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  1. Talked to the officer blocking the corner down to the park; he said it was impossible to tow as the cars were parked to tightly together; he said he would be here at 7:00 am today and will watch.
  2. The inconsiderate jerk that blocked access to my garage finally left at 7:45; 12 hours later. I left a note on his car and he didn't have the balls to come to the door and apologize and say he was moving his car so I could get out. South Dakota plates 19B D90; JERK
  3. I don't know; I haven't tried that and I doubt if my Spanish is good enough to figure it out.
  4. I think when it is time to get the shot any approved vaccine is better than nothing.
  5. Recharging the Amigo program is so easy on Mitelcel or if it doesn't work which happens occasionally then use the UnDosTres app. No need to go to see Ana.
  6. Crossed in November from Texas to Matamoros; we have Jalisco plates; pulled up to the red light and a few seconds later it turned green and the gate arm lifted. Never saw anyone. I will be crossing back into Mexico again in a few weeks.
  7. Hardwired 350 to what the Ilox modem or the TP-Link router? Port set at 80 on the TP-Link router ? usually there is a maximum bandwidth setting but I can't help you much more than that. Try help files at TP-Link.
  8. There is a free PC program "Acrylic WiFi home" that will tell you what it thinks is the available wifi speed from your router. My router is an Asus RT-AC86U and recently getting 125 mbps WiFi download speeds on my laptop; measured with nperf.com. I have the 100 mbps Ilox package. Since you are saying all your devices are throttled to 100 mbps; is that both hard wired and Wifi? I sort of remember hearing once that one of the ports on the Ilox modem was throttled at 100; try the other port.
  9. Check the cable from your modem to the wireless router; some cables are recognized at the router as 100 Mbps max speed.
  10. StrongVPN connected to a US server eliminates most buffering; at least on the 2 IPTV services I use.
  11. Cedros, stop making stuff up to keep a stupid conversation going. I have renewed my passport twice at Mexico City. How would anybody tell you that ? You send the application to the embassy by courier and they courier your new passport back to you. I have never spoken to anyone to renew a passport. As far as I know there is no way to do it in person at the embassy in Mexico City unless it is an emergency replacement.
  12. The website displays the entry and exit of everyone except US citizens over the last 5 years; I am not sure about green card holders. If you are Canadian and have entered or exited the US in the last 5 years you are on it.
  13. Dave, sounds like you took my comments as a personal insult. Cedros, if your situation is real and not just made up to spur this conversation then you are in way over your head; get some professional (probably legal) advice. Canada, the US and Mexico track all your entry and exits and share that info. In fact the US makes it publicly available. You might be surprised what you find under history at https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov. I am sure that database has a lot more info on you than they make public. The website even knew that I had a new passport before I even used it. The website does no
  14. GP about 500 pesos per visit; specialist about 1000 pesos per visit.
  15. Trip adviser says the Las Palmas Midway Inn is pet friendly; call or email them and find out for sure. Most pet friendly hotels have size, number, and sometimes type of pet regulations. PCP - please explain ? I doubt you are asking about the drug.
  16. You should take some time and figure out how the system really works rather than listen to a couple of cheats. This whole discussion is just plain stupid; why did you even bother to start this thread; you knew the responses you would get.
  17. Before you leave the US buy Mexican car insurance (I used Lewis and Lewis); it should include roadside assistance; and make sure your cellphone will work in Mexico; don't forget to get a TIP when you cross into Mexico. TIP is a temporary import permit for your vehicle. If you are driving down from Laredo you can stay at the Las Palmas Midway Inn in Matehuala; it is safe and your top of car cargo carrier will be safe. Dogs: there is all kinds of info on the Mexican government websites; we have a dog and travelled across the border in both directions and never asked a question about th
  18. Have you tried to Google any of this, or used the search feature on this webboard ?
  19. Further, I suggest you look for a new accountant; I wouldn't trust him when he is recommending cheating the system.
  20. Most provinces have a residency requirement to qualify for health care; I think Ontario is 180 days per year. I would hate to have surgery and find out that I owe the hospital $100,000 or more because they found out that I didn't meet the eligibility requirements of that province's health care system. And yes I still have my OHIP card.
  21. So what are the benefits that you are willing to pay more taxes ?
  22. Like I said I have been adjusting the pH down for over 10 years. I only check the chlorine and pH levels once per week and usually need to add some pH down. About 4 weeks ago I drained my pool to replace a few tiles and the light; and have refilled it; precipitated the metals with chlorine, and just getting back to normal now. I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. We live central Ajijic, a block west of Barbara's Bazaar.
  23. We have a large salt water pool in central Ajijic. I have been adjusting the pH down for over 10 years; never had to raise the pH.
  24. On Mondays Handymail sends mail to the US by courier; then turned over to USPS; 30 pesos. If you don't have a stamp they will sell you one.
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