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  1. Cedros, you mentioned a "smart Plumber" from Jocotopec who helped you with an instant on water heater problem.  Can you pass on his contact info


  2. Buying another "used" dishwasher but I need to get rid of the existing one. It works but needs some repairs. Is there anyone in town that will come get it and recycle it?
  3. I used the BAJA message to 2222 several times and UNOTV continued to send me daily messages. I finally got fed up and went into TELCEL and show them all my attempts to stop the message. The clerk used "2252" BAJA instead - it worked. So if you continue to receive the UNOTV messages - try 2252 instead.
  4. I have a feral cat that has taken up residence in my yard - poor thing was half starved, so, of course, I put food out for it. She/He (I think it's a female) has been here for a couple of weeks and still will not let me get close to her. I would like to take her in for a vet check and spaying but can't catch her. Anyone know where I could borrow a live catch trap for a couple of days?
  5. I am considering renting a condo on Rio Bravo - but 2 individuals have stopped me and warned me about incessant barking dogs living on the property immediately across the road. According to these 2 people, the dogs owner has been completely unwilling to do anything about the noise - which is only at night and lasts all night long. They have told me that they notified the proper authorities and a notification was attached to her fence - BUT - nothing has changed. They also mentioned that one of the dogs recently gave birth to 10 puppies - which should make the situation even worse in a couple of months. What are the options here in Mexico? Do residents have anyone they can complain to? Are there laws about noise levels?
  6. How strange that Wunderground is working on your ipad and iphone, Al Berca. Mine displays all the weather NOB - and a bit in the Gulf of Mexico - but stops at the border. I'm going to remove the app and reload it - see if that helps.
  7. If someone has posted a remedy to this problem - please just point me in the right direction.... I have a Mac Mini, iPad, and iPhone....all of which had Wunderground and NOAA weather apps loaded. About a month ago they stopped displaying weather south of the US border. I contacted the support desks and they both said "we no longer handle Mexico weather stations"...So, what app will work here in Mexico?
  8. I'm from Texas so I know what fire ant bites look like - and I swear I have 3 on my feet after walking the dogs at Lucky Dog the other day. I didn't think they had fire ants down here.
  9. I have spoken to my lawyer and told hime everything I saw. He said that he will accompany me to the Police station but unless I can prove I was at the scene, they would probably not be interested. I glimpsed the driver in my rear view mirror just before he hit- he was staring straight ahead, both hands on the wheel..
  10. I was the car he was attempting to pass. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. He had clear visibility (I drive a Fit so there was no reason he could not see the truck), he never swerved, or used his brakes; he just slammed into the truck while accelerating. I went back and was going to speak to the Police to tell them the truck driver was not at fault in any way- but the scene was too chaotic. Should I contact the Police?
  11. Does anyone know who was involved in the fatal car accident this afternoon West of town near Arileo's? A silver SUV and a dump truck
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Looks like I'm going with granite. Old countertops will be removed and raised a couple of inches.
  13. I had granite counters installed in the kitchen when the house was renovated 2008. No problems just make sure it is sealed.  Now the bathroom is a whole different story. Twice we had marble and it is a mess again. Yes very porous . I even kept a towel over it and still marked up.  I wondered why you could have marble floors and no problem.  I have to conclude it was Rudi.  So I would be careful.

  14. My kitchen is very small and has countertops made of the typical 4" square tiles....pretty but not practical. I don't want to rip them out but I want to cover them with either formica or granite. Has anyone else ever done this? Is it doable?
  15. Picked up an adorable female 3 1/2 month old black and tan puppy wandering around Barbara's Bazaar near Colon. Took her to Dr. Ladron who check her out and said she was healthy except for a very extended stomach - which is probably worms. Took her to Lucky Dog who will at least keep her safe. If you lost a puppy - please check with Lucky Dog.
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