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  1. I have rented cars at GDL; very low prices but insurance is extra. Try rentalcars.com or carrentals.com to see if you can get a deal including insurance.
  2. Gracias; he will be at my casa tomorrow for some emergency repairs.
  3. Not quite sure of his last name; speaks very good english; seems he changed his phone number since last time i used him. Anyone have his phone number.
  4. Get one every couple of days. Any idea how to stop these.
  5. The Ilox phone system is VOIP; voice over internet. I had many different issues with Ilox and my VOIP service until I had them change over my service to a public IP address from the standard setup of a private IP address. Now my VOIP (Callcentric similar to Vonage) and the Ilox phone service works OK when the internet is up. In general I think that the Ilox modem is unreliable; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have switched my VOIP service back to Telmex to make it reliable. I never ported my Telmex number to Ilox. I suggest you ask Ilox to change you over to a public IP address and see if that improves your calling to Telmex numbers. I have no problem calling Telmex, Telcel or NOB numbers from my Ilox phone.
  6. Waze doesn't use much data while driving if you program your route while on WiFi before you leave. Nice thing about Waze is it indicates heavy traffic, accidents etc ahead on your route.
  7. You need to go to the Telcel office and ask them to turn-off voicemail on your number. I did it 5 or 6 years ago.
  8. Thanks for posting this; and I hope your car is back up and running.
  9. The issue is when I signed up I really thought I was told that installation was included; It was so long ago maybe they said only labor was included; and that is why I asked the question. I know of one other Ilox customer that thinks installation (including materials) is included and has not been billed. Less than $20 bucks; big deal; who cares.........I care about $20.
  10. Just got a bill for 321 pesos with a nice email that I better pay this soon or they would cut off my service. I went up to the store in Ajijic and they told me the bill was for materials used for installation of the service; no charge for labor. I left without paying. Anyone else get a bill for this ?
  11. I used Jose once; I thought the price he asked for (after the job was complete) was fair.
  12. I have driven back and forth on 101 through Ciudad Victoria to Matamoros several times in the last 6 months; no problems other than road repairs / paving; easy 10 hour drive to Brownsville Texas. I wouldn't do it in the dark but no issues in daylight; lots of fast moving traffic etc. Don't know about the highway 97 cut-off towards Reynosa other than the Pharr bridge is closed most of the time except it is open late afternoon/evenings on weekends.
  13. Download speed for public IP is the same as private; at least for my connection.
  14. I have a HP 5200C flatbed scanner; free to whoever wants it. Works with Windows 7; or with Windows 10 you need Vuescan software. PM me if you want it
  15. SoxFan; I think you need to contact Ilox and have them give you a public IP address rather than the private IP address they assign at setup. Contact "noc@mail.ilox.mx".
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