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  1. Try Callcentric with Acrobits softphone; I have been using it on an Iphone for many years.
  2. At least 1 Canadian team goes on to round 3.
  3. The logos on aeromexico.com don't have a space between aero and mexico.
  4. Suggest you do some investigation at troypoint.com. A lot of good information on popular IPTV providers.
  5. Go to the taxi booth in the terminal near the exit doors; just tell them Riberas; the guy will tell you how much; it used to be 440 pesos to Ajijic. You can pay with credit card. Then go outside with your slip and someone will help you to line up or directly into a cab. The driver probably doesn't speak English; best to print out directions in Spanish to give to the driver.
  6. Today they are surveying at the Walmart intersection. Maybe they are considering some changes.
  7. As a guest in this country (I am a permanent resident) I prefer to use my own resources for medical care and not use the Mexican health insurance programs that were set up and are funded for Mexican citizens. I believe one of the requirements for Permanente status is that you can prove you have adequate resources/income to support yourself.
  8. I think you have to do it at the border. If it is US plated then the broker will first export it from the US to make sure that it is not stolen before importing it into Mexico.
  9. i used to use StrongVPN but recently I have switched to NordVPN.
  10. The drop outs on Totalplay seem to be for a very short time which my buffer can usually handle.
  11. I am not an expert by any means but I have spent a lot of time experimenting with different IPTV services; reasons aren't important. "Buffering" is when the video stream you are watching freezes for a few seconds and it can occur for many reasons but the likely cause is that the internet service download rate drops below the rate you need to play the video and this is usually only for a few seconds at a time. A buffer downloads the data stream in the background into memory while you watch the video; the amount stored can usually be selected; Tivimate has 5 settings none to very large; i am guessing that the very large setting is about 5 seconds of data stream because of the time lag when I change channels. On Ilox I noticed 2 significant items; buffering increased as Ilox added subscribers, and buffering increased around diner time when I assumed that there were more users online and Ilox struggled with the capacity requirements. Buffering can also occur because of a slow or intermittent server (poor IPTV service) or because you are trying to play a 4K video when your internet service is only good for standard definition (fiber optic vs Telmex wired). If you can play a 4K video on Youtube without any buffering but you get a lot of buffering streaming IPTV then the problem is likely your IPTV service not the internet service. I have also noticed that the 50 mbps service I have at my condo in the US has zero buffering compared to frequent buffering on the 100 mbps Ilox service
  12. I switched from Ilox to Totalplay a couple of weeks ago; Totalplay does drop out occasionally but it seems for a much shorter period than Ilox and I have pretty much eliminated buffering while streaming by setting the buffer size to large on my streaming app.
  13. There are lots of ways to stream US network TV here. You can stream Direct TV, Sling or Youtube TV and others here; all legit services but geo locked to the US so you need a VPN. There are a lot of cheap not legit services that work very well and give you thousands of live TV stations from all over the world. You will need either Ilox or Totalplay as an internet service provider (unless you have Telmex fiber) and a Firestick 4K and a good VPN (there are many)
  14. I have tested both NordVPN and StrongVPN running on my Asus router connected to the Totalplay ONT and I have also tested both NordVPN and StrongVPN running on my Firestick 4K Max connected to the Totalplay ONT or the Asus router (connected to the ONT); all work fine; no buffering while streaming 1080P high definition live TV.
  15. Even though I have a private IP address on Totalplay's network I am still able to access my cameras, router etc from a remote location.
  16. Your problem might have to do with Totalplay gives you a private IP address on their network; with Ilox I had requested and got assigned a public IP address.
  17. Ordered Totalplay Tuesday and arranged for installation on Thursday; they showed up Wednesday morning and said they could install right then but I had an appointment and asked them to come back Thursday as originally scheduled. The installation went very smoothly; 3 guys and the lead guy spoke english; very professional job. Ordered the 100 mbps internet only plan (200 mbps for first 2 months). I had to call customer service to activate the promotional 200 mbps for 2 months; first option on the recording was press 9 for english. Everything is working great; it has only been 1 day but not a single drop out causing streaming to buffer.
  18. I too paid for a year of service 18 months in advance; after the year of prepaid service was up they threatened that if I didn't give them my credit card to bill automatically they would cut me off. I refused to give them my credit card info and they cut me off; after a couple of days my service was restored and I have been paying monthly ever since. If they try to charge my credit card after I terminate the service I will dispute the charge and then cancel the card. Glad to hear so many people are happy with TotalPlay.
  19. I intend to cancel ILOX and switch to Totalplay mainly because of an accounting problem. I pay my bill every month on their website using a credit card and for the last 8 months I get a statement with an accumulating total indicating I have not paid the previous months and the total is now over $5000. The ILOX website even documents every payment. I have emailed ILOX several times, I have been to the office and the problem continues. I think the only way to resolve the problem before it gets way out of control is to terminate the service now. Anyone else had a similar issue or had a problem just terminating the service.
  20. The Apple Watch 7 with cellular capability will send emails to your emergency contacts if you fall and don't move for a predetermined time. It should work in Mexico as long as you have a Mexican cell phone account. The only drawback is that it needs to be recharged every day; Apple suggests overnight charging but a lot of falls are at night. I don't have an Apple watch but I have been looking into it.
  21. I have been using Fongo for years; great app; audio quality is excellent.
  22. The team with the best use of Tequila will win; hope there is Squirt in those Gatorade bottles.
  23. I prefer the Anzalduas Bridge because you miss most of Reynosa; crossed into the US 4 weeks ago. With the border reopening soon it is hard to say what bridge will have the shortest wait at US customs. Start checking the border wait time info at https://bwt.cbp.gov/
  24. At least they didn't try and drive a car through his office window.
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