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  1. I have been using Fongo for years; great app; audio quality is excellent.
  2. The team with the best use of Tequila will win; hope there is Squirt in those Gatorade bottles.
  3. I prefer the Anzalduas Bridge because you miss most of Reynosa; crossed into the US 4 weeks ago. With the border reopening soon it is hard to say what bridge will have the shortest wait at US customs. Start checking the border wait time info at https://bwt.cbp.gov/
  4. At least they didn't try and drive a car through his office window.
  5. We have been using Bellon for many years; excellent service. One car accident resolved without a problem.
  6. Got mine earlier this year at Costco in Texas; no doctor prescription.
  7. I use the UnDosTres app on my Iphone; simply enter the meter number and the amount owed to CFE comes up. You can use a US credit card to pay.
  8. This used to happen at Soriana on a frequent basis.
  9. If you are going to cross at the Rio Grande Valley take the route thro Monterrey. A bridge on highway 101 collapsed on the shorter southbound route through Ciudad Victoria.
  10. I am guessing the carbon filter is a tank with carbon vs a carbon cartridge and if so then I am guessing the carbon is old and leaching off some of the organics or other stuff it adsorbed. If the UV sterilizer is after the carbon then this maybe generating the smell in the water; try unplugging the UV and see how the water smells; if it still smells then if it was me I would replace the carbon or bypass the filter. I use a 4" x 20" carbon impregnated filter cartridge which works very well and I change the cartridge every 4 months. I do not use UV but have an under the sink RO system for kitchen use.
  11. Here is a link to a comparison table of specifications for all FireTV products. https://developer.amazon.com/docs/fire-tv/device-specifications-comparison-table.html Now you can all fight about which features are better.
  12. I have tested both WiFi and ethernet cables many times with a Firestick 4K and a FireTV Cube. WiFi was always fastest on a speed test using Nperf website; my opinion was that the multifunction ethernet adapter was relatively poor.
  13. ACD your post has nothing to do with this thread; start your own thread with whatever you want to discuss.
  14. I had an appointment this morning; got there 10 minutes early; there was a lineup of 6 people of which only 3 had appointments. There is a sign at the entrance that says you need to have an appointment. It takes 10-15 minutes to process each person and then they ask you to come back in 20 minutes to verify the info. They ask the reason for the test and if you say travel they want to see your passport; the results document that they email you you does have your passport number on it and your age but not your date of birth.
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