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  1. The US Notary is Yvonne 765.2917 or 2603.

    Your other option is to use an on line notary.

  2. A couple of years ago we bumped into a US notary. Anyone know her or how to contact her?
  3. We are in lower La Floresta and its been down for 4 hrs. Anyone else?
  4. Great place and the best crepe suzzettes.
  5. Keep in mind there is a difference in having imported cases and direct transfer infection versus contamination infection. in the first case, the environment is not involved at all and in the second case, environment may not matter (distance from infected person is more important). But, since personal habits and behaviors vary a good deal, I think there are too many variables to reach any conclusions. Just find a balance that works for you.
  6. "That is a damned good question. " I would suspect it loses it's water in the first case and definitely not in the second case.
  7. Need a contact to deliver Epura garrafones. Have tried at the Epura.com.mx site, several 800 numbers, and several local cell numbers that friends have given me. Can anyone provide a functioning contact number for Epura garrafones? DWBH Newbie
  8. This evening our female 14 year old honey-colored pomeranian dog went missing in the lower La Floresta area. Her name is Honey, she is about 12lbs, and has some difficulty seeing and hearing. She has heart, liver, and kidney problems. She is in need of multiple medications. Please help us find our little girl. A reward is offered. Please call 331 843-2140. Thanks, Eric
  9. Went looking for it today on Zaragoza and did not see it.
  10. New Restaurant (opened in December) - Across from Superlake Hidalgo #158 San Antonio (333) 800 6233 Open Thursday - Tuesday 12:00 to 7:30pm (closing time depends on business) Mexican/Japanese Fusion Really good presentation, textures and flavors. We suggest you share different dishes to find out what you like best (we had 8 -10 different tacos with many repeats). Will take pictures of the menu next time we are there. Food is different and the chef (Jorge) and staff are very accommodating.
  11. H'm, can one assume the choice of perspective means nothing?
  12. Juan had a horse/cow incident and got banged up. He is on the mend however, and should be back in the saddle anytime now.
  13. On Monday when I go to Home Depot I could pick one up for you.


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