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  1. gringal


    That goes without saying. My point is that the attempt to discredit the remaining reasonably smart people with that video is nonsense. I think we have beaten this critter to death by now and should give up. Obviously, no one has managed to "win" so far.🙄
  2. gringal


    HURT??? A sorry attempt. In fact, most reasonably smart people know the difference between propaganda and fact. The "placebo effect" is real, as is the gullibility of some people who want to be "special" by believing themselves sensitive to some substances. The "gluten free" diet fad promulgated in recent years is a prime example. On the other hand...for others, the negative effects of some substances is very real. Allergies exist. All human bodies are not made the same.
  3. gringal


    What's bugging me is the "it's all in your head" implication and subtle tone of ridicule. Yes, there are people who "fad think" about various foods and diets, but at the same time, there are those who really are sensitive to certain substances. What's the point of the "attitude"?
  4. gringal


    What I am curious about is WHY anyone is implying that there are no negative effects from MSG? Seems almost like a crusade. Those who experience the effects know the difference between facts and b.s. As it happens, I love Asian food and know full well what is going to follow...discomfort. I eat it anyway, though not often. I sure don't use MSG for my home cooking.
  5. I know you're a thrifty guy.....so how high is "high"?😉 For instance? (I don't use FB)
  6. A couple of friends had lunch there yesterday. They said the food was good, but that the bread used for the club sandwich was "too crunchy". Any other experiences/comments?
  7. gringal


    The argument that MSG is "natural" (and therefore shouldn't be demonized by the people who react badly to it) contains one serious flaw: Heavy duty drugs come "naturally" from poppies. Many poisons are "natural". Experience dictates personal decisions about use, not whether a substance is "natural" or not. A quick trip to the subject on the web will list the adverse side effects of MSG for some people. Enough? 😉
  8. gringal


    I believe the important word here is "naturally". A different matter than the chemical additive known as MSG. People don't get headaches from the foods you named, and that is what we're talking about, isn't it? But...stretch away if that's your pleasure 😉!
  9. gringal


    There are also some good reasons to doubt the FDA's pronouncements. They admit their errors.......much later. I'm with Ferret. All that matters is the effect on ME.
  10. gringal


    Obvious devious inquiry. 😉 Who needs unami? Plenty of fresh garlic, Italian and Greek seasoning, sea salt, Chapala sauce, Worchestershire sauce, pepper, tumeric and whatever else occurs to me. These, along with freshly made lentils, veggies and chicken stock plus chicken itself. Result: great tasting soup....and no negative physical effects.
  11. gringal


    Like other allergies, MSG is person-specific. For those of us sensitive to it, the effects are dramatic and miserable. My question is why use this stuff at all? It's not that much effort to use enough good spices to create excellent flavored food.
  12. julieywayne@yahoo.com Hope that's current. She does a good job.
  13. gringal


    From the description of these bags, my best guess is that they are not intended for re-use. If so, they aren't a "thrifty solution" and I would be making soup fairly often. Washable spoon or pot much more so.
  14. When I remodeled the ancient kitchen in this old house, I treated myself to a heavy duty six burner gas cooktop and a GE wall oven with all the features; all from Tio Sams. They gave me a 8% discount for paying in cash rather than credit card, and when I heard how long it takes them to get paid by card, I could see why. I am totally happy with the equipment and have always preferred gas. However, I find myself inclined to use a small electric toaster oven way too often. Speedy!😉
  15. gringal


    Thanks for the information. I'm just a little too "thrifty" to pay $19.76 for throwaway bags.😎 The spaghetti pot will have to do.
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