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  1. 5 minutes ago, econ man said:

    Have you had reliable service with them?  I see Firestick Tricks list them as an option. I 'm considering recommendations from them and Troypoint. Can you use Paypal with them? I'm a little leery of giving my credit card to some of these APK's.

    Service has been reliable; occasionally a station might be down but overall much more reliable than other services I used in the past.

    I pay monthly in case the system goes down; i think you can do 3 months for a saving of $1 per month.

    I use credit card; never had a problem; I dont know about Paypal.

    I tried several of the services recommended from Troypoint but had reliability problems. The Kodi stuff just makes it too tough for my wife to operate.

  2. 3 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Works well for you, does it? Because their Website gives no indication of what they provide. Everything takes you to a payment plan.

    Works great, 4000+ stations; lots of sports, movies, US and Canadian networks as well as locals, many UK and Mexican stations.

    Most of the stations I watch regularly are high definition.


  3. If you are headed to San Antonio then Columbia is a better crossing point. If staying in Laredo then Columbia is about 45 minutes more driving time vs Laredo bridge.

    Check the border wait times on the Border Wait Time phone app when you get close to the cut-off for Columbia and make a decision on which to use.

    There is a booth at both Columbia and the Laredo bridge for removing the vehicle TIP if that is of concern.


  4. A good router may help your buffering issue if you need or are using a VPN. I could go on forever with the testing that I have done over the last year but the short story is that I have an Asus router with StrongVPN loaded on it and this has eliminated all buffering issues. Also, and I know some of the computer geeks here are going to disagree with me but I get faster download speeds with StrongVPN vs no VPN (measured by both Speedtest.net and Fast.com) and I guess this is because the internet is going directly to the US rather than bouncing around Mexico before getting to the US. In fact the Asus router with StrongVPN has made it possible that I can stream on Telmex internet so I will be cancelling the Ilox service very soon.

  5. I also use Callcentric with a US phone number that costs $1.95 per month. Incoming calls ring on my Iphone with an app "Acrobits Softphone"; works great on either Wifi or Telcel data. Occasionally an incoming call is missed but you can call the caller back. Costs about $0.02 per minute for incoming and outgoing calls to the US. Callcentric has plans for heavy users to reduce the call costs.

    If you decide to go this route pick an app like Acrobits or Bria Mobile that work with push notifications to reduce battery load.

  6. I travel frequently with my Fire Stick; never had any problems using it in hotels etc; I don't know if I was connecting to public or private IP addresses. When Ilox hooked me up last March and I couldn't get the Fire Stick to work until they assigned me a public IP address. Maybe there is something other than just changing to a public IP address; maybe a VPN would eliminate the private IP address issue.

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