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  1. The Urogutt I buy is 160 mg gel cap and is an oil not a powder. I had bought Saw Palmetto at the Health Food store next to Telemex before and it didn't work as well as the Urogutt. The Urogutt is sold in all the Guadalajara Farmacies in Mexico. I had severe prostrate problems before I found the Urogutt now I take 2 caps a day and it has been gone 6 years. I think I pay about 340 pesos for a box of 30 caps
  2. I buy mine at farmacy Guadalajara. I ask for and buy UROGUTT brand it comes in a white box with a green and yellow stripe. It comes in a gel cap and is the strongest I have found. This was prescribed to me by a Urologist.
  3. Farmacia Jessica, Ajijic next to the school. Dr.Polo is the Doctor and there can write you a prescription. He is excellent and speaks excellent English. I have used him for 12 years. He arrives at around 9am and leaves usually around 2:30
  4. I just left Walmart at 8:15 am and there is NO wine sales.Yellow tape is UP on the Wines. Spoke to the Manager and he said Moy's letter only allowed Beer sales and that they & Soriano's lawyers are getting together to fight this
  5. Talk to Johnathan or his father Antonio in Ajijic at the Automatic Garage Door Store Next to the Bus Terminal. Johathan had mine built to measurement and it works great
  6. Stay left like the worker said. Tepatitlan is the direction you want to go.It is the town east of Zapotlanejo on the Cuota 80D
  7. Call a school in Guadalajara and check if they come here to teach. Many do. We had a school come from Guadalajara to teach my wife and daughter to drive. One learned each summer. We furnished the car and gas and she drove for 1.5 hour a day for two weeks and they charged 5000 pesos
  8. Yes, I took the Spanish test for Citizenship last month in Guadalajara. The young man that reviewed my paperwork and checked that I had everything in order gave me the test. When we went into the room for the test his whole attitude changed. There were two parts to the test. First was reading and comprehension And the second was Look at a picture and write five sentences about the picture. I was given a piece of paper with a two paragraph story on it {Probably 500 words} and was told I had 5 minutes to read it and answer 5 questions and the time starts now. So I began reading it, about a minute in he says No, read it aloud to me. So I start reading it to him. the story is about a magical kingdom of Mayans and everyone's name were like K'ak' Tiliw Chan Yopaat. He would stop me and say you pronounced that wrong read it again. He did that over and over so by the time I finished it I had 45 seconds left to answer the five questions. Each answer was long and had 4 options to choose from I managed to get three out of 5 right so we moved to the other test. I was handed a picture with a man and woman in a lab looking in Microscopes and told to write 5 sentences about the things I noticed and that I had 3 minutes. I wrote the 5 things and when he started he grading it he said: First is wrong you didn't put a period at the end of your answer. Two and three are wrong because you misspelled a word in each and 4 also you didn't capitalize so you have failed this test He then gave me a big FU smile and left the room. When I went back outside he said to feel free to come back to take the test again if I so choose.
  9. I am using Ray for a new 1200 sq ft garage with a 2 bedroom 1 bath casita above. His work ethic and dedication are second to none. I would use him again in a heartbeat!!!
  10. Travelers beware there is a gas shortage right now. We returned from Laredo yesterday and was making great time till we got to San Luis Potosi. At the Racetrack Pemex outside town there were 500 cars lined up for gas and another 200 people with gas cans in line. Every gas station was like this or they were closed. We stopped at one to ask what was going on and were told That there had been no gas deliveries. After explaining that we had to find gas so we could get home the woman that worked there had here husband come offer to go with us to another Pemex where his friend worked that we could get 20 liters from him. We ended up going in the back way and getting 50 liters of gas in a big plastic jug and off we went. We were told the shortage was only in San Luis Potosi but at Lagos de Moreno all stations were closed. I decided to try San Juan del Lagos and the Pemex there would sell only 200 pesos of gas, but it got us closer to home. All stations were closed till we got to the last toll booth at Tepetitlan. They only had Premium and would only sell 20 liters. After all this we got home. But if you are traveling be aware to fill up where you can, the next Pemex might be closed!!!!
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