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  1. If you look at the INM form there’s a little stamp of a car on it. That shows how you came into the country and you must leave the same way/have a form that states the correct form of transportation. So your form must have an airplane on it. You have two choices, say you lost the form when you get to the airport and they will send you to immigration where you will pay and give you a new one or show the form with the car stamp on it and they will send you to immigration and they will sell you a new one.
  2. Thanks August, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. We live in the RGV, in Donna, and cross at Anzalduas in Mission.
  3. We are both finishing up the first year as temporal residents. We just sold our car and did the paperwork for the TIP on the old car at the border, we live in south Texas. The new car we bought is financed. It never occurred to me to check this out before we bought the car, but are we going to have trouble bringing it into Mexico without a clear title? In Texas I believe we only get a registration and the bank gets the title.
  4. Ken, we live near Mcallen and use the Anzalduas crossing. It's in Mission, its new and theres never a lot of people getting their paperwork. However, for us, the biggest adavantage is you totally bypass Reynosa. When they built the crossing, they made a ring road so you come out on the south side of Reynosa and hit the highway.
  5. We came thru last October. Nice to bypass the town and get right on the highway to matehuala. It may have taken 20-30 minutes off the trip and you don't have to drive on the goat path into San Luis Potosí.
  6. Okay, I'm calling uncle on this topic. I will call Spencer in the morning and get the definitive answer.
  7. We drove down with a tourist visa of 180 days and so have the coordinated car tag and Aduana associated with it. We are flying round trip to Houston and then to Europe next month. If we turn in our tourist visa when we fly, the new visa issued on our return to Mexico will not be associated with our car. Do we lose our $400? Is there some way to prevent this? Thanks for any replies.
  8. Well, el Cartero.....first, excuse me for not paging down far enough to see that something had already been posted. We are all adults here, aren't we? Snarky remarks aren't called for just because you disagree with my point of view. That being said, we enjoy trying new restaurants and food outside our comfort zone, we believe that is part of the experience of living here.We also base our experience on multiple things, cost being just one of them. Because you are on a budget, doesn't mean others rule out a restaurant. I agree, their prices were high. Please don't respond back to me. More Liana, thank you for your kind remarks. They are always appreciated.
  9. We have just returned from dinner at the new Mariscos el carnal. It is located just before Sunrise and across the street from the Corona store. its open 11-7 every day. Their restaurant is strictly seafood. We shared an order of brochettes of Shrimp, Marlin, and bacon with onion, tomatoes, peppers, plantains. It was served on a platter with lettuce, sliced tomatoes and rice. We each ordered cold seafood soup. We chose scallops and shrimp. The soup comes in three sizes and the large could be a meal in itself. The main Course was served with mango sauce, tartar sauce, hot sauce and garlic toast on the side. It was very good. The service was very fast and friendly. Some of the waiters spoke little English, but there was one waiter who was fluent. They spent time explaining each item to us and brought us samples when we didn't understand. We spoke to the boss thru the English speaking water and he explained that this restaurant (chain) has been around for forty years. I didn't think to ask if it was all over Jalisco or all of Mexico. I had coke, my husband had a beer. Our bill was $400 pesos, but there was a lot of,seafood, especially in the soup. We would recommend it, especially if you are a seafood lover. We're originally from Minnesota, so we are still working to acquire a love of seafood, but this was good.
  10. I have used Dra. Monica twice for eyebrows and eyeliner over a five yr period. I have been extremely happy with the outcome. The second time was more pain free since she has updated her techniques with novocaine. She is extremely interested in getting it right. My eyebrows were almost white and any eye makeup I put on slid off my face when it was hot. There are cultural differences between Mexican and American women and she is more in tune with that now. I didn't want lower lid eyeliner nor did I want a 1/4 line on my top eyelid. It does fade over time and it can look a little harsh to you when you first look in the mirror. I say go for it. I was afraid to do it for a long time but can't say how much I feel looking in the mirror now
  11. We have purchased most of our furniture over the yrs. from these guys and they couldn't be more accommodating. We bought a high end bed, best bed we've ever had. We bought dining room furniture. We thought the table was too high and the sideboard too long. Since they were made locally, they asked us for the measurements and gave us exactly what we wanted. Same thing with sofa and chair, nice selection of fabrics. We'd buy from them again.
  12. Closed for Paulina's birthday 22-25th. Noted on lakeside restaurant notices.
  13. Last fall I was in super lake, put my keys in my pocket and walked to Paz and the chicken store. When I came out, reached for my keys, which had probably fallen out and began looking for them. I traveled less than fifty feet and was gone less than five minutes. Antonio by super lake was the only guy nearby and denied seeing them. The other guys, the car washers searched with me as did the owner of Paz and the chicken shop. Antonio didn't help and when asked, denied knowing anything. Came back the next day and offered a 500 peso reward to which the guys perked up. The young man In the chicken shop said Antonio had found keys the same day. When I approached him, he said they were someone else's keys. Very suspicious. Cost me $100 US to get a new key for my car, plus the hassle of replacing the other keys and the security of course. We now have a club that we have to put on our car anytime we are shopping in The area because someone has the original set. Antonio doesn't park himself in front of superlake he's usually on the corner and the next block. Wonder if others have had problems.
  14. I had surgery at Country 2000 in late Jan this yr. my dr gave me a choice of five hospitals for my procedure. Researched them online and chose this one which was the second least expensive, based on the estimate. Because we didn't want to drive in rush hr traffic the morning of surgery, we stayed overnight at a hotel about one block away. Nice restaurant next door too. The hotel was about $35 us and was very nice. When I was admitted, they put 16000 pesos on my credit card. The estimate had been 25000 pesos. The room was nicer than any in the US, a nice convertible bed for my husband and a state of the art hospital bed for me, call bell, walk in bath and shower, flat screen tv and wife. Surgery was fine, no problems, very high tech OR. The anesthesiologist came beforehand and explained things to me. The nursing staff on my floor didn't speak a lot of English, but with my limited spanish, we were fine. The night nurse was very attentive. I checked out the next morning about 10 am. Went to the cashier and the total charged then was another 5000 pesos, or 4000 less than the estimate. This included everything at the hospital except tissue sent to a path lab. When I left for surgery, they gave my husband a chit for a free breakfast and there was free underground parking as well. My surgeons fees and those for the anesthesiologist were not included in the hospital fees. I would not hesitate to recommend it. Most hospitals seem to specialize in certain areas and this one does as well. I don't think they do cardiac and perhaps there are other situations.
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