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  1. I have some dried Shitake mushrooms that I would be happy to give you. I am in Texas at the moment but will return to Ajijic Nov 10th. PM me so we can connect.
  2. I have also used 206 922-0880 many times. They ask if they can send a text message code but say "If not press #"....it always works and I always get a live person.
  3. Call them on their US number....866 285-9525. It takes awhile to get through but it worked for me.
  4. I have lived at Lakeside for 11 years and have frequently gone to the NP..... last week was the first time I sent back my food, anywhere....it was inedible. How could they mess up curried chicken salad?
  5. Harry, please add the link to the vote on this thread.
  6. I also go to Dr Peralta. He is a very good pulmomogist and has found a solution to my very difficult breathing problem. "Warm and fuzzy" he is not, but if you treat him with respect,, he will treat you with respect. I happen to like him.
  7. My doctors have been changing my meds on what seems like a weekly basis. Consequently, I have a ton that I am no longer using......I would like to donate them to a charity that services the local community. If I cannot find such a clinic, I would be happy to sell them to an individual for very little. This is the list that is available. They are the from the US and the names are American except for the Spiolto. Candesartan 32 mg......About 180 pills Isosorbide Mononit er 30mg.......About 360 pills Bystolic 5mg.......About 360 pills Spiolto Respimat .226mg 14 doses Please PM me if interested.
  8. Let me begin by saying "I don't like crepes"....but I love this restaurant. Every day they have a special country French dish that is delicious. So far I have had coq au vin, cassoulet, beef stew and steak with roquefort sauce. These special dishes come with a drink and I always choose wine. The cost is between 160 and 220 pesos depending on the dish. The restaurant is nicely appointed, very clean and bright with reasonably comfortable chairs. They serve wine and beer, but I don't think they have hard liquor. They are open for lunch and dinner during the week and breakfast on weekends.....closed Wednesdays. They are located on the Carreterra in West Ajijic in the La Huerta shopping mall. For more info call 376 109-1404. PS: there is plenty of parking.
  9. I tried to donate but the website said $100 and asked for a credit card....please clarify if that is dollars or pesos.
  10. Thank you all....I'm in desperate need of a lampshade.
  11. Yesterday I went to the store next to the Sunrise and it was gone. The people in the hardware store have moved into the space and said they didn't know where the lighting store went. Does anyone know if they moved to another location?
  12. I am willing to donate, but I want to be sure the donation of $100 is pesos, not dollars.
  13. I would like to make a donation to the Lake Chapala Shrine Club. It has to be either by an American credit card or a check on an American bank.....how can I do that?
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