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  1. I miss East Coast lobster, scallops and clams......and.....real sushi.
  2. I have had Delta refund the tourist tax many times.....made the claim via email.
  3. Please add Rio Bravo on the lakeside of the Carreterra.....you have to zigzag down the whole street until you reach Ocampo.
  4. How many people do you plan to accomodate? I have a good size kitchen facing the living room and could seat about 8 people.....you could have it for free. Please private message me if you are interested.
  5. Let's try and talk the "Costco Kids" into doing deliveries from restaurants. They are really efficient.
  6. What is the tarjeta de circulation? Thanks for posting the list Spencer.
  7. I had an implant done by the specialist at Dr Haro's office. My bone was in good shape and didn't need a graft. I was very happy with the results.....then four years later the whole thing got loose and fell out!!!! I would never do it again.
  8. Why are they closing? I am broken hearted......their productions were always wonderful and the talent incredible.
  9. I'm allergic to it. Please PM me if interested to arrange pick up. Almost a 3 month supply.
  10. klm

    Quattro Mori

    I go about 3 times a month and the food is always very good. In my opinion the best northern Italian cooking Lakside. The service is fine, but not fabulous and the house red wine is very good for the price.
  11. My experience is that the Mexican carriers get the getways.....try Interjet....I have never had to use stairs with them.
  12. I got that message once and this is what happened.....my cat stepped on the keyboard, pushed a button and disconnected the WIfi. Check `to see if your Wifi is lit up the right colorl....mine is white for on..
  13. Sorry, haven't been their in a while but I think it is near that funny street that is like a triangle going to Viva Mexico.
  14. Yes, it is in San Juan Cosala about half way through town on the lake side of the Carreterra. They have very interesting stuff.
  15. They were on sale at Costco on Friday.....don't know for how long.
  16. I have a sturdy plastic box about 2ft square. It has a lid and a handle. If it works, you can have it for free. PM me if interested.
  17. I just checked into this myself. A pulmonologist comes to the Quality Care clinic once a week. He can order a sleep study.....they actually do it in your home. Someone comes, hooks you up and returns in the morning. The alternative is to go to Guad. From what I am told, they do not have sleep centers there so you either have to go to a hospital or a hotel.
  18. I just returned from the States on Delta and realized I was charged $26.60 for the tourist tax. I am permanente, so called Delta and asked for a refund. They took my information, including my permanente number and 2 days later I received an email with confirmation that my credit card would be refunded the $26.60. I was impressed with the service....one 10 min. phone call was all it took.
  19. I agree with Harry B......the only authentic Italian food lakeside. This is a Northern Italian restaurant...not a Southern "red sauce" restaurant. I eat there frequently and in 9 years have only been disappointed once.
  20. As I remember, I took copies and it wasn't a problem. I don't know what to advise about the brokerage statements. Perhaps you wouldn't need them if you can prove the required income with just bank statements, Social Security and Retirement if those apply. I don't know what to say about the 12:40 time slot......they could close for lunch, but I don't know.
  21. I did and it was a breeze.....took all of 30 minutes. I must admit, I came armed with everything that they would need......1 year's worth of bank statements from each bank and brokerage account, Social Security and retirement statements and photos. However, as a disclaimer, it was 2 years ago. Be sure to make an appointment.
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