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  1. I am sorry you felt that my helping my maid because I  can is disrespectful of her.  It was not intended that way.  She is my friend and she needs help.  I had a doctor friend who earned a whole lot more than me but had to have back surgery and needed help with her children.  I flew to where she was and took care of her children.  She was a friend and needed help also.  That doesn't mean I am demeaning either of my friends.

  2. You have government contacts.  Could you help me get supplies?

    • I have found a pattern created by a surgeon to make fabric, washable, reusable masks.  I am willing (and would suggest others do so as well) to make masks.  Our first responders and medical people are putting their lives on the line for us and we need to help them if we can.  My problem is that I do not have access to the supplies.  The supplies need to be bought from a fabric store and I doubt if any are presently open.  It might take some government help to get the supplies because the stores are probably closed.  I have no contacts so am requesting that anyone who could help me get these supplies would do so.  If the stores are open and someone could get the supplies for me, I would be grateful as I am immune suppressed and cannot go out.  These masks are not the N95 masks but might help save lives  Please help me if you can.  Thanks.  Jeanne


    • Tightly woven cotton* cut into 9-inch squares (2 squares per mask)

    • 12 inches of 1/4- or 1/2-inch fabric-wired ribbon** (1 per mask)

    • 7-inch strips of 1/4- or 3/8-inch elastic (2 per mask)

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