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  1. ACD your post has nothing to do with this thread; start your own thread with whatever you want to discuss.
  2. I had an appointment this morning; got there 10 minutes early; there was a lineup of 6 people of which only 3 had appointments. There is a sign at the entrance that says you need to have an appointment. It takes 10-15 minutes to process each person and then they ask you to come back in 20 minutes to verify the info. They ask the reason for the test and if you say travel they want to see your passport; the results document that they email you you does have your passport number on it and your age but not your date of birth.
  3. I have glass block skylights in a similar pattern; i used to caulk with silicone every year just before rainy season. A few years ago I switched to Total Tech as shown in the picture; it stands up much better than the silicone I was using. I bought the caulking tubes of Total Tech at Home Depot and I think I have also seen it in Walmart.
  4. Who does PCR testing required to go to Canada ?
  5. Go to vaccines.gov and you can see what vaccines are available at what pharmacy by zip code.
  6. Through segurogringo.com I was able to purchase $300,000 excess liability coverage from National Unity Insurance company.
  7. I have tested a Firestick 4K on both WiFi and ethernet cable fed from a router (not the Ilox modem); WiFi performs a little better on a speedtest. Now that Ilox seems to be more stable in the last few months I am using Wifi from a router without any buffering.
  8. For those of you interested in the Firestick there is a great website "troypoint.com" with many do it yourself videos and guides on how to set up a Firestick.
  9. Talked to the officer blocking the corner down to the park; he said it was impossible to tow as the cars were parked to tightly together; he said he would be here at 7:00 am today and will watch.
  10. The inconsiderate jerk that blocked access to my garage finally left at 7:45; 12 hours later. I left a note on his car and he didn't have the balls to come to the door and apologize and say he was moving his car so I could get out. South Dakota plates 19B D90; JERK
  11. I don't know; I haven't tried that and I doubt if my Spanish is good enough to figure it out.
  12. I think when it is time to get the shot any approved vaccine is better than nothing.
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