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  1. I get 25-30 at my Firestick 4K; I stream IPTV without buffering using StrongVPN. Without the VPN the buffering is constant. I believe Ilox is throttling bandwidth when they detect you are streaming IPTV unless you are hiding it with a VPN. My old original Firestick didn't stream very well even with a VPN.
  2. You need a VPN to hide the streaming from Ilox; try StrongVPN.
  3. Just got back; 12 hours from SPI to Ajijic with stops. No problems, noticed 4 or 5 new Tams state police stations along the way and lots of State police, Federal police and National Guard out on patrol. The closed border is a bit of a joke; didn't even see a person at Mexican Immigration at 6:45 AM; pulled up to the remote controlled arm, got a green light, the arm lifted and I went right through. Crossing northbound at McAllen going up about 4 weeks was somewhat similar; 2 hour wait then the agent scanned our passports (my wife is US and I am Canadian) and only question was how much
  4. Angus, when was the last time you drove this route ?
  5. Has anyone driven this route lately ? Is it safe ? I drove it several times in 2019 mid day without problem; but that was over a year ago. It saves about 100 miles from South Padre Island to Lakeside versus going through Monterrey.
  6. We have had this problem come up several times over the last 13 years; showed our Residente Permanente card and the problem went away.
  7. I beg to differ; most of the airport including the passenger terminals are in Mississauga. The dividing line between Etobicoke and Mississauga in the area of the airport is Highway 427 except where it wiggles near the 401. The Airport Hilton on Airport Road is east of the passenger terminals and is also in Mississauga. The Peel Regional Police (region that includes Mississauga) patrol at the airport because it is in Mississauga.
  8. My Telcel service works fine in Canada and the US just like it works in Mexico; incoming calls, outgoing calls, text messages and data on the Amigo plan; I add 100 pesos at a time which is good for up to 60 days. I am not a heavy user except for data when I travel. No I don't pay 50 pesos to add North American coverage. I do buy extra data packages when required. The Mi Telcel app on my phone tells me my remaining balance and I can recharge as required.
  9. I also have an Iphone 7 with the Amigo plan and use it frequently in the US. If you are using cellular data for everything you are probably drawing down the megabytes before the 30 day refill time. I use a lot of cellular data when travelling so I also purchase an amigo internet package to prevent drawing down my regular package. WiFi is pretty straight forward; turn it on, connect to a network you know and enter the password, then you are connected. If that doesn't work go into a Best Buy or Apple store and ask any clerk to help you. I recharge using the Mi Telcel app on my phone wi
  10. We are central Ajijic near the lake; TV streaming has been a problem. I reported it to Ilox by email on Saturday; no answer yet.
  11. I have been having internet problems with both Telmex and Ilox for 3-4 days. Do a speed test at nperf.com and you can see the bandwidth drop out to zero within the 10-15 second test.
  12. Many places are rebottling from large containers to small pump type bottles so there is no way to tell what the product is. The sanitizer used at front door of Walmart is very sticky compared to other hand sanitizers. If the virus doesn't get you the hand sanitizer might.
  13. I wouldn't advertise it as a business directory; maybe advertisers directory.
  14. I have been emailing Ilox all week about the poor speeds; nothing has improved; maybe it is all of Ajijic.
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