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  1. Lived in lovely La Floresta neighborhood for six years. Just Got to the end of the adventure. Enjoyed most days. Siblings aging, kids and grands aging, did not want to miss any more of it. Fed up with crime. Never felt safe, each year got worse. From students murdered to civilians murdered, to police ambushed, just wanted out. I am happy to be back in USA where I can call the police for help and count on getting it! I feel safer crossing the border into TX, safe driving alone through each State across our glorious country! I plan to travel and camp in National Forests each winter to escape cold climate. Feel safe doing it, but did not dare risk it in MX. Tho I have no regrets about the experience, sure Never plan to return to MX.
  2. suzanjo

    Coconut shrimp

    Second Leti in San Antonio. Mango sauce to die for. Mario's just West of the SA plaza has the best all around MX food. They cook up a special every day. Yummy! Lunch hours till 4:00 only. Don't like sweet version? Never heard of any other kind.
  3. Just dropped off paint today. Expressed how appreciative I am and how we can easily take for granted how nice our Ajijic looks. Folks working many hours to paint over messes! Thanks to all the volunteers who care.
  4. Why is this very old topic showing up now?
  5. I'd go online to Progressive. Give them a call. Very reasonable coverage in the States. Not sure they cover rental cars.
  6. I must return States to care for ill elder sibs/family. This LaFloresta cat adopted us, loves dogs, would probably prefer to stay Lower LaFloresta if possible. It's always been her neighborhood. Probably 3 yrs old. She has shots and fixed. Sweet, soft, cuddling, not a pest at all, completely trained. Pls help her find her new home. She is mostly white with some orange and black spots.
  7. Pinto took less than 15 minutes for 300 pesos. I felt no relationship with him at all. Felt like he just wanted my money. So, I went to check his script at LCS free. Got an hour exam and a different script. Got glasses with her at LCS. The next time, Took the free script to Costco instead for reasonably priced glasses, about half the price. Yes, it does mean two trips to Guad. But they Worked out OK. Time to redo. Thinking I will try Costco in the States this time. I have progressives. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement Monessen. I am looking into this business idea. Anybody willing to lunch at your favorite place and to be briefly interviewed (kindly, loyally, with fun time) please PM me for more info.
  9. Definitely everyone wil be included. I wonder if there are potential legal ramifications? There's always a catch.
  10. Ha! Ginger has a point. It is not easy to be alone as a male here for long. I'd PM you but it doesn't work. I lunched with 50 women today. Not all single, but most are. Let's lunch. I am not looking, but I probably can connect you with someone. Maybe I'll start a match service.
  11. The direct bus to Guad stops on the half-hour, every hour, starting at 6:30 AM. I catch it by Black Coffee. Make sure to vigorously flag it down or it does not stop, even with lots of people waiting for it.
  12. Tried Lupe. Charge was 300 pesos for 1.5 hrs. I was surprised at the rate due to prices quoted here. Ajijic. Gave 50 tip. I can get two women in home who do deeper work for the same price.
  13. Kefir is superb in my morning smoothie: blueberries, coconut oil, spinach, moringa, chia, cinnamon, cocoa, almond milk. Add figs for sweetener if desired. Ya baby!
  14. Years ago I had extensive services with Garcia over six months. He even told me the charges were so much higher there than other places because he had to get my history on his computer. Within a year he could find no record of my ever having been there! I returned three times, insisting on a copy my records. Never found! So there u have it. Different people, different experiences.
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