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  1. Our tax preparer in US has just retired. I am desperately seeking someone to do our US Federal taxes. Believe I have all the necessary info as well as copies of past returns. Can anyone recommend someone qualified to do this for us. Would have liked more time to work this out, but life happens. Thanks for any advice.
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    Gracias Slainte39, you are correct. Old age is hell!!
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    There are two Mama's. Each is run by one of Elise's sons. The one across from Superlake is mostly a pool-playing environment or a place for a quiet drink, run by Amari. Mama's Musical Bar is above a hardware store on the north side of the main road in San Antonio is run by Elise's other son (Johnny). They have karaoke there but not sure which days.
  4. I had mine done at Dermika, second time in eight years. They do fade a bit. However, I have always been happy. The basic shape is tattooed on and I finish them with my own pencils. Much easier for me as I don't see well.
  5. Why are all the town bakeries so hard to find? Ajijic - up an unmarked walk, through a flour-coated tunnel. San Antonio - unmarked, follow your nose to the open brown door, etc. 😋
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    Mr Michi

    Where is this located, por favor.
  7. You might be thinking of Orson Perez. However, if so he has moved to West Ajijic where the former Southern Sisters restaurant was located. If this is not too far for you, the phone number is 331-712-1408. I believe he also will pick up your dog. We like him very much as he tamed down our unruly pooch.
  8. Today we had breakfast at Pale restaurant on the SE corner of Tempisque and the carretara. They have the indoor area glassed in to keep out the flies It is not huge but very cozy with standard chairs (not bucket) covered to the floor in oranges, browns and tans. Art is on the walls as well as a few ceramics --but no clutter. The menu was simple but slightly different. I had scrambled eggs, ham and black beans and homemade fig jelly. The coffee was very good and fresh - we love our coffee! and Maria is a gracious host. The ham was part of a ham steak not deli meat. You might like to give it a try.
  9. Can anyone tell if any home areas are threatened. I am alone in Las Salvias this week with a large dog. Since I don't drive, I am concerned about where it is headed.
  10. These kittens are so very cute and I am sure will make good pets. However, there are so many homeless cats and dogs, perhaps spaying mom after tending to her brood would be a wise decision.
  11. We also ate there this morning and were extremely pleased with the service and the food. It is nicely decorated and comfortable. Service was excellent even though we were not seated near the server. Liked the cleanliness and ambiance. We sat to the rear, away from the street. We had coffee that was hot and fresh. I had three cheese quesadillas with guacamole for 50p. Guacamole was great (not too hot for me) and fresh. My husband highly recommends the stir-fried, brown rice bowl with chicken/shrimp/beef 100p. We will be back to try more.
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    TOP 5 Restaurants

    We like Brissias (sp), next to the bamboo furniture place inRiberas for breakfast and the pulled pork sandwich for lunch. Nice people and good service.
  13. Just curious to find out if anyone knows why Funky Fiin's suddenly closed. They just remodeled and usually have a full week of entertainment. So what happened?????
  14. If you attended the Bryan James show at the Spotlight last Saturday, would appreciate your comments on the performance. I heard it was sold out but haven't heard anyone comment on what they liked or did not like. Thanks.
  15. Of course, it's May. Duh on me. Thanks for the wake-up call!
  16. We planned to eat a late breakfast at Gosha's in Ajijic but the doors were closed and saw no sign with information on why. Just wondering as Rustico Bakery closed suddenly also.
  17. I also have purchased a supply of iron-on patches from a vendor at the tianguis. Most recently about four months ago. You may have to ask but the vendor who sells scissors, thread and misc. notions has them in several colors.
  18. Thank you all for the replies. It reinforces what we have discussed doing. We will proceed with all due diligence.
  19. I have found some answers to this question but they are several years old. Our cleaning lady has worked in this house for her whole life. Up to this point she was paid by the property management company at a current rate of 43.16p per hour. She is the most honest person I have met, leaving any little thing she finds on the floor (besides dust) for us to see if it is important. And also house-sitting for us on occasion. We will now be taking over payment of her wages and would like to raise her to what is comparable to other house cleaners in the Ajijic area. I would appreciate some input as to what others are paying for a similar service.
  20. This may seem like a silly question, but I wondered what the criteria is that causes a user to obtain plus points for total "reputation"?
  21. I also used Dr. Bimbela two years ago and have been very happy with the results and the service provided. I have two friends who have used him and they are also well-satisfied with his work. I did schedule an appointment to interview him and see "before and after" samples of similar surgeries. I think you have to do this in order to select the right doctor for you. Good luck.
  22. This happened to us the first year we were here. There used to be a website where you could look up your vehicle and see if you had any pending traffic violations. Does anyone know it this is still the case? And if so, the site name? Thanks for any help.
  23. Is all this information required this year for Mexican citizens as well?? Thanks for any info.
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