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  1. Here is what I understand to be the only official testing station in the area. I have been there twice. The whole test only took about 10 minutes. There is a standard government set fee for this. If you go to anywhere else, you might find they charge more. Also, they may say that you need new spark plugs, air filter, etc. etc. Here are the directions: CONTROL VERIFICATION MANDATORY VEHICLE ZARAGOZA STREET #375 CENTER CHAPALA TURN LEFT AT THE LIGHTS IN CHAPALA TAKE THE SECOND STREET TO THE RIGHT THEN CONTINUE DOWN THE SECOND STREET FOR TWO BLOCKS. TURN LEFT ONTO ZARAGOZA. CONTROL IS
  2. I would highly recommend Dr. Leonardo Millan who I was referred to through Dra. Teresa Morales in Jocotepec. His e-mail is drmillan2012@gmail.com. I had total knee replacement surgery at the end of December last year in Guadalajara. Three years before that I had knee replacement surgery on the other knee, in Ontario. I would say that the experience with Dr. Millan was at least equal to, if not better, that up north. One of the advantages with Dr. Millan is that all the follow up visits can be done in Jocotopec, instead of having to drive into Guadalajara as with many of the other surgeons. I
  3. I suspect that Banco Actinver has a Canadian dollar account with RBC. So your Canadian funds will be deposited to their account at RBC. Then they give you credit to your peso account with them. Essentially, Actinver do the FX. The only caution is that you check the FX rate against what you would have got if you had effected an electronic funds transfer directly from your Canadian bank to Actinver. Or deposited a Canadian dollar cheque with an organization such as Intercam, and have them do a same day transfer to your account at Actinver. Also, there may be "buried" fees in the peso equivalent
  4. You would need to contact the pension administrator in Canada to see if they can do that. I suspect, but don't know for sure, that you would be better off having it paid into your Canadian bank and then do the transefer yourself, per the various suggestions already made. If you are concerned about tax,and you are a non-resident for Canadian tax purposes, you can request the pension administrator to withhold at the non-resident rate which, for Mexico, would be 15%.
  5. That is really surprising. When I give a Canadian dollar cheque to Intercam it usually is debited to my Canadian bank account within a week. And as I mentioned before, Intercam give me same day value here.
  6. The last time I checked a while ago, Bancomer wouldn't give credit for a Candian or US cheque for about 10 days. Generally, I have found Intercam's rates to be competitive.
  7. You need to get the routing information from your bank in Mexico. Depending on the Mexican bank, they may have different BIC (SWIFT Codes) for various types of transfers. For example, Bancomer has several, depending on the transaction. Here is what one Canadian bank requires: The address or BIC (SWIFT Code) of the destination bank. The recipient's name and address. The recipient's International Bank Account Number(IBAN), if applicable. They charge $13.50 per transfer. Also our Mexican bank makes a service charge. We used to transfer funds this way, but now we have a relationship with Inte
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