair, etc.? Life has stages: our bodies have stages and there's nothing wrong with any of them. I can't imagine a more shallow attitude toward life than to pretend there's a video recorder following you around. That's about when someone should suggest you "get over yourself".🙃
  4. No other things considered...it depends on the time of year you need to do the work. It's very hot and humid on the coast in the summer months, starting about April. It's okay here, even in the hottest months.
  5. If we continue to have an escalating series of disasters, "unique" won't be the case. Either government or private industry would be beaten to the economic ground.
  6. This thread has veered off into a direction where most of us part company. I suggest that at this point we declare "peace" and stop insulting each others' intelligence and emotions. This is no longer a debate about substance, is it? I
  7. Mainecoons: "The proof the private sector can do this job far better is right there across the U.S. border where energy costs half of what it does here. Amazing that anyone could miss this. " Meanwhile, in California, the private monopoly PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) is going bankrupt. Lawsuits. Stuff happens.
  8. One of the problems is the parking during high season. Almost none. I intend to try it as soon as the crowds lighten up. I ate there several times when it was Indian food and liked it. Not as popular a cuisine as Chinese....so we'll see.
  9. I remember it well, and I'll wager everyone on here does, whether they agreed with it and participated, or not.
  10. This is a quote from Sonia's website: "Over the next few months, major changes are coming with Seguro Popular. It will be rolled into IMSS which currently has a much higher fee of 6000 to 9000 pesos per year, denies coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and does not provide full coverage until year three. When this happens, we do not know IMSS limitations and costs, so we encourage those interested to enrol with Seguro Popular now." I am now thoroughly confused. I signed up with SP over a year ago. I have pre-existing conditions. Where is this going to put me?
  11. I heard that this is the same family who had the "Indian" restaurant and they have switched to Chinese. Same location.
  12. My husband and I are signed up with SP. Haven't heard a thing as yet. I would be nice to get some solid information, such as a quote from a reliable source re this matter. Got one? Please share.🙃
  13. The Annual Judged Show will open with a reception at the Ajijic Cultural Council on Saturday, March 16th, from 4-6 p.m. It will continue until March 27th. Most art works will be available for sale. Not to be missed!
  14. Some of the newer versions have a complicated accessory, IPOD-like, that allows for fine tuning based on the situation. Mine has a setting for "normal" with volume control for each ear and a setting for "restaurant" that dulls the sounds from surrounding tables but the immediate vicinity remains clear. The aids were from Starkey and cost way more than I think that they should, but I can't function without them. Simple. I understand that some people who have hearing loss go into a state of semi-reclusiveness and cease to socialize much. Understandable.
  15. I understand what you are saying. Sometimes there are options for paying on the installment plan, and some hearing aids are less expensive. I was referring to the people who CAN afford to buy hearing aids, and don't for reasons of pride.
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