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  1. gringal

    US Bank Account problems

    It's a good thing to get the facts before making assumptions: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-citi-banamex-money-laundering-20150722-story.html Of course, when those of us who had substantial deposits in that bank were dumped, those who hadn't been dumped (yet) assumed, as you did, that it was about getting rid of the unwanted accounts. Then the next wave of "dumpees" came, and the next, until ALL were gone. It had nothing to do with the amount of money we had in there or how we did business, as it turned out. I suspect they went by alphabetical order. Ours was early since the name begins with a "D". Our Visa card accounts went, too. That was really awkward. None of us were ever given an explanation: as in, the bank itself had been misbehaving. Since those accounts had been established when we were still in the States and has U.S. addresses, and we had opened them in anticipation of being "linked" conveniently with Banamex in Mexico, this was very bad news, and we had a hard time finding a work-around, as some people here have when they don't "have" a U.S. address. I'm making this long explanation because you're not alone in those assumptions from a number of years ago. In short, (or long) I seriously doubt that Citibank anticipated the outcome of acquiring Banamex USA and ending up with a potfull of heavy fines...as a "business plan".😉
  2. gringal

    Potholes riberas

    Hmmm? Feel free to try ! (Suggest not getting caught at it, though)😎
  3. gringal

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    Heat, as in picante? If so, that's probably why I prefer it. 😋
  4. gringal

    US Bank Account problems

    Your "suspicions" were incorrect. https://www.wsj.com/articles/citigroup-to-close-banamex-usa-1437585140
  5. gringal

    US Bank Account problems

    I'm delighted with State Dept...they issued a Visa card, too, with an unheard of (almost) low interest rate on unpaid balances. I'm grateful to whoever mentioned it on here since we were in the wave of people dumped by Banamex USA for no reason several years ago and had to scramble to find a new financial institution. They are perfectly happy with expats being expats all over the world.
  6. gringal

    US Bank Account problems

    By a "phony address" I meant no offense. However, you suggested that newbies use an address where they do not, in fact, live...such as the one you say you are using.
  7. gringal

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    Tamarind sauce? Now I'll need to try it. Thanks.
  8. gringal

    US Bank Account problems

    Not necessarily. I have for years had a well known investment account which knows full well I live in Mexico and has never suggested they would close it. I also have a savings and checking account which caters to overseas clients and uses my Mexican address. For me, life is already complicated enough without trying to use a phony address. Besides, it was my decision to move here, so I wouldn't consider sticking my friends or relatives with the responsibility for handling my mail. I do know there are companies that will sell you a phony address, but then you'd need to worry about getting caught.
  9. How will this not change habits when plastic bags are no longer available to buy? There's a difference. Cigarettes and soft drinks continued to be available. They just started costing more (and more).
  10. The Purple Pizza charges 10 pesos for a take home container when you've eaten in.
  11. gringal

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    I don't mean to get nitpicky here, but what you are saying is that you like the peanut sauce better than that at Chopsticks. I like the sauce at Chopsticks better; in fact I like everything at Chopsticks better than at the Thai place. But, differences in taste make the world go around.😋
  12. gringal

    First time visiting Ajijic

    I think any intelligent person realizes that a real estate agent has an agenda when dealing with a potential buyer. In any case, I don't think the OP can learn much from any source in four nights' time. I'd suggest trying to extend that visit. In answer to another question: yes, this is a good source of general information since it has a large number of contributing members.
  13. gringal

    First time visiting Ajijic

    Different strokes, obviously. Even if I found it easier to approach strangers, I don't think that a visitor can count on getting good information that way. People who commit to living somewhere tend to ignore the warts when describing their hometown to others. Another possible method would be to become a "client" of an active realtor and do a little brain picking about the area.
  14. gringal

    First time visiting Ajijic

    One popular accessory around here is a hiking stick. This is the land of "fallen women". Guys, too.
  15. gringal

    First time visiting Ajijic

    By all means, visit the other pueblos. I picked a spot ten years ago in Ajijic because it was conveniently located for my purposes, but the latest hype is not justified by the reality. Having spent years in the S.F.Bay area myself, I know the prices here are low in comparison, but bear in mind that many of the very attractive older homes never saw a building code, and an inspection won't get behind the walls or under the floors. No disclosures in the purchase process like in the U.S. Many pitfalls. Zoning regs. are meaningless. That's why the common advice to newbies is to rent first and get acquainted with the neighborhoods, the nuisances (noise) and the sewer system.😎 I'm trying to imagine going over to LCS as a visitor and approaching a person or a group cold, looking for information. Can't; but maybe that's just me. They do have a person stationed under a canopy near the walkway who is a volunteer and will provide answers to many questions about LCS. The little restaurant there has some good desserts. The Ajijic Plaza is a good place for people watching and the restaurants in and surrounding it are alright. Do visit Chapala itself. Go west and check out Jocotepec. The drive there will give you an idea of how it would be to live in the countryside. If you get hungry, stop at Arileo's past the Jocotepec road sign. You won't be disappointed. Welcome and good luck!