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  1. Signs on doors work just fine, especially when people have walked up to the door in anticipation of going in there to dine.
  2. It would be nice if that notice were also on the door.
  3. I'll take whatever vaccine is available, but I have the same concern as MtnMama.
  4. So, the posts refer to what's available in the U.S. for those who can travel there. Got it. My problem is that I signed up in March for the "home visit". That never happened, and the program seems to have disappeared. Can't stand in the lines or travel. Now the first shot isn't available anywhere close. (Can't go to Guad.) What to do? Nothing, from the looks of things, until the shots are available to labs and docs. Am I correct or missing something?
  5. Where in San Antonio? First shots available?
  6. Just for kicks: I used to live in the "wine country" area in Northern CA. When the power went out there, we were lucky to get it back within the WEEK! We have it easy here.😉
  7. LCS area was out and came back about 15 minutes ago. First, a brown out, then nada.
  8. Model: Acer Aspire EE-15-E5-575-33BM. Core i3 processor with 4GB of RAM. Bought in 2017. $250 U.S. or $5040 pesos. PM me
  9. That's what I meant.🙂
  10. ...which is a good reason to buy chicken at the Monday or Tuesday farmers markets.
  11. The official list published at the years' beginning shows all the legal holidays. May 1 is listed. May 3 is not.
  12. I think you have me confused with another poster. I never went to get the jab. I was waiting for the "home visit". So have had no jab atall. I'd be happy to pay for the jab when it's available. My doc's fees are pretty reasonable.
  13. So now, the mystery deepens. The same friend who applied for us and got us the needed papers over a month ago and was planning to go into Chapala and give us a ride with her next week. Supposedly, there are chairs, etc. She would deal with helping us and parking the car. Sounded workable. BUT: Meanwhile, we have never been contacted about the "home visit", which apparently died a-borning. So here we are, way over 50, and I gather from the recent posts that we would be turned away in Chapala if we tried to go in and get the jab now!! Anyone have the absolute final word on this?
  14. When I have tried (multiple times) to open that link, it comes up with a blank page and "403 forbidden" at the top left corner. Any suggestions?
  15. I juar got an email from my friend. It contained a link to the site she used in March, but when I attemped to open it, a blank page appeared with "403 forbidden". I think we can assume no home visits are going to happen. The usual B.S. We are signed up to get the vaccine with the lab on the SAT hospital grounds, so we'll just wait and be cautious until that happens. So, if you're not in good enough shape to get in the lines, etc., it looks like you will have to rely on being careful in public and keep your fingers and toes crossed.
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