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  1. One agency suspended sending out cleaners until next Monday, the 30th.
  2. Guts? No problem. What makes you interpret criticism of the administration's policies as hating the people of the U.S.? I think that's a huge stretch. El Menudo has quoted an article detailing most of the policies that will hurt the population in terms of environmental controls, etc. I have many, many relatives and friends in the U.S and I want the best life for them...and everyone else, for that matter.
  3. For me, it's not so much who did what and when, or whether the reporting was the truth or fiction for convenience, but what the plans and actions are now. It's not just me, but plenty of Republicans who find the most appalling idea is the U.S. president wanting to open up the country by Easter! I just don't get it, and it's scary as hell. I doubt that the majority of Americans over 65 are in favor of dying to boost the economy. Just as bad is the Mexican denial stance. We're all in trouble; the leadership is in disarray in many places and yes, those who will suffer the worst are already at the bottom of the economic ladder. I can relate to the artisans since I am one, and the market as well as the selling opportunites have disappeared. Fortunately, my survival doesn't depend on selling my wares. If it did, I'd be going hungry.
  4. Moral: Keep those fingers away from face. The difference is that we are in control of that risk, whereas we have no control over the take out or delivery meals.
  5. Good points, but by now we all know that all produce we buy should get a good Microdyn bath before using.
  6. True enough about the wretched parking situation in recent years, but after being home most of the day, it's a pleasure to go out for most people. I miss it. As for take out...I don't mind cooking...and I KNOW what kind of sanitation is practiced in my kitchen. We can only hope it's up to snuff in the take out restaurants.
  7. People in dangerous situations (such as war) have notoriously used humor to alleviate their stress. What possible good could come of NOT doing so? My incoming emails from friends have had some real belly laughs lately...all about this miserable situation. The funniest one was about achieving "inner peace" by finishing all the undone things around the house, so after finishing up the tequila, the wine and the rest of the bottles, she achieved "inner piss" . Of course we should take sensible precautions. Beyond that, we should do what we can to more easily live with this.
  8. Yes, indeed. However, it's been my observation that once a person is down on someone, that person can do no right, and vice versa for those who support someone, regardless of what that person says or does. I'm inclined to be skeptical of any loyalties, especially to so-called "leaders". I'm a fan of "fact checking".
  9. I won't be going to the Tuesday market these days, but the "rules" make little sense. My last name would get me ln the first group, but for those in the latter group...unfair! Why? Because many vendors run out of popular items long before noon. There has to be a better system. How about limiting the number of shoppers allowed in at any point? That would eliminate the early bird stampede. Then, have someone count the number leaving and let in the same number. However, no system is going to avoid the close social interaction at the vendors' locations. IMHO, it probably should be closed during this crucial period.
  10. The economic outlook is grim in the U.S., to the point that for those adding to the huge homeless population with the lack of a safety net, "dead" may happen from factors other than disease. However, disease will be particularly rampart in that group, for obvious reasons.
  11. gringal

    darn it!

    I agree about the lack of whatever makes those dishes tasty. I've had the good version at a friends house back in the States. I've tried all three at Gosha's, and was disappointed. Somebody must like them, since they're still on the menu.
  12. gringal

    darn it!

    Gosha's restaurant's co-owner is Polish and makes three Polish dishes on Friday and Saturday. Bland, but good.
  13. Where can I buy them locally...preferably in Ajijic? Thanks.
  14. Yes. However, my literal translation was to point out the hoplessness of trying to get a comprehensible meaning from using Google Translate. I gather my irony was lost on some.🙃
  15. Not that this really helps, but here's what Google Translate came up with: "the desicion is to not fully taken but if they are being taken and asking for appropriate measures of health" 😏
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