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  1. Yesterday, my husband took my dog and cat to the vet/grooming place on the corner of the carretara and Revolucion because our regular groomers couldn’t see them. This was the first time we had used these people. They asked if the cat needed to be medicated and were told no. He has been to three different groomers and never needed it. My husband left our phone number so they could call if they had questions. When my husband picked them up around noon yesterday, the cat was unconscious. He had been medicated without our permission and with no knowledge of his medical history. He did not go in for medical treatment. He went in only to be groomed. He has still not regained consciousness for more than a few minutes at a time. He has repeatedly vomited all over himself all night long. He has liver and kidney problems and should never have been medicated. I took him to his normal vet today. His temperature, pulse, and blood pressure are dangerously low. Because the B/P is so low, they had to put a catheter in his neck to draw bloods. His organs were not further compromised but his electrolytes were so low some of them did not even register. He is now in the hospital under care. His vet is very concerned about him. Our vet told us that this other vet has used drugs in the past that has compromised the kidneys of animals he has treated. Please be careful of who you choose to care for your animals.
  2. My husband had it done at Groupo RIO in Guadalajara. The doctora was thorough and gentle. I had it done NOB. It was mildly uncomfortable for both of us but no pain.
  3. I need to have some pictures boxed so that I can take them on a plane. Any suggestions where I can get this done? Sol y Luna doesn't do them. Thanks.
  4. Yes, it is open Tuesday through Saturday 5:00 to 9:30 pm. I have heard good responses form those who have tried it.
  5. I am trying to find the owner of the apartment complex in Ajijic Village at Constitucion #57A. If anyone knows the gentleman, could they have him speak to Steve in the new restaurant next door? Thanks.
  6. Do not even consider buying here for a minimum of one year. We were here for five years before we bought and we lived in several different areas to find the one that met our needs. Everyone is different so one person's perfect is another person's nightmare.
  7. I am looking for someone who can help create a website. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
  8. Is it like hitting your head against the wall? It feels sooooo good when you quit.
  9. Cost isn't the only issue to consider when choosing a lab or doctor. I have had several doctors tell me to use Chopo as it is the most accurate.
  10. Yes it is available without a prescription. I use Primogyn.
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