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  1. Yes, I saw that one. I think Ferret's source will work.
  2. Thanks. This will solve a problem.🖖
  3. Where in Mexico do they sell those? Amazon carries them but doesn't ship to Mexico. Amazon Mexico doesn't have them.
  4. I think this issue is gasping its last and should be allowed to expire quietly..😉
  5. So far, we have one. Let's hear it from the "many".🙃
  6. Tiny, your word twists are ludicrous, especially the last sentence. I think I was clear enough. Spago's was starting out badly and they must have heard enough negative feedback to "get" that they wouldn't be in business long at that rate. "Listening to customers" should be about the food and/or the service, not the chosen method of doing business. IMO, it's enough that a restaurant owner has been successful enough over many years that he need not pay attention to customers who want his method of operation done differently. In the case of Bobby's, we have a poster who doesn't like the idea of presenting a multi-course dinner and just wants a choice of entrees. Do you seriously think that the owner should change his menu to suit that person? That person has a choice of many other places to go that do things his way.
  7. "Maybe not listening to customers or the owner/cook thinking they know all, just because they worked for a few years, is part of the reason why restaurants all over keep opening and closing. "(Tiny) In the case of Bobby Snyder, he's been in the restaurant business all his life...and that's many decades. ( Assumptions are often a bad idea.) Most restaurant closings are not due to failure to respond to customers. They are more often due to being inexperienced in the business and/or not having enough capital to make it through the slow times. Badly prepared or overpriced food is of course, a big reason. Sometimes, customer feedback about what's wrong gets through to the owner loud an clearly enough that he/she turns it around before all the customers cross it off the list of places to go. This has apparently happened at the place which started out as "Spago's" and reopened as Scallions. Feedback tells me that instead of the terrible breakfast some of us had in the beginning, they have it right now.
  8. I'll guess that the owner of La Terraza, who has been in the business for decades, has made the decision on how he wants his food offerings presented. I suggest that when a person just wants an entree, he goes to a restaurant that presents that option on their current menu. Janelle's does this, as do many other local restaurants. In other words "why swim against the stream"?
  9. Good point made that you can look here first and decide where, what and how much. I enjoy a variety of tastes rather than, for instance, a big steak. One person's good value is another person's ripoff. One poster here praises a minimalist restaurant with few seats whose menu shows a chicken sandwich for $110 pesos. If the place had comfortable chairs and a salad bar included, it might be a good value. In the same strip, El Ancla offers the best Chicken Cordon Bleu I've ever had for $125 pesos, freshly prepared and served in a very comfortable setting. The portion is so large that I take half home for supper. This site saves a lot of disappointments!😉
  10. The salad bar is priced separately, at least on the lunch menu. Had lunch there today. There are only two items on that menu which include the salad bar. The salad bar itself is priced at over 100 pesos. The shot of "something" is tiny, and mostly ice. Nice touch, but not worth much.
  11. It's not like it's for the pork loin entree alone: it's for a multi-course meal, including starters, soup, the entree and dessert. Where else can you get that extensive a meal for that kind of money? My prawns entree dinner was only $250. Where are they serving anything like that for that price?
  12. I have had eye exams and bought glasses there for several years. Reasonable prices, good selection and have no complaints. Christy does a good, thorough eye exam. Speaks excellent English since she's originally from the U.S.
  13. You don't have to order your frames and glasses through Luz.
  14. It's been nearly a year since Bobby opened at the new location. I wasn't overly fond of the initial offerings (Nuevo Mexican cuisine), but after going to dinner there yesterday, I have to praise him for returning to an eclectic menu prepared by a fine chef. My spouse ordered the pork loin; I selected the prawns stuffed with crabmeat. First, we were served a basket of hot cornbread pieces. Then, a plate of starters which included salmon mousse, guacamole and liverwurst. Next, a multi-mushoom home made soup (choice of that or crab bisque). The main courses were perfectly prepared and delicious. The prawns were large and the pork was lean. Finally, a dessert of vanilla ice cream with a side topping of butterscotch "something". We couldn't have been more satisfied. The prices? $225 for the pork; $250 for the prawns. If you haven't been to Bobby's lately......give yourself a treat and go! Open Wednesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. Opens at 1:00 pm
  15. Friend sent me this: https://assistancedogregistry.com/instant-service-dog-registration/?gclid=CjwKCAjwq-TmBRBdEiwAaO1enwlLdI1AoAOrIG3z0sidCf_VB_on_4m7CguC-5F9eVenwB0B4ZlpvBoCSfQQAvD_BwE And for ONLY $25...how about that? Note at the bottom that they "support" the official organizations listed. This is a good one.
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