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  1. Sharr, I contacted Gudrun yesterday about this girl as there is someone in Malaque who might be interested. He adopted a Rottie from LS&N about 3-4 months ago and now is interested in another Rottweiler or a German Shepherd. She was going to email him with the info and the link to the pics. PS I was the foster mom for Grace, the 3 legged Shepherd.

  2. There are some very fine restaurants in this area and in Guad! If you read the cocina section here you will find Jeanette, original NYer, and her husband are eating their way through all of them! Guad has the opera, ballet, symphony and attracks world famous artists. No Saratoga, but you will find much to do here and never have to fight the snow and ice again. Hah!

  3. Let's get together when I get back in Nov....I'd miss Saratoga, Tanglewood, the ballet, Williamstown theater and really good restaurants...that's why I'm still a snow bird.

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