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  1. Not all VPNs are equal. I am convinced that Ilox throttles streaming if you don't have a VPN. John Shrall said above that Ilox throttles torrent downloads. You obviously need a good VPN to hide your upload destination. Test a few different VPNs on your uploads; StrongVPN works for my needs. By the way I think Ilox guaranteed me 100 down and 70 up when I signed up 2 years ago; never got better than 40 up from day one and they have never done anything to improve it; today 90 down and 22 up through StrongVPN.
  2. Try StrongVPN; server from Houston. Works very well for me.
  3. The Level 4 travel advisory was world wide until today; now several other countries are just level 3.
  4. Thanks jrod; I am planning on going to Texas in the fall; will bring back an extra bag or two if you want.
  5. Costco used to have them but I haven't seen them in a year or so. My supply that I bought in the US last year is running low. Please let me know if you know where to get them.
  6. I had a similar problem last week with channel 232; I did a factory default reset then had to call Shaw to re-authorize the receiver and still couldn't get 232. The tech guy at Shaw told me to check the cables. The next day 232 worked, that night it rained and 232 didn't work. So I think I have a problem when the cables get wet. Must be time to replace those 12 year old cables on the roof.
  7. I don't think a US Permanent Resident (green card) can legally drive a foreign plated vehicle in the US as they are considered a resident of the US. If she shows a Mexican drivers licence and more ID such as immigration status is required because of an accident I think there will be problems. A US non-resident citizen can drive a foreign plated vehicle for up to a year.
  8. Back up in Ajijic; except upload speed is very poor.
  9. I ILOX down in Ajijic; I have a LOS flashing red light.
  10. Thanks, I know what to look for; been to just about every dealer in Guad and couldn't find anything with the DOT and EPA stickers.
  11. RickS; can you let me know which vehicles made for Mexico meet the EPA/DOT standards; I would like to buy one.
  12. Stay away if you think everyone should be wearing a mask. Just walked the dog and saw more people than I have seen on the malecon since March; at least 25 people (more than 50%) without masks.
  13. One phase out on Independencia.
  14. Gracias; I knew the skies had to open up on my wedding anniversary.
  15. Gringohombre; I have both Telmex and Ilox and use an Asus RT-AC86U router to distribute the internet to all my devices; I run StrongVPN on the router and stream IPTV on a Firestick 4K; no buffering problems for the IPTV service I am using at HDTV quality. I have tested many combinations of different VPNs with IPTV providers and Firesticks and found that most combinations are not reliable with Ilox; I believe Ilox is throttling IPTV streaming and a VPN is necessary to hide streaming at least for HDTV. In my opinion the Firesticks dont have enough computing power to run the VPN properly for decoding IPTV streaming in high definition format; you need to run the VPN on a router. On a good day I get better than 20 mbps download with Telmex and don't need a VPN to hide the IPTV streaming of HDTV.
  16. Andre Bellon; his office is across the street from Superlake
  17. I have tested both NordVPN and StrongVPN on an original Firestick and a Firestick 4K on Ilox to eliminate buffering on HD TV. Neither VPN worked very well on the original Firestick. On a Firestick 4K, NordVPN worked to some extent but StrongVPN worked just fine. This was a quick 10 minute test of each VPN on each Firestick with 2 or 3 HD channels.
  18. I use an IPTV provider on a FireTV stick; I found that the VPN apps on the FireTV stick did little to eliminate the buffering; I tested ExpressVPN, NordVPN and StrongVPN. Then I installed the VPN on the router that my FireTV stick connects with WIFI; NordVPN worked most of the time but StrongVPN solved my buffering problem as well as some other connectivity issues I had with NordVPN. I did not test ExpressVPN on the router as StrongVPN was working very well. I believe Ilox is throttling streaming unless it is hidden by a good VPN.
  19. I have done that many many times and a VPN is required to prevent buffering; at least in my case. I am going to try and test if I can change ports without a VPN and see if that works. I don't know enough about port forwarding etc but i have plenty of free time right now to learn.
  20. Based on John Shrall's comments above about throttling torrents, I am wondering if Ilox is throttling streaming; unless hidden by a VPN.
  21. I got past my streaming problems by using StrongVPN set to a server in Houston. My guess is that the Ilox internet routing jumps all over Mexico before it gets to a real high speed and stable link in the US. I think with the VPN my connection is direct to the US and therefore more stable. Before StrongVPN a speedtest indicated 50 mbps down but I could not stream without buffering an HDTV stream that was about 5 mbps.
  22. Zoom in on the map, slide the map as required and click on the municipality and a small box comes up with all the info.
  23. 331 is also the exchange for local Telcel phone numbers.
  24. Caller starts off with I am your friend from California etc; just hung up on them.
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